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Get the most bang out of having a Facebook Business Page by applying these tips and techniques.

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Facebook Business Pages

  1. 1. How To Trick-Out a Facebook Business Page By Andrea Kalli
  2. 2. Creating a new Facebook Page
  3. 3. The MOST IMPORTANT first steps you’ll want to give some thought to 1) The type of your site
  4. 4. Select the right type of business in the category
  5. 5. The MOST IMPORTANT first steps you’ll want to give some thought to 2) The name of your site – use keywords
  6. 6. <ul><li>Creating a custom image to fit the space Facebook gives you </li></ul><ul><ul><li>200 x 600 max, create collages, be creative, similar to sidebar banner ads </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. Get creative. Create collages
  8. 8. Facebook Apps - Static HTML – provides huge opportunities for custom looks, Welcome landing pages, etc
  9. 9. You can add images, videos, audios, links to sites
  10. 10. Custom header image. Welcome greeting. On its own tab.
  11. 11. Add an opt-in box to capture email addresses for enewsletters, mailing list, blog subscriptions
  12. 12. Simply copy and paste the html for the webform into a new instance of the Static FBML app
  13. 13. Can even just use the Boxes tab as a custom Welcome landing page
  14. 14. Copy and paste from your website to a new instance of the Static FBML app will bring over formatting and other elements.
  15. 15. … even shopping cart forms.
  16. 16. To start a new instance of the Static FBML app, go into Edit page, locate the app, click the pencil, click Edit.
  17. 17. Click on Add another FBML box
  18. 18. A new app is created and you can enter your html or fbml code
  19. 19. Click the “+” to see the new tab
  20. 20. Since the new app always shows up on the Boxes tab, you may want to remove it.
  21. 21. A great way to display a portfolio or series of images and links on their own tab.
  22. 22. Pull in fresh content by adding RSS feed to Notes app.
  23. 23. If you have more than one RSS feed you want to pull in, use something like Friendfeed to create a combo feed.
  24. 24. Friendfeed RSS feed. Grab the url
  25. 25. … and enter it into the Web URL field in the Notes area.
  26. 26. Notice the new content pulled in from the RSS feed.
  27. 27. Ping.fm is a great app to pull in fresh content.
  28. 28. Using my ping.fm account will automatically push information to many sites, including my Facebook Biz Page. Use the ping.fm email address as an easy way to publish content. Also, use mobile phone to email your ping.fm account with fresh content.
  29. 29. Use Links app to add urls to Wall posts. Includes images from site.
  30. 30. Use Events app if you host or participate in Events.
  31. 31. Use Video app to include your videos
  32. 32. Upload existing videos or record directly from this page using a webcam.
  33. 33. Option to change the default landing page for visitors to your page.
  34. 34. Communicating with Fans. Send an Update to Fans
  35. 35. Creates an email blast.
  36. 36. Many ways to promote your Page. Suggest to your Facebook friends. Anyone can perform this action on your page.
  37. 37. Select the friends, click Send Invitations button.
  38. 38. Add a Fan Box to your websites and blogs.
  39. 39. Grab the script
  40. 40. Put in your website. Add it to a text widget in your Wordpress site. Site visitors can become a Fan of your page directly from here.
  41. 41. Add social icons to your site and link to your Facebook biz page
  42. 42. Can link to a specific tab by copying the url of the tab.
  43. 43. Can also direct them to the primary url of your biz page. Notice the custom page url.
  44. 44. If you have at least 100 Fans of your page, go to www.facebook.com/username and select a custom url for any page you are an admin for.
  45. 45. For the mobile audience, you can give them the info they need to become a Fan of your page via SMS.
  46. 46. Simply follow the instructions provide and put this info in your marketing material.
  47. 47. For those that want to use a pay-per-click campaign, use Facebook Ads.
  48. 48. Similar to Google Adwords, complete the information, set your daily limits, and create the ad.
  49. 49. Can even set filters on who will see your ad
  50. 51. Thanks for joining me today! Andrea Kalli www.virtualassist.net