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Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
Wordpress 101 for PR Students
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Wordpress 101 for PR Students


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. COMM 2337 Blog Blog BlogWordpress101 Class 2 Fall 2011 FYI: Wordpress is a platform. So is Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr
  • 2. COMM 2337 Why Blog?Wordpress • Relevant101 • Interesting Class 2 • Unique Fall 2011 • Timely • Conversation You have something to say!
  • 3. COMM 2337 Before You StartWordpress * Is this something I see * How often will I101 myself doing long term? publish? * Is it s Need Vs. * What will the main Class 2 purpose of my blog Want? Fall 2011 * Do I have a niche? be? * Is my blogging more * What about of a hobby or does it competition? have some *Consider style, format, professional look, feel, language, application? theme * Do I foresee putting * Who are my readers? ads on my blog?
  • 4. COMM 2337 What’s Next?Wordpress101 Class 2 Fall 2011 • Sign up for a blog at • Choose a name that represents YOU • Email it to me@AndreaGenevieve • Choose your look and • Write your first entry
  • 5. COMM 2337 Semester AssignmentWordpress • Publish once a week-due each Tuesday101 • Write at least 3 paragraphs with 2 links • Subject MUST pertain to the PR industry or Class 2 what we are covering in class. (Special Fall 2011 event recaps, article reviews, PR News) • Helpful sources include PR Week, PR Squared,, PRNewser, Marketing Daily or PRSarahEvans. Hint: check
  • 6. COMM 2337 Commenting • You will make 4 comments throughout the semester.Wordpress • To track comments, create ONE page of your blog and name it Class Comments.101 • Copy and paste your comment and include a descriptive sentence about the post you Class 2 commented on, with a link back to that individual blog post. For example: Fall 2011 “After we learning about social media and new media communication last week Jane wrote about her privacy concerns with regards to Twitter and PR. I thought she had some solid points, but disagreed with parts of her argument on the privacy issues of social media. This is the comment I left on her blog:COPY PASTE COMMENT HERE” • Comments should be constructive additions to the original post or feedback related to the post.@AndreaGenevieve UNACCEPTABLE: “Great post! I really liked ideas.”
  • 7. COMM 2337 Find Your VoiceWordpress Blog Entry #1: How to write:101 •Authentic What is PR in your •Conversational Class 2 own words and Fall 2011 •Familiar vocabulary give me an example. Tell me •Inviting why you are taking •Message matters most this course. •Start short, sweet and
  • 8. COMM 2337 TipsWordpress Tom8williams: @AndreaGenevieve101 Be real. Write blogs that are open ended and invite comments. Remember future Class 2 employers may read their stuff. #blog Fall 2011 Eglue: @AndreaGenevieve Be consistent with the frequency of publishing your work. write a piece once a week, every week, youll be top 1% of all the blogs on the web. Search engines notice.
  • 9. COMM 2337 CreditsWordpress101 Andrea Genevieve Michnik Intro to PR COMM 2337 Class 2 St. Edwards University- Fall 2011 Fall 2011 E-mail: @AndreaGenevieve All photos protected under Flickr Creative