Are you using influencers to grow your audience?


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Looking to grow your mobile audience? Consider using influencers as a part of your User Acquisition strategy. Presented at MoDevEast Dec 2013

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Are you using influencers to grow your audience?

  1. 1. @staertow @mtomconsulting Andrea Henry - - @staertow
  2. 2. @staertow @mtomconsulting #modeveast
  3. 3. @staertow @mtomconsulting §  Partnering with key influencers to co-create digital content that is engaging and meaningful to consumers §  Celebrity endorsement, contextual storytelling, link building, Twitter chats, etc. §  Part of a comprehensive user acquisition strategy §  Ignore Influencer Marketing at your peril “A Brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is, it is what customers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook, CEO, Intuit
  4. 4. @staertow @mtomconsulting
  5. 5. @staertow @mtomconsulting It’s not just about “Likes” Consumer preferences •  To drive brand awareness •  •  •  •  and traffic to your site, event or app To test features, price points and get to know the target market To broadcast news – leverage celebrity recommendations Content creation To answer customer questions
  6. 6. @staertow @mtomconsulting Create a sponsored post that is not a commercial, grabs the reader, and keeps him or her coming back?
  7. 7. @staertow @mtomconsulting Find the right bloggers and make it authentic and personal
  8. 8. @staertow @mtomconsulting §  Post is about EasyPaint, in the context of the author’s emotional journey to move her Mom to an Assisted Living Facility – hardly a commercial §  Results- §  Excellent ROI in terms of new jobs posted §  Material increase in painter partners §  Site traffic doubled for two consecutive days §  Meaningful increase in FB likes
  9. 9. @staertow @mtomconsulting q  BEFORE q What are your goals? q Craft messaging (used to inform bloggers). q What’s the offer or Call to Action? q What incentive can you offer? q What does success look like? q Metrics? Check out 3rd party platform options. q Identify potential bloggers q Clearly communicate your expectations and compensation q Finalize bloggers q  DURING q Confirm proper disclosures are in place q Share the content q Monitor comments q Respond q How many contest entries do you have? q  AFTER q Measure results q Fulfill contest prize q Pay blogger q Share winner information q Integrate the content into your marketing q Email and re-target
  10. 10. @staertow @mtomconsulting •  Calls out a n on As see vice d Mom A 13 12/11/ benefit over traditional methods •  Solves a problem •  Includes call to action with incentive •  Point to monetization events for positive ROI
  11. 11. Reader comments @staertow @mtomconsulting •  Two way dialogue with readers •  Peer validation & recommendation •  Proven awareness driver: several commenters said “I never knew this existed”
  12. 12. @staertow @mtomconsulting §  Enticing and true to goals §  Use tools like Rafflecopter to layer in secondary benefits such as email capture, Facebook likes etc. §  Make sure you use a mobile-friendly link when promoting!
  13. 13. @staertow @mtomconsulting •  Establish baseline and target success metrics in advance •  Track posts, clicks, shares, tweets, and comments by platform •  Track true impressions and engagement by influencer •  Track number of emails captured, increase in social media following, downloads, etc.
  14. 14. @staertow @mtomconsulting •  Website UVs – but not only UVs •  Content relevance •  Post frequency •  Audience date •  Content quality •  Audience engagement •  Ask questions- what’s included? What’s expected? Compensate accordingly.
  15. 15. @staertow @mtomconsulting •  Get to know the influencers in your target market •  Encourage them to be authentic •  Transparency is important- a sponsored post MUST be called out •  Give credit where due •  Think “always on” – check the comments and social chatter frequently and respond!
  16. 16. @staertow @mtomconsulting
  17. 17. @staertow @mtomconsulting §  Incorporate influencer marketing §  Work the checklist §  Feed content into your brand assets §  Keep up with your tribe