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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Expectations & Procedures
    Ms. White & Ms. Nonaka
  • 2. Long-Range Goals:
    Ask for help when needed (respectfully and after attempting independently)
    Plan & complete long-range projects
    Stay focused during independent work times
    Learn how to be organized! (keep a daily planner with daily assignments)
    Weekly binder checks every Friday!
  • 3. Guidelines for Success
    P – Participate during class activities
    A – Attitude is everything; be positive
    L – let someone know if you need help
    E – Encourage each other
    R – Respect yourself and others
    M – Monitor your own organization & work
    O – Open to help, suggestions & new ideas
  • 4. At the beginning of class…
    Be inside the classroom with the door shut by the second bell
    Collect all materials you will need for the day
    Leave your backpack along the wall
    Start working on daily vocabulary (on the board)
  • 5. Materials you will need:
    Always check the board when you enter class for other necessary materials
  • 6. “Sticky Questions”
    We understand that you may have questions during independent work times but please don’t disrupt your neighbor or raise your hand.
    There are sticky tabs in each table box
    Mark your question on the page or put a colored sticky on your desk if you have more than one question
  • 7. “Sticky Questions”
    Please only use the tabs if you have a question
    The teachers will be walking around and will come see you if we see a sticky tab on your work or your desk.
    Please don’t worry, at the end of the period we will ask if anyone had sticky questions that didn’t get answered
  • 8. Homework
    Due at the beginning of class on FRIDAY
    Turn in to the wire basket on the teacher desk (labeled by period number)
    Check the bottom basket for graded assignments
    * Late assignments will be accepted up to one month after due date for a reduction in points *
  • 9. Absent?
    File box by the bookshelf with a folder for every day of the week
    It is your responsibility to check the folder for the day you are absent
    Look at the week schedule on the board or ask a neighbor to help fill in the minder binder
    Longer than 2 days? Talk to the teachers!
  • 10. Bathroom
    Each student receives 3 bathroom passes each month
    You may use your bathroom pass after the first 15 minutes of the period
    If you MUST go before the 15 minutes are up
    Turn in a pass
    Spend 15 minutes of lunch in the class
    You may eat your lunch during this time
  • 11. Noise Volume
    We do a lot of fun activities during the day!
    Please check the Noise Chart on the chalkboard at the beginning of every activity or class period.
    There will be a large yellow star next to the noise level appropriate for the activity.
    We will tell you if the volume changes levels in the middle of an activity.
  • 12. Noise Volume
     LEVEL 1
    Individual work/learning time
     LEVEL 2
    Asking the teachers for help
    Borrowing supplies from your neighbor
    Guided discussion
    Asking a quick question (neighbors ONLY)
     LEVEL 3
    Still have “inside” voices
    Group work times
    Ask a classmate a question or for help
  • 13. You are all STARS!
    Each day, the whole class has a chance to earn one letter of the word STAR
    Keep focused on the task at hand
    Keep the noise level appropriate (see the chart on the board)
    You can earn up to 20 “STAR” points per week
    For a total of 80 points per month
    If the class earns 75-80 stars we will have a celebration!(more info to come…)
  • 14. Beads
    Everyone starts with 30 beads each month. You can use the beads to “buy” special activities or supplies you may need
    Working on task
    Being extra helpful
    Showing respect to teachers and other students
    Disrupting class work times
    Being noisy when re-entering the classroom from an outside activity
    Using the restroom before 15 minutes is up or after your 3 passes are gone
  • 15. Earn your “ticket” outside
    Clean up your desk & workspace
    Return class materials to their homes
    Make sure your minder binder is filled in
    Return your class binder to its place on the bookshelf
  • 16. Remember:
    The bell does not dismiss you!
    We will make sure you are out in a timely manner
    If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to help you
    Our goal is to help you learn, grow, and have fun!