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1hr Research And Thinking
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1hr Research And Thinking


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PPT for Presentation on Accessing and Evaluating Web-based Resources

PPT for Presentation on Accessing and Evaluating Web-based Resources

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Research and Thinking for the 21 st Century Going Beyond G o o g l e
    • 2. Topics
      • What makes Google great (Meta search engines)
      • Beyond Google
      • Differentiated Searching
      • Evaluating web resources
    • 3. What Makes G o o g l e Great LINK
      • Breadth & depth
      • Ranking technology
      • 12 file formats
      • Cached pages
      • Advanced searching
      • Toolbar
      • Images
      • News
      • Viewer
    • 4. Beyond G o o g l e : Meta Search Engines
      • Do not crawl the web themselves to build databases
      • Allow users to search multiple Search Engines at one time with one search
      • Present results from various Search Engines together on one page
      • Maximize coverage
      • Clustering
    • 5. Google and Yahoo compared
    • 6.
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9.
    • 10. Visual Search
    • 11.
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17. Choosing the Best Search
      • NoodleTools
          • Great chart that connects the information need to the search strategy
    • 18. Assessing the Quality of Information on the Internet
    • 19. Dilbert on Critical Thinking
    • 20. CRITICAL EVALUATION Why Evaluate What You Find on the Web?
      • Anyone can put up a Web page
        • about anything
      • Many pages not kept up-to-date
      • No quality control
        • most sites not “peer-reviewed”
          • less trustworthy than scholarly publications
        • no selection guidelines for search engines
    • 21. Web Evaluation Techniques Scan the perimeter of the page
      • Can you tell who wrote it ?
          • name of page author
          • organization, institution, agency you recognize
          • e-mail contact by itself not enough
      • Credentials for the subject matter ?
        • Look for links to:
        • “ About us” “Philosophy” “Background” “Biography”
      • Is it recent or current enough ?
          • Look for “last updated” date - usually at bottom
    • 22. Web Evaluation Techniques Indicators of quality
      • Sources documented
          • links, footnotes, etc.
            • As detailed as you expect in print publications ?
          • do the links work ?
      • Information retyped or forged
          • why not a link to published version instead ?
      • Links to other resources
          • biased, slanted ?
    • 23. Web Evaluation Techniques What Do Others Say ?
      • Search the URL in
        • Who links to the site? Who owns the domain?
        • Type or paste the URL into the basic search box
        • Traffic for top 100,000 sites
      • See what links are Similar pages
      • Look up the page author
    • 24. Web Evaluation Techniques STEP BACK & ASK: Does it all add up ?
      • Why was the page put on the Web ?
          • inform with facts and data?
          • explain, persuade?
          • sell, entice?
          • share, disclose?
          • as a parody or satire?
      • Is it appropriate for your purpose?
    • 25. Let’s a Take Look
      • Dihydrogen Monoxide Sounds like a very dangerous chemical indeed. It's actually H2O, but if you're not of a scientific mind this site will get you every time.
    • 26.
      • Save the Tree Octopus Very well put together site and perfectly believable.
      • RYT Hospital Well put together website, linking into a number of other spoof sites, and from a quick view looks entirely bono fide.
      • The Ova Prima Foundation This site has scientific 'proof' that the egg came first. Very well done, with todays date, various sections and very academic looking.
    • 27. Fake Sites
      • The Centaur Excavations Very well done, with photographs, created in a good academic style with an .edu domain. Actually explaining a hoax, but from a quick look it's easy to be fooled.
      • Clones R Us Providing information on their 'cloning' operation for human beings. FAQ, price list, testimonials. Quite slick and professionally put together, though the price list is a giveaway.
      • Save the Guinea Worm Well put together site, very credible, but the URL gives the game away.
    • 28. Fake Sites
      • Online Pregnancy Test This shouldn't really fool people, but I suspect that it does. You may need to try and be scanned twice to confirm that you are actually pregnant.
      • People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae The title says it all. It's not particularly well done, in that there isn't a great deal of information there, and it's quite a basic site.
      • Petrol Direct Buy your petrol direct and have it delivered. It sounds like a sensible deal.
    • 29. Fake Sites
      • Baby cages Infant confinement specialists since 2001. This is one of those 'it's probably not true... is it?' sites that you can't be absolutely sure about. Dehydrated water A commercial website selling dehydrated water. Very well put together.
      • Free electricity project Campaign for free electricity. Very busy, and while it's well done I think it's a bit too over the top to be entirely believable.
    • 30. Exercises
      • 1) Find the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Inflation Calculator and discover what the buying power of $100 spend in 1948 would be today.
      • 2) Find a site that will allow you to see when the sun will be rising and setting in Monterey on June 13, 2009. Check Baghdad while you are there.
      • 3) Where would you go to find out who owns the G o o g l e trademark name and when they got it?
    • 31. Exercise Answers
      • 1) BLS Inflation Calculator --
      • 2) U.S. Naval Observatory Sun Rise and Sun Set data
      • 3) US Patent and Trademark Office Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
    • 32. Exercises
      • 4) Where would you go to find a map showing real time earthquake data?
      • 5) Where can you go to find the number and types of missiles China has transferred and to which countries since 1950?
      • 6) You’re getting ready to deploy to Japan, how can you find out what the Yen is currently worth according to the Feds?
    • 33. Exercise Answers (2)
      • 4) USGS Earthquake Website [with maps of recent activity]
      • 5) SIPRI Arms Transfers Database
      • 6) Federal Reserve Board Foreign Exchange Rates [updated daily]