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  1. 1. Networkers Funding is a full service administrative and payroll funding Payroll Funding company for the temporary staffing / temp help industry. We provide everything a staffing company needs Fully Integrated Applicant to be able to take your mind off of Tracking/Staffing Software administration, and focus on sales. Networkers Funding has combined Billing and Payroll Services our state-of-the-art technology with our professional staff to provide you with an unbeatable combination of Accounts Receivables Mgt hands on care and automation. We will assist you in all of your front and back office processes, and About Us provide you with payroll funding to meet your financial needs. Your success is in our best interest, and we Contact Us are committed to taking care of our business in a way that allows you to take care of yours. 866-794-7246 //
  2. 2. Networkers Funding typically advances up to 90% of your weekly billings. We are unlike other payroll funding companies who say they do a 100% advance and then hold a cash reserve every week, or hold your profit checks for up to a month. We tell you up front exactly what your true advance rate will be, and hold no additional cash reserve. Think you need a 100% billing advance? Click here to see the difference. Still not convinced? Call us and we’ll work something out. With our state-of-the-art receivables management tools, we can notify you when invoices are paid out of sequence, or payment trends change. Our goal is to help you keep your receivables as current as possible. As your company grows, so does your line of credit with us. You can review your funding activity on-line 365/24/7. You receive credit for your cash receipts when they arrive at our lock box. No waiting 5-7 days for a check to clear. If we have it in time for your weekly activity report, you get the credit. Monies due from your funding activity report are transferred into your bank account weekly. Profits are paid on Tuesday for the prior week’s billings. Ask us about our volume discounting programs. 866-794-7246 //
  3. 3. Networkers Funding provides our clients with an applicant tracking / staffing software that is fully integrated to our billing and payroll services. That means no more duplicate entry between your staffing software and your billing and payroll! The software operates as an application service provider (ASP), so all you need is a PC with an Internet connection, running Internet Explorer, to access the software. Here’s what that means to you: A safe, secure place for your data to reside.VeriSign certified SSL security incripts your data to maintain security over the Internet. No expensive servers to purchase and maintain. No hassle upgrades -- They’re automatic. Access your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Share data easily between multiple offices. Competent, professional IT staff to maintain system security, stability and efficiency. Professional, nightly backups of your data. We take care of the hassles so you can concentrate on growing your business. Software Features: Applicants/Candidate Database Clients/Prospect & Job Order Database Applicants apply online from your website Client and client contact management and we electronically pass it to your database Submittal, interview and placement tracking Comprehensive applicant search Job order tracking and management Attach resumes & other documents for easy Easy map generation to your job site access and retrieval Standard letter generation to clients and Quickly and easily search text of resumes to applicants match against job orders Enter notes & update applicant employment Billing & Payroll Interface status in one step No duplicate entry. Applicant, client and job Tracks submittals, interviews & placements order information is used to generate billing Automatically updates work history and notes and payroll information as applicants are sent on assignments for you Enter hours quickly and efficiently Centralized applicant hot list tracks your most Print paychecks right in your office. No more placeable candidates waiting for overnights that may never arrive. Forgot to pay someone? No problem. Process Other Features: the paycheck while they wait in your office To-Do/Scheduling – easily schedule follow up Real-time, online reports available 24/7 calls, or send to-do items to other staff members. Pop-up reminder! Features Coming Soon! Communications page acts as an electronic Online Time Ticket bulletin board for your office Automated data entry from text resume 866-794-7246 //
  4. 4. Superior customer service, cutting edge technology, streamlined and efficient. Make the comparisons yourself… Networkers Funding Other Funding Companies Automatically send start-up information to Purchase your own applicant tracking billing and payroll with the click of a software. Duplicate information from your button database to your Payroll Company Hours entry list is automatically generated Call for a time entry worksheet, fill it out from your placements list. Enter hours manually and fax it back to your funding quickly and efficiently over our secure site. company. Real-time, interactive reports. Our Checks will be sent in an overnight that definition means you can view and print will hopefully reach you tomorrow along your paychecks and reports the same day with day old reports. Need a check for late hours or a replace- Call your funding company. Wait for a call ment check for lost checks? Print them in back. Write a manual check using their your office while your employee waits. calculations, or wait for an overnight that you’ll be charged for. Invoices delivered to your customers via email, fax or postal services. Invoices sent through postal service Other services included in our pricing: Interactive Management reports: Direct deposit and pay card availability Sales journals Internal employee payroll processing Aging summary and detail Workers compensation tracking and reports Cash receipts Assistance with workers compensation audits Preparation of weekly payroll tax garnishment Payroll check register and journal payments New hire reports Generation of permanent placement and other Workers compensation reports miscellaneous invoices Tax payment reports Payroll tax preparation including federal, state Gross margin reports and local withholding, 941, 940, W-2 and Weekly activity reports SSA Upload 866-794-7246 //
  5. 5. Networkers Funding provides state-of-the-art technology to assist in keeping your accounts receivable current and reducing your bad debt experiences. No one wants to suffer losses from potential credit risks. Networkers Funding keeps you informed so you have the necessary cash flow to continue growing your business. Our Accounts Receivables Management Includes the Following: Experian Business Profile run on perspective clients to provide you with the most complete picture of their payment history available BEFORE you place employees there. On-line reports and collection information are available 365/24/7 via the Internet. No waiting for overnights. No wondering what came in. Just log into the database and retrieve your interactive reports when YOU need them. Ability to e-mail or fax invoices directly to your customers for faster turn around time on collections. Go online and reprint invoices that your customer lost or misplaced and hand deliver the same day. No waiting for a call back or fax, because our reports are interactive. We don’t call your clients unless YOU ask for assistance. No harassing phone calls for you to explain or make up for. No damage to a relationship you spent years developing. Our contact with you about your receivables is done directly with you. We will notify you when invoices are skipped in the payment process, or payment trends change so these issues can be addressed immediately. We’ll let you know when invoices are getting to be stale… but we let you talk to your client. Customer collection letters and assistance. Daily receivables postings available to you online in real time. Your aging is always up to date in real time. No more calling customers whose payments have cleared their bank because you haven’t received an overnight with your updated aging, that is now out of date. Networkers Funding can accept electronic payments. Credit Card payments accepted for a pass-through cost on the processing fee. 866-794-7246 //
  6. 6. Our Goal Networkers Funding is a full-service administrative and payroll funding company serving the temporary staffing industry. Our goal is to provide A Simple Prescription for the needs of staffing companies, including front office software and support, back office processing, and financing of receivables. Our Professional Staff The professional staff of Networkers Funding has a combined 55+ years of experience in providing services to the temporary staffing industry. This experience includes a previous Director of Franchise Services of a staffing company, a CEO of a staffing software company, a Billing and Payroll Services specialist, an MIS director, and a previous staffing company Owner. Technology and hype aside, this is what sets us apart from other funding companies. This unique combination of experience affords us the ability to provide you with the most knowledgeable team of experts to fulfill your needs. We don’t want to just provide a service. We want to be partners in your success. Cutting Edge Technology Combine our state-of-the-art technology with our professional staff, and you have an unbeatable combination of hands on care and automation to assist you in your entire front and back office processes, and your financial needs. Worried about purchasing and maintaining servers? No need. Our software runs as an Application Service Provider (ASP). That means that we take care of all of the issues involved with the servers, maintenance and upgrades. All you need is an IBM compatible PC running Internet Explorer and an Internet connection, and you have everything you need to get up and running. Outsource the headaches to us; we’ll leave the recruiting to you. Our software is intuitive and comprehensive. There is no duplicate entry. Everything is integrated and streamlined to assist you through the complete placement process. Our technology goal is to help you work smarter and make more placements while lowering your overhead costs. The simple solution to your back office "pain" lies with our company. The experience, expertise, search and retrieval software, integrated back office software, unlimited financing and the handling of your tax filings and W-2's are all reasons to seriously consider outsourcing your back office functions to us. We believe that it is no longer a competitive advantage to have the latest technology working for you - it's an operational requirement. That is precisely why we have focused our efforts on providing a web-based, cost effective and complete solution for growing staffing companies. We take care of all of your back-office needs, allowing you to focus on growing your company. Ala Cart Services Need recruiting software and billing and payroll services, but are self-funded? You can pick and choose the services that are right for your company without paying for what you don’t need. 866-794-7246 //
  7. 7. Corporate Address: 2200 South Main Street PO Box 614 West Bend, WI 53095-0614 Phone: 262-334-6000 Toll Free: 866-794-7246 (866-RX4-PAIN) Fax: 262-334-2600 Email: Web site: Sales Contacts: Joyce Dieck 866-794-7246 Andrea Siverling 866-794-7246 Paul Martinez 866-794-7247 866-794-7246 //
  8. 8. Advance percentages aren’t everything. You may think that funding companies selling a 100% advance is the best route to go. Be sure to ask these questions: Is the Advance 100% of your receivables or your payroll? We advance off of your receivables. Is there an additional cash reserve or bad debt account that your funding company is withholding from you every week? When will you have access to those funds? We hold no additional reserve. Ideally, you want to choose a funding source you can stay with for a very long time. If you bill $50,000 per week for 3 years, and your funding company holds a minimum 1% of your billings as a cash reserve, they will be holding $78,000 that you don’t have access to. With our model, you receive the unadvanced portion of your receivables back when the invoice is paid. In the long run, do you really have access to more of your receivables with a 100% advance? If your money is sitting in a bad debt account, it stays there. If you are receiving credit for your holdback when an invoice is paid, it will increase your cash flow allowing you to allocate your funds as needed. Invoices typically turn in 45-60 days. By going with a model that give you access to your unadvanced funds as invoice are paid, your cash flow will reflect an average 100% advance after your first 4-6 weeks. For example: Weekly Advance Cash Reserve Weekly Invoices Credit on Weekly Week # Billing Percent Balance ** Advance Paid Invoices Paid Cash Flow $50,000 100% $500 $49,500 $0.00 $500.00 $49,500 1 $50,000 90% $0.00 $45,000 $0.00 $0.00 $45,000 $50,000 80% $0.00 $40,000 $0.00 $0.00 $40,000 4 – half the $50,000 100% $2,000 $50,000 $25,000 $0.00 $49,500 AR start to $50,000 90% $0.00 $45,000 $25,000 $2,500 $47,500 come in $50,000 80% $0.00 $40,000 $25,000 $5,000 $45,000 6 – half the $50,000 100% $3,000 $50,000 $50,000 $0.00 $49,500 AR from $50,000 90% $0.00 $45,000 $50,000 $5,000 $50,000 week 1&2 $50,000 80% $0.00 $40,000 $50,000 $10,000 $50,000 20 – half $50,000 100% $10,000 $50,000 $50,000 $0.00 $49,500 the AR $50,000 90% $0.00 $45,000 $50,000 $5,000 $50,000 from week $0.00 14&15 $50,000 80% $40,000 $50,000 $10,000 $50,000 100% Advance: Cash reserve grows. Cash flow does not. Still not convinced? Call us – we can customize a plan that’s right for you! 866-794-7246 //