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Bacon's Castle Cultural Resources Management Internship
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Bacon's Castle Cultural Resources Management Internship


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Published in: Career, Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Bacon’s Castle Cultural Resources Management Internship 2013 Andrea Williams
  • 2. Internship Projects  Marketing • Transient visitation development • Social media • Community marketing efforts  Daily Museum Operations • Guided tours and register operations • Special events • Merchandising • Paperwork and guest survey analysis  Historic Preservation & Site Improvement • Restoration of cast-iron railing • Norton grape vine training • Maintained site grounds after storms
  • 3. Transient Visitation Development  Established 25 new business contacts through direct calling and e-mailing  Initiated 25 cross-promotional exchanges between historic sites, hotels, B&Bs, and visitor centers in the Williamsburg, Hampton Roads and Charles City regions  Distributed over 2,550 Bacon’s Castle rack cards in the state of Virginia
  • 4. Social Media Marketing  Facebook pay per click campaigns • Campaign to generate special event registration • Reached 104,898 people for a total of 68 clicks • Generated four event responses on facebook • Campaign to increase number of Bacon’s Castle facebook page likes • Reached 15,488 people for a total of 122 page over a one month period  Community calendar listings • Updated seven electronic community calendars with Bacon’s Castle special events
  • 5. Community Marketing  Promoted Bacon’s Castle visitation and special events at three farmer’s markets or festivals  Offered special admission prices with rack cards • Williamsburg Market • 35 rack cards distributed, 6 guests redeemed • Smithfield Market • 28 rack cards distributed, 6 guests redeemed • Pork, Peanut & Pine Festival • 91 rack cards distributed, 19 guests redeemed
  • 6. Experience Gained from Marketing  Developed skills in product development and advertising  Navigated regional travel, tourism, and hospitality networks  Observed the crucial role tourism plays in economic development  Increased comfort making sales calls and establishing business partnerships for cross-promotion
  • 7. Restoration of Cast-Iron Railing  Project goal: stabilize the metal entrance railing by removing and preventing rust  Process: • Removed rust and peeling paint with a rotating metal brush • Primed railing using KemKromik for the prevention of future rust and decay • Applied black paint to restore appearance after thirty years of exposure  Total time dedicated to the railing project: 68 hours
  • 8. Before…
  • 9. During…
  • 10. Finished Product
  • 11. Limb Removal and Vine Training  Removed oak tree limbs from the grounds after a heavy storm  Trained Norton grape vines into two-trunk, four-arm kniffins for optimal growth, eventually to produce a Bacon’s Castle label wine
  • 12. Experience Gained from Site Improvement  Increased knowledge and appreciation of historic preservation techniques  Gained understanding of how site maintenance affects visitor experience and museum operations
  • 13. Guided Tours  Gave an average of six tours per weekend for a total of seventy-two guided tours Provided tours for weekend visitors, academic programs, and scheduled group events
  • 14. Special Events  Facilitated guests during the Historic Gardening Symposium and the Seventeenth-Century Domestic Material Culture Symposium  Generated 30% of total attendance for the Domestic Material Culture Symposium through social media advertising  Solicited nine potential speakers for the Nat Turner Symposium
  • 15. Guest Survey Data  Entered data from 135 guest surveys collected from July – December 2012  Analyzed why visitors toured Bacon’s Castle, what interested them most, how they heard of the site, and their future expectations  Guest data analysis will be used in interest-based marketing strategies for visitor appeal and site exposure
  • 16. Experience Gained from Daily Operations  Improved public speaking ability and customer service skills  Built confidence in contacting guest speakers and generated ideas for increased revenue and visitation outside normal operations  Provided insight on visitor expectations at historic sites, as well as how to target marketing toward different demographics  Gained experience with widely applicable business practices
  • 17. Impact and Legacy  Marketing efforts resulted in a 46% growth in visitation in 2013 compared to the same period in 2012  As an example: • Compared to the same month in 2012, June 2013 experienced a 54% increase in site visitation, a 75% increase in site revenue, and a 12% increase in per guest spend  Increased marketing efforts will help preserve and promote Bacon’s Castle by sharing its international reputation
  • 18. Thank you to the Bacon’s Castle staff and volunteers for a wonderful three months! The CRM internship was the best preparation for a career in historic sites and small museums I could have asked for.