Lessons Learned From Consumer Social Media


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Because "traditional PR is so 80s"

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Lessons Learned From Consumer Social Media

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Traditional PR is so 80’s: Lessons Learned from Consumer Social Media Heather Gartman Cheryl Pellegrino Andrea Nowack Managing Director Senior Vice President Digital Strategist
  3. 3. Social Media By the Numbers 2,000,000,000 - Number of Google Searches per day 684,000,000 - the number of visitors to Wikipedia in the last year 100,000,000 - number of YouTube videos viewed per day 346,000,000 - number of people globally who read blogs 1,766,890,600- number of tweets to date 200,000,000 - number of active Facebook users Bottom Line: Social Media Can’t Be Ignored 3
  4. 4. The Changing Media Landscape •Traditional Media is diminishing in influence and impact •Increase in Web 2.0 adoption is causing a transition from push to pull Print Media Web 2.0 4
  5. 5. Citizens As Journalists  As print is dying, citizen journalists are having a stronger voice and impact on our news cycle 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Communicating with the Masses: CDC and Protecting the Nation Uses social media to contain panics about outbreaks such as H1N1 or the peanut recall, by controlling the messaging and educating the public about the situations 7
  8. 8. Consumer Social Media: Who’s Doing it Right? 8
  9. 9. Consumer Social Media: Who’s Doing it Right? 9
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  12. 12. Lessons Learned From Consumer PR
  13. 13. Listen to the Community  Even if you don’t want to actively engage in social media, it is important to monitor what consumers are saying about your brand. At the very least, it’s a focus group without the cost. “I'm not going to buy Evenflo baby bottles because I heard they had BPA and I’m worried they might harm my baby!” 13
  14. 14. Focus on the Objective  Focus on the objective first, then the technology 14
  15. 15. Be Open And Transparent  Always be open and transparent when engaging with online communities Rahodeb? 15
  16. 16. Be Open And Transparent  Whole Foods may have fallen initially, but that didn’t stop them from trying again  Whole Foods got it right the second time, and now is one of the most highly-acclaimed companies on the Web 16
  17. 17. Recognize The Influence Of The Blogger  Many blogs are becoming highly influential among consumers and journalists, and they can act as natural brand evangelists 17
  18. 18. Recognize The Influence Of The Blogger  If a conversation starts online, don’t assume it is going to stay there 18
  19. 19. Test Your Message Both Offline and On  If your campaign has any online component – even just a Web page or YouTube video – test the message with the group you’re targeting first  Motrin learned the hard way The tweet that started an online firestorm 19
  20. 20. Test Your Message Both Offline and On  Throughout the weekend, the conversation continued… 92,947 views “A few hours and two thousand tweets later MotrinMomsis the #1 search on Twitter, eclipsing SNL for the first time since Obama was elected.” – Jessica Gottlieb  When did Motrin respond? Monday. Monday. 20
  21. 21. Test Your Message Both Offline and On Motrin’s new ad campaign targeting babywearing is offensive, disrespectful and wrong on so many levels…stop disrespecting us moms, Motrin. Unlike our babies, we weren’t born yesterday and we will take our later… 7,000 Tweets $ elsewhere. 21 Crunchy Domestic Goddess Blog, (readership: 42,000/month)
  22. 22. Have a Crisis Plan In Place Issued a Warrant for Employees’ Arrest Responded on Facebooked “The about the Consumerist” Incident Within Days President Twittered About apologized on the Incident YouTube In times of crisis, the quicker a company can respond, the better 22
  23. 23. Integrate Online and Offline Marketing  Reinforce your messages and drive traffic to your online initiatives by integrating both efforts Consumers recall brands and messages better when they are exposed to TV and online messages 23
  24. 24. Don’t Throw Out the Rule Book When it comes to social media, traditional media rules still apply: There Are Fewer Rules Create a Solid Plan Before Jumping In Test Your Message with Key Demographics 24
  25. 25. Making the Connection
  26. 26. Transcending Into Healthcare  In the greater healthcare arena, there are less rules than in pharma Rx  While there are regulatory concerns to address, healthcare needs to change with the times  Consumers are demanding health care info online and in social media As of January 2008, physicians take a second place to the Internet as the leading source of health information. 26
  27. 27. Hospitals  Use social media as a means to connect with physicians and learn about treatments and procedures “As we see people communicating in new ways, we want Mayo Clinic to be part of the conversation… We know the conversations are happening out there. This is a chance for us to join.'‘ 27 -Dr. ThoralfSundt, Marketing Chair
  28. 28. Hospitals: Connecting Through Social Media As of May 3rd, 2009: 250 U.S. Hospitals are using social networking 131 have YouTube Accounts 160 have Twitter Accounts 94 have Facebook accounts 24 Have blogs Henry Ford • Live tweet surgeries and answer med students questions via Hospital Twitter Innovis • Live tweeted safety information around the clock during recent Health floods in North Dakota ProHealth • Broadcasted a live prostatectomy on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Care 28
  29. 29. Pharma  Social media is a way to enable connections among pharma consumers and build trust  Although there are more regulatory guidelines, social media and search engine optimization is still vital to managing a pharma brand 29
  30. 30. Pharma and Social Media FDA Says?  Currently no guidance or guidelines for pharmaceutical companies on the use of social media and digital marketing tools  Guidelines for DTC advertising apply to online advertising • 14 companies recently received FDA warning letters for use of banner ads that failed to provide fair balance and direct links to full prescribing information • Some companies received warnings on off-label promotion through key word search terms and search engine optimization  DTC rules apply for any and all sponsored online communications vehicles including podcasts, vodcasts, web sites  FDA plans reviewing potential threats, issues; will likely issue formal guidance within the year 30
  31. 31. Online Marketing: Responsible Engagement  Companies are responsible for any and all communications they disseminate online  In the absence of formal FDA guidance, companies must serve as responsible actors: – Ensuring the Company, its agencies and all actors on its behalf comply with DTC guidelines, effectively monitor efforts and proactively address potential issues or concerns – Taking responsibility for actions or inappropriate third party messaging if identified or witnessed – Adverse event reporting 31
  32. 32. Pharma and Social Media  Unbranded online programs and marketing activities still afford the greatest opportunity for pharma – Challenge is branded pull-through  Key lies in the integration of offline and online tactics to develop comprehensive communications strategy that reaches target audiences – Traditional media relations coupled with online media, social networking – Campaigns or programs that reach people where they are most likely to be receptive to key messages – Advocacy relations and third party partnerships 32
  33. 33. Start With Your Business Objectives  Where are your barriers and opportunities?  Who and where are your prescribers, influencers and patients?  What do you need to do to ensure success? 33
  34. 34. Make a Smooth Transition  Help your clients understand social media so they are not afraid of it  Transition your traditional media to social media by training key spokespeople and advocates on social media practices AstraZeneca spokesperson proactively responding to traditional media and social media chatter through a YouTube channel 34
  35. 35. AstraZeneca: Celebrating Women On and Offline Engaging consumers and cancer survivors to reinforce messages on and off line 35
  36. 36. Making Sleep More Interactive: Ambien Established a microsite to communicate about Ambien, post videos and commercials and reinforce their branding with games and images In the first three days the site attracted 1 million hits and a 2% click through rate to the branded site 36
  37. 37. Cause Marketing: Pfizer Pfizer launched an unbranded Fibromyalga microsite, which gives consumers the opportunity to share their stories and educate themselves about the condition 37
  38. 38. Are You or Your Clients Ready?  Listen to Social Media and Devise a Solid Plan of Action  Monitor Your Consumer Reactions to Your Products or Services  Test Your Messaging To Make Sure it Resonates With the Key Demographic  Integrate Online and Offline Marketing Efforts  Create a Crisis Plan and Be Prepared for Backlash  Don’t Ignore the Bloggers  Know Your Target and Influencers 38
  39. 39. Questions and Answers
  40. 40. Don’t Miss the Boat If you are not doing it you must and if you are already engaged find other ways to do it better and more frequently 40