Glynis Perkin Bauman presentation 24th June 2013

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Presentation made by one of my CEDE colleagues 24th June 2013

Presentation made by one of my CEDE colleagues 24th June 2013

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  • 1. Student-led, employer-focused, extra-curricular activityDr Glynis Perkin – Loughborough UniversityFiona Lamb – Loughborough UniversityAlison Ahearn – Imperial College London
  • 2. Overview• Student-led Activity – what it involves• Student-led Symposia – how it works• National Student-led Symposia – still evolving• Student Presentations – international audience• ‘Practice Transfer Custodians’ – student-led activitiesadopted by seven universities
  • 3. Student-led, Employer-focused ActivityExtra-curricularactivityStudent-led, employerfocusedactivityStudent-led, employer-focused activity isstarted and run bystudents themselves
  • 4. Benefits of Student-led ActivityDevelopment of employability skills that enable studentsto stand out from the crowd:• Interaction with employers• Communication• Project management• Team working• Fundraising• Finance management
  • 5. Setting-up Student-led Activity• In 2010 Loughborough University set up student-led activity with HE STEM funding• Imperial College London has well-developed andextensive student–led activities• Loughborough staff and students were helped byImperial staff and students• Good working relationships developed
  • 6. Getting Started• Contacted employers and members ofProfessional Bodies – asked for support and ideas• Students e-mailed and invited to a meeting• Ideas discussed and students asked to apply forstart up funding - a template for bids wasprovided• Meeting to select successful bids – four chosen
  • 7. Examples of New Student-ledActivitiesLoughborough - EcoFuture an energysaving challengeLoughborough - Mars Aerobotan interactive display for theNational Space Centre
  • 8. Examples of New Student-ledActivitiesLoughborough - JCB Diggermodel for young school children(later activity)Loughborough - Engineers WithoutBorders – work with older schoolchildrenLoughborough - CEIT –Chemical EngineeringIndustrial Trips
  • 9. Examples of Established Student-ledActivityImperial CollegeLondon – housing andsanitation in ElSalvadorImperial College London –Robogals -introducing youngwomen to engineering andtechnology
  • 10. Student-led SymposiaFurther HE STEM funding obtained for two student-ledsymposia to showcase the activities:• One at Imperial College London and one at Loughborough UniversitySymposia Committee:• Students undertaking activities who wanted to be on the organisingcommittee were invited to submit a written expression of interest• Committees formed and given funding• Running an event checklist given to each committeeStaff are delegates (not organisers)
  • 11. Student-led SymposiaOrganised by students:• Programme• Delegate packs• Name badges• Promotional materials• Catering preferences• Registration• Invited speakers• Directions to the event…The students had a ‘just in time’ approach
  • 12. SymposiaLoughboroughUniversity – June2011Imperial CollegeLondon – March2011Video produced by Loughborough students is available on YouTube:
  • 13. Loughborough SymposiumCommittee
  • 14. An Example of Additional Benefits• EcoFuture communicated with a senior memberof staff at an energy provider company• Member is an invited speaker at the symposium• EcoFuture obtain funding of £500 from thiscompany• They use this funding to set up a wind turbineactivity
  • 15. Latest Symposium• May 2013 at Loughborough• Students ran a workshop on preparing funding bids• Keynote speech on motivation and sustainability• Question and answer panel session• Full programme available at:
  • 16. National Student-led Symposium• Idea developed from the first two symposia• Event held at Imperial College London inNovember 2011• Loughborough and Imperial students metstudents from Brunel• Still evolving and relationships developing withvarious student societies
  • 17. First National Student-ledSymposium Poster
  • 18. Student Presentations• Loughborough and Imperial students with staffco-authored a paper presented at the first HEASTEM conference in April 2012• Loughborough and Imperial Students participatedin delivery of a workshop at the EE2012conference• Loughborough and Imperial Students presented aposter at the EE2012 conference
  • 19. Poster of Activities
  • 20. Practice Transfer CustodiansAwarded HE STEM ‘Practice Transfer Custodian’ funding– other universities are able to bid for funding and helpto adopt the activities• 7 universities adopt the practice of student-led activities• Event organised and attended by staff and students fromthe 7 ‘adopter’ universities• Set up a national e-mail list for student-led activities• Produced a guide - ‘Development & Implementation ofstudent-led projects: a checklist’• Workshops developed for staff interested in setting upstudent-led activity (attended by staff from over 30 HEI’s)
  • 21. Development of a checklist to helpset up Student-led projects
  • 22. FinallyThank you to Bauman Moscow State TechnicalUniversity for hosting this event