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FFJ08Summary - Pete Tidemann

  1. 1. FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL BRINGING THE WORLD TO HAITI FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL BRINGING THE WORLD TO HAITI www.festivalfilmjakmel.com email. info@festivalfilmjakmel.com Photo credits: Maggie Steber, Pete Tidemann, Anne Poulsen, Nathalie Brunet, Claudy Donet, Monsieur Henri
  2. 2. FFJ CREWS HANG OUTDOOR SCREEN FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL Bringing the world to Haiti ABOUT US Festival Film Jakmèl (FFJ) is a biennial celebration of contemporary world cinema held in Haiti’s vibrant cultural center, Jacmel. Attended by over 80,000 people from the nation and around the world, Festival Film Jakmèl offers an unprecedented opportunity for discovery, exchange, and visibility through the power of film and the diverse world it captures. VISION Through cinema and integrated educational and cultural programming, the Festival’s goal is to entertain, educate and empower the Haitian people while promoting national cinema and arts, creating jobs, stimulating the regional economy, increasing tourism and sharing insights for sustainable long term development. The Festival, held for one week, is a nonstop multimedia event featuring THE FESTIVAL film screenings, concerts and performances, educational programs, panel discussions, exhibitions and celebrations. An extraordinary group of directors, producers, actors, musicians, artists and NGOs gather with the local community, transforming Jacmel into an oasis of discovery, learning and celebration. The week concludes with the FFJ LA KAY AWARDS where an international jury honors the very best in Haitian cinematic achievement. This high profile, nationally broadcast closing night Awards Ceremony recognizes, rewards and raises the visibility of local cinema, music and arts.
  3. 3. FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL Bringing the world to Haiti FFJ celebrates local and international cinema through a diverse selection of films that are both FFJ FILM SCREENINGS entertaining and educational. The films range from children’s movies to thought provoking documentaries, entertaining blockbuster fiction to regional and career specific retrospectives. World- renowned film festivals like Miami and Toronto International are among the many partners who collaborate with FFJ to access the best international programming from leading names in world cinema. Four local theaters screen four times daily to a capacity of 10,000. A giant outdoor screen and stage on Congo Beach, features nightly screenings, the La Kay Awards and live performances. Capacity 50,000. FFJ CONCERTS FFJ WORKSHOPS The power of film and music come together during the week FFJ presents daily Master Classes and Intensive in a series of intimate and grand scale live performances, Workshops with visiting directors, artists and industry Concert On The Beach featuring powerful combinations of the very best local and professionals. Held at the Alliance Francaise Jacmel, international talent. Audiences experience compas, jazz, these highly successful courses fill to capacity and offer reggae, hip-hop and roots music shows. aspiring talent an unprecedented opportunity to learn from and develop relationships with professionals from around the world. Participants explore the craft FFJ EDUCATION and creative process of film, music, photography In partnership with the Regional Ministry of Education, all and other arts, as well as the business of financing, local Jacmel National Schools attend screenings followed by production and distribution. meaningful discussions with directors and actors. For some of the most isolated students in the world with little access to media, the films they see often provide them with their very “It’s like a giant public school. first images of foreign cultures and stories about global issues. It’s another kind of food.” - Raoul Peck, Director Young Audience Member
  4. 4. National Schools Attending FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL Bringing the world to Haiti FFJ TOWN HALL SEMINARS “Power of Cinema Award winning films, visiting filmmakers, invited UN agencies, NGOs, government representatives and the Curbs Isolation” general public come together to address some of Haiti’s -Associated Press most pressing issues through dynamic public screenings, moderated panels and public dialogue. These highly successful Town Hall Development Seminars, held in FFJ MEDIA PRESENCE Jacmel’s City Hall, disseminate critical information, FFJ attracts significant and positive national and international share replicable solutions and inspire new approaches media coverage. The Associated Press, Miami Herald, for the country’s development. While seminars address National Public Radio (NPR), Philadelphia Inquirer, Voice challenging issues, the underlying emphasis of each is of America, Herald Tribune, Canadian Broadcasting Corp constructive and hopeful in tone. (CBC), Marie Claire, Screen International, Le Monde and L’Humanité have covered the Festival’s recent activities in addition to all major local media, broadcast and print. FFJ DUBBING FFJ educates and trains local technicians, actors, editors and producers in our Creole Dubbing Program. Involving FFJ OUTREACH over thirty Jacmel youth, FFJ dubs its most important Fondation Festival Film Jakmèl, the Festival’s organizing international feature length films into Creole for maximum entity, produces year round mini traveling festivals, urban exposure for the public. This unique program, involves mobile screenings, local film productions, vocational months of production to translate, record, mix and re- training workshops and educational screenings throughout master each of the films for screening. the nation. Town Hall Seminar Festival Film Jakmèl is a leading cultural institution in Haiti due to its overall positive impact on the country’s FFJ IMPACT image, the community of Jacmel, and art and culture in the region. Attracting talent, visitors and press from around the world, the Festival’s imprint is felt far beyond its Southern shores. The Festival generates nearly 1 million US dollars in regional related economic activity through employment and use of goods and services. Local restaurants and bars, hotels, shops, taxis, and airlines are filled to capacity. Corporate sponsors receive high visibility for their brands, products and services as the local and visiting public attend screenings and events throughout the week filling each venue to capacity.
  5. 5. FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL The Festival and You VISIBILITY Sponsorship of Festival Film Jakmèl offers companies the opportunity to partner their brand with one of the country’s most influential and innovative cultural events. FFJ offers a limited number of sponsorships. These unique marketing opportunities are tailored to ensure maximum visibility for promotional objectives and meet sponsors expectations in the following: STIMULATING SALES ENHANCING CORPORATE IMAGE INCREASING BRAND LOYALTY DEMONSTRATING SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PRESS EXPOSURE
  6. 6. Wyclef Jean Arriving at FFJ FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL Sponsorship Categories TITLE SPONSOR $150,000 PRODUCING PARTNER $100,000 PLATINUM SPONSOR $50,000 Full sponsor brand immersion Full sponsor brand immersion Full sponsor brand immersion including logo placement as title including logo placement as lead including logo placement as key sponsor on banners, billboards, sponsor on banners, billboards, sponsor on banners, billboards, all all print communications, websites all print communications, websites print communications, websites and and advertising. Naming rights and advertising. Naming rights to advertising. Category Exclusivity. to include Main Stage and Grand include Master Theater, Festival Naming rights to include 1 Theater Prize. 50 VIP passes. Headquarters or VIP Lounge and and Prize. 25 VIP passes. Major Prize. 35 VIP passes. GOLD SPONSOR $25,000 SILVER SPONSOR $10,000 BRONZE SPONSOR $5,000 Full sponsor brand immersion Logo placement as a valued sponsor Logo placement as a valued sponsor including logo placement as on screen, in catalog, program and on screen, in catalog, program and major sponsor on banners, print websites. Naming rights and product websites. 5 VIP passes. communications, website and placement at celebratory event and advertising. Category Exclusivity. seminar. 10 VIP passes. Naming rights to include 1 Theater and Prize. 15 VIP passes. “I don’t know if it was hunger for cinema IN KIND DONATIONS Attending Danish Filmmakers Annette Olsen and Jorgen Leth or the quality of my film but I had at least The Festival welcomes a broad 5,000 people just standing there mesmerized range of in-kind goods and services for 95 minutes...it was one of the happiest including office, production and days of my life.” training equipment, transportation vehicles and travel awards. -Jean-Claude Flamond Barny, Director, Neg Maron
  7. 7. Haitian Stars Jimmy Jean Louis and Jessica Généus with Producer Wilkenson Bruna FESTIVAL FILM JAKMÈL Sponsorship Opportunities Pending your sponsorship level, the following opportunities for visibility exist: BRANDING Category Exclusivity ADDITIONAL ADDED VALUE Naming Rights Vehicle + Venue Wraps Venues: Main Stage, Theaters, Headquarters, VIP Lounge, Seminars, Mobile Advertising: Events: Awards Ceremony, Competitions, Prizes, Moto, Tap Tap, Audio Truck, FFJ Vehicles, Screenings, Concerts, Cocktail Receptions and Parties, Mayor’s Office Vehicles Workshops, Seminars, Youth Competitions + Matches Activity Booths Product Sampling and Distribution: Photo, Video, Radio, Body Painting and Tattoos Category Exclusivity, Sales, Sampling Youth Competitions/Sports Matches Giveaways, Raffles, Prizes Community Services, Clubs, Bands, Personalities Official Product of Festival Recognition Official Supplier or Supplied by Recognition BROADCAST / PROJECTION In-theater Spots or Acknowledgement “Festival Film Jakmèl is a beautiful initiative” at 130+ Festival Screenings Film Credits: -Ronald Andris, Deputy Mayor of Jacmel FFJ Promo Trailers, You Tube Casts, Annual Video Student Workshop for Short Films Radio and TV Mention in FFJ Ads “The festival gives businesses here a big boost. Guerilla Projections on Public Surfaces Press Conference with Haitian Musician Belo We are looking forward to the years to come.” - Dadou Maximillien, Jacmel Pepsi Center PRINT RECOGNITION Festival Programs and Film Guides Billboards, Banners, Screens, Posters, “I look forward for next year and every Postcards, T-shirts, Brochures year to be at the Festival!” Press Wall -Wilkenson Bruna, Producer ELECTRONIC RECOGNITION FFJ Website: “The festival showed me that there Banners, Video Streams, Photo Albums, Links, Emails, Evites, Eblasts, Blogs was real hope for Haiti” FFJ Myspace, Facebook, Flickr + You Tube pages -Jimmy Jean Louis, actor
  8. 8. FESTIVAL FILM JAMÈL FFJ Facts THE FACTS 80,000+ attendance “During 8 magical days 350+ hotel rooms in Jacmel (all sell out) 150+ filmmakers, artists, diplomats, industry leaders Jacmel becomes the melting 50+ credentialed press, domestic and international pot of local and international 100 films from 30 countries in 7 days National La Kay Awards ceremony by International Jury film lovers. A cultural exchange that should make all Free Programming includes: Haitians proud.” 140 + International Film Screenings for all ages -Lori Manuel Steed, Multiple Live Concerts, Cultural Exhibits and Performances with Artist and Art Dealer national and international artists 8 Filmmaking Workshops and Job Training Courses with visiting professionals 6 Town Hall Development Seminars in partnership with NGOs 40+ Educational Screenings for local schools A YOUNG AMBASSADOR WELCOMING VISITORS Programming Partners: 14 Press Conferences Alliance Francaise Danish Film Institute HAITI’S NEXT GENERATION FILMMAKERS New York African Film Festival “Cultural Awakening Miami International Film Festival Enchants Thousands...” Toronto International Film Festival Group – Film Circuit Women Make Movies -Miami Herald NOTABLE PREVIOUS VISITING ARTISTS Wyclef Jean, Abderrahmane Sissako, Raoul Peck, Edwidge Danticat, Albert Maysles, Perry Henzell, Dany Laferriere, Marc Baptiste, Jorgen Leth, Jimmy Jean Louis, Jessica Généus, Mutabaruka, Jahnesta, Krezi