Rocking with R


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An very quick introduction to R, designed to get you Rocking and Rolling - and USING R for the first time.

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  • Electric guitar photo by Feliciano Guimares, used with Creative Commons License
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  • I would argue that you don’t have time NOT to learn R.Number of R users is skyrocketing… has been estimated at over 2 million in recent years. Informal surveys that I’ve seen keep showing the number of R users increasing, while the number of SPSS and SAS users stays the same.A lot of what you learn if you really get into R is coding – and that’s something that you can use with SPSS and SAS as well. The codes themselves will change depending on your use, but the
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  • Rocking with R

    1. 1. R Rocks! Four Reasons you should dump SPSS for R.1. It’s FREE2. It’s open source.3. You can run it on any machine, including Windows, Mac, Linux – even your iPad*4. Stay on the cutting edge: new packages added constantly.
    2. 2. Goal of this presentationTo get you up and running in R, soyou can compare it to your currentstats program.
    3. 3. Get your feet wet with Try R Got one to two hours?
    4. 4. Get your feet wet with Try R Got one to two hours? This is a fun, pirate- themed introduction to R that requires no programming experience or background in statistics.
    5. 5. Get your feet wet with Try R Got one to two hours? (Code school has other great courses too, although most are aimed at serious coders)
    6. 6. Less fun, but more in depth
    7. 7. Less fun, but more in depth This tutorial has been around for many years. It’s a great option for exploring R.
    8. 8. R has a Graphical User Interface: R Commander (RCmdr) Looks similar to SPSS to me!
    9. 9. Installing R Go to and follow the instructions…First time opening R, yourwindow will look like this:
    10. 10. Installing R Commander Then, just go to:Packages -> Install Package(s)
    11. 11. Installing R CommanderChoose a mirror (I don’t think it matters, but I always choose USA – TX)
    12. 12. Installing R Commander Choose RCmdr, and click “OK” -----meanwhile, note all of the free packages you can download later….
    13. 13. Using R CommanderGo to “Packages” again, but this time, choose “Load Package”, and Choose “RCmdr”
    14. 14. Next, import your data Import is under Data -> Import DataYou can upload plain text, dat, and even EXCEL files.Now, play with the commands… they’re not identical to SPSS/SAS, but similar.
    15. 15. Questions? Ask me: Feel free to e-mail Go to Search under: awesome electric guitar photo is courtesy of Feliciano Guimares, used with Creative CommonsLicense
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