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  • full life-cycle delivery of modern web application on the Microsoft Cloud. Deployment- staging & ProductionContinuous DeploymentScaling Up and OutFlexibility – Because Zero lock in - IIS as Service - On top is scaling & securityRun Global Manageable Global Integrate with your current datacenter – BUT You pay for data egress - Data coming and goingTODO Get slide to go with this
  • Occam's razor - is a principle used in problem solvingSummary "when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.“It's about simplicity!
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how Windows Azure websites are simple, easy, and open.Notes:Start simple - small snippets, deploy, repeat, continuous deploymentZero lock in Again – Don’t have to use MS tech – IIS setup to run php or node.jsGo live quick - When you make your site, you are live. You need to steer users away of staging if they hit it. Don't put something is staging that should be shown to the public.
  • Slide Objectives:Explain the differences between traditional self-hosting and the three options of Windows Azure hosting.Notes:In a traditional environment you must manage the full stack. With Windows Azure you can choose a variety of options depending on your needs.Virtual Machine - Hardware abstracted, but OS and up is all you. Patching, Failures, upgradesCloud Service - Virtual network and up is yours, OS patching, failures, upgradesWeb site - You own data and application, but MS is on the hook for the firewall, network, O/S, Virtualization, Hardware. You get world wide avail, deploy anywhere, data AT TERABYTE SCALE
  • DemoCreate Web site from Web App gallery use plus in the command barPick subdomain -  has to be unique with the azure domain6 Regions avail in windows azureClick CreateDrawer- status showsAs progess bar works talk about the amazing thing we just did----Just made a public face web site, with out an IDE(ie VS), that is globally avail, and get be access later from anywhere. Didn't have to setup servers, install an OS, configure the network/routers, configure firewall, install the support frameworks(.NET), config the site in IIS.----Click on the web site to go to the dashboardClick on dashboard linkList off stuff in that screenGoto the siteEmpty web siteUse web matrixEdit live site - not recommendedEdit Hello World and save liveCreate CMS site - Let it build and come back
  • Git Deployment is Native, or through a Service hook from CodePlex, GitHub or BitBucket
  • Slide Objectives:Explain that Windows Azure Web Sites supports Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js out of the box and that you can also host any custom FastCGI handler.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain the three scale choices on Windows Azure Web Sites.Notes:Both free and shared are the same architecture. With standard you isolate your application to your own virtual machines that you can use and pay for whatever resources you choose.Online Resources:If you’d like more details on Web Site pricing and quota, see the Windows Azure pricing page here:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can scale your site to multiple shared instances.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can scale up standard instances to multiple instances as needed.Notes:
  • Slide Objectives:Explain how you can host multiple sites that you own on a your standard instances.Notes:
  • Demo
  • Git Deployment is Native, or through a Service hook from CodePlex, GitHub or BitBucket
  • Slide Objectives:Highlight the ability to get started quickly with the Windows Azure Web App GallerySpeaking Points:Along-side the publishing capabilities, Windows Azure Web Sites also offers the Web App Gallery which provides many turn key solutions based off of well known open source web applications.Notes:
  • Azure Bootcamp Louisville - Windows azurewebsites

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