Chevrolet Social & Web system


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Assessment of Chevrolet social and digital presence, both in Italy and worldwide, as well as areas of improvement (social media, mobile, SEO, content)

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Chevrolet Social & Web system

  1. 1. Chevrolet social web-system Andrea Rigon – Nov 2012
  2. 2. Assessment Chevrolet social presence focuses mainly on 3 channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. • Chevrolet Facebook page is particularly strong, the main US page has around 1.700.000 followers and a 2% engagement rate. There is a dedicated FB page for most countries, including Italy. The Europe FB page has a surprising high engagement rate of 170%, with a huge participation of fans liking, commenting and sharing. The Italian page Social media US Europe Italy has a fast response time to user requests, a good example of social care. All profiles make good use of visual storytelling techniques, with high impact pictures and photo galleries. Also, the post frequency is right, with 1-2 daily updates. Italian fans are engaged with compelling content, not strictly commercial but also humorous and asking opinions • Twitter presence is also important, particularly for the main Chevrolet profile. There isn’t an Italian profile (there is an European one but with a low followers base). Analyzing the @chevrolet profile (around 153.000 followers), there are different indicators that Chevrolet is considered influential by its followers: a 7.15 followers/following ratio (7x more followers than people followed); 0,97 mentions per tweet (an almost 100% rate); 65% of replies (high interaction with the users); 51% of tweets retweeted. As a comparison, Ford (170.000 followers) has a 5.12 followers/following ratio; 0,82 mentions per tweet; 50% of replies and 51% of retweets. • Both US and Europe YouTube channels are content rich (the first has a good 107.000 subscribers base too) showing the right focus to the most requested content on the Internet: video. Content freshness is assured by a high frequency of video uploads (almost daily on US profile, 2-3 a week on EU)
  3. 3. Sentimentand brand reputation (WW) Very good 23:1 ratio of positive mentions vs negative. I.e. Ford has 11:1, Volkswagen 5:1, Renault 7:1 … Passion (individuals talking about Chevrolet) and range of influence are good but can be improved. Chevrolet Klout score is pretty high: 93
  4. 4. Areas of improvement:Increase conversation touch points • Markets are Conversations. Establish presence on more social networks, especially the visually oriented Pinterest and Instagram (current Chevrolet profiles need more focus and promotion) • Auto shoppers use on average 18.2 sources of information to make their purchase decision. Engage in conversations by extending the social presence  increasing the “Zero Moments of Truth” • Leverage visual storytelling tools like Infographics (i.e. on Chevrolet history, on evolution of car models over the years …); social stories on Storify; interactive images on ThingLink • Engage users with photo contests on Pinterest/Instagram, collaborative boards on Pinterest  allow them to share their passion for Cars and Chevrolet, turning the owners into advocates and giving them tools to share with their friends how they love their vehicles (see also next slide) • Content Strategy: create a blog on Tumblr and use it as Social Hub and content creation vehicle. Tumblr is easy to update and has a social flavor, with following and sharing mechanisms.
  5. 5. Chevrolet fans all over the webare sharing their love for their cars They can’t waiton Pinterest and Instagram to be engaged The Chevrolet tag on Instagram identifies over 126.000 photos
  6. 6. Areas of improvement:Start posting when others listen • Analyze (with tools like Tweriod) followers tweets do determine best times to post. • Schedule posts for updating when most of the audience is looking. • A few considerations analyzing the tweets’ schedule (with Twitonomy) for @chevrolet profile: • There should be more posts during weekend (considered the best time to post for B2C content • Posts distribution by hour of the day looks good (can be optimized after the aforementioned analysis)
  7. 7. Areas of improvement:Mobile first Chevrolet web properties aren’t currently optimized for mobile experience. More and more users access social networks from smartphones and tablets, we have to be sure that the digital destinations they visit after clicking in brand pages/profiles are designed from a «mobile first» perspective, with a fluid, responsive design.
  8. 8. Areas of improvement: SEO + Social integration: • More SEO friendly content on the web • Generating inbound linksSearch Engine Optimization • Increasing the number of listings in the SERP • Improving the quality of website’s traffic • Improving overall search performance • A new marketing discipline emerges: the interdependency of Search and Social. • Valorize Google+ profile in order to increase SEO referrals and positioning in the first page of results. • In Google results no images appear under the Chevrolet listing. Images filenames and alt texts aren’t optimized for Google. • Use the keywords identified for SEO also on social posts and create notes on FB for products • Chevrolet web properties can benefit from SEO. From a quick analysis of Italian website different areas of optimization emerge. • Website is not in HTML5 • On page tags and content can be optimized for search (title, headings …) • Lack of social sharing buttons (present in products pages but with low focus) • Full report: 20-06-84-46.html