Me and the green deal John Davis


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MEGS-KT Lecture series 14th December 2012

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Me and the green deal John Davis

  1. 1. WELCOME!• WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, 5PM—7PM FOLLOWED BY WINE AND SNACKS. 17/10/2012– Lecture by Architect Robin Nicholson, Edward Cullinan Architects Ltd 24/10/2012– Lecture by Russell Smith from Parity Projects 14/11/2012– Lecture by Terry McGivern, The Institute of Sustainability and The Flash Programme 05/12/2012– Lecture by John Davis, Domestic Green Deal Assessor, Independent
  2. 2. ME and the Green DealMore specifically SME and Green Deal
  3. 3. • John S H Davis, BEng, DipMath(OPEN), DEA, DipGDA(GDAO), M0AXN
  4. 4. Hopefully by the end of this you will:• Be able to know the difference between, a GDA, GDAO, GDP and GDI…• Be able to understand where the Green Deal and ECO came from and what they are for.• Know what you can do with an EPC• Know what to look for from a GDAR
  5. 5. Where to Begin• The Start of EPC’s (EPBD), Kyoto• The Energy Act 2011• Post April 1st 2012 EPC’s• The Green Deal started on Oct 1 st 2012 (anybody notice?)• As an SME is the Green Deal for me?• Business models
  6. 6. Disclaimer• This may not be how you see the Green Deal working for you….
  7. 7. Green Deal Assessors• What are they?• Where do they come from?• What do they do?
  8. 8. Green Deal Advice Organisations (GDAO)• Why do we need GDAO’s?• How do they make their money?• Do GDA’s have to work for GDAO’s
  9. 9. Green Deal Providers• What are Green Deal Providers?• Who Oversees all the Green Deal Providers etc?• Can I be a Green Deal Provider?
  10. 10. Any Questions
  11. 11. Green Deal Installers• Can anybody install under the Green Deal Brand?• Etc…
  12. 12. Energy Company Obligation• The ECO came from CERTs and CESP.
  13. 13. Business Models• One stop shops etc• Non for profit?• Installer lead or GDAO lead?• Green Deal Brand
  14. 14. Is the Green Deal going to Work• Government level scepticism.• Huge investment issues.• Householders bemused by intricacies.• Financial sector chomping at the bit.• Third sector may provide solution.• Non domestic GD to follow.
  15. 15. Conclusion• The Brundtland report (1980’s) (see Universal Declaration of Human Rights) directs us to ensure that we implement sustainable development…The Kyoto articles (1990s) ensured that CO2 would be reduced by specific targets…and now the Green Deal in the UK heralds an aim to reduce 1990 CO2 by 80% by 2050.
  16. 16. OR
  17. 17. My Group on• This is my public profile: http://• This is my group on linked in: Deal-Energy-Assessors-4349463?
  18. 18. Useful Links
  19. 19. Useful .pdfs• A Little help where it’s needed• What Measures will be available under the Green Deal• What Measures will be available under the ECO• Specifications for Organisations providing Green Deal Advice• Green Deal Code of Conduct.
  20. 20. Useful People to Contact••• Power-UK• GDAO’s (see GDOrb website)