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Presentation on background information for Holocaust Unit.

Presentation on background information for Holocaust Unit.

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  • 1. The Holocaust
  • 2. Nuremberg Laws• In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws decreed that only persons of “German blood” (Aryans) could be citizens of Germany.• Non-Aryans or “impure blood” were said to be inferior status.• These laws regulated what the Jewish people could do.
  • 3. Nuremberg Laws• These laws were meant to degrade the Jewish people. • Marriages between Jews and German blood are forbidden. • Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or National flag.
  • 4. Kristallnacht Kristallnacht means “the Night of Broken Glass.”
  • 5. Kristallnacht• Jewish homes, shops, synagogues and businesses were looted and destroyed.• Thousands of Jews were arrested.• Hundreds of Jews were killed.
  • 6. KristallnachtThousands of Jews were arrested and taken to already established concentration camps. The next step was to expel Jews from their home, isolate them in ghettos and finallyconfine them to prison and labor camps.
  • 7. Kristallnacht
  • 8. What is a concentration camp? Concentration camps were work or death camps located in Germany and Poland to incarcerate and exterminate Jews, Gypsies and others deemed “undesirable” by the Nazis.
  • 9. Concentration Camps There were many concentration camps such as: • Auschwitz • Birkenau • Buchenwald • Dachau
  • 10. Entrance to the gate at Auschwitz
  • 11. Birkenau 1942
  • 12. Survivors of Buchenwald
  • 13. Behind the wire at Dachau
  • 14. Ghettos Jews could also be taken to Ghettos.
  • 15. GhettosA ghetto is a section of a city in which Jews were required to live surrounded by walls.
  • 16. Ghettos were surrounded by:• Brick or stone walls• Wooden fences• Barbed wire• Jews were under constant watch by Nazi soldiers
  • 17. Ghetto Living Conditions They were filled with hunger and disease. (Starving Jewish boy in Warsaw Ghetto 1942)
  • 19. “Final Solution” The Final Solution was a Nazi code word for the physical extermination of European Jews.
  • 20. “Final Solution”They used many methods to kill the Jews such as gas chambers and crematories.
  • 21. Why didn’t the Jews resist? There were many reasons why the Jews did not resist…
  • 22. Why didn’t they resist?• not military prepared• were physically and spiritually weakened from starvation and disease• could not believe it could be so horrible and thought that the war would soon be over• instances of resistance or rebellion led to hundreds being killed
  • 23. Why did the Holocaust happen?• Hitler had just taken Germany out of the Great Depression and was regarded as a hero.• Hilter had pure hatred for the Jews• Hitler had an ideal image of a superior German race.