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BrFlyer laguna

  1. 1. w ter is pure source of energy... the mind nd body c n rediscover the correct b l nce. Our Beauty Centre uses marine derived cosmetics from the Fabbrimarine range that work in harmony with our skin by means of a new concept of beauty and well-being. It is a place of total well-being, where everyone can discover awareness of their essence and feelings. Laguna Beauty Centre’s technical staff will create synergy between the physical form and the pleasure of the soul. f ci l rituals FACIAL Deep skin cleansing; infusing tissues with oxygen as well as moisturising and making 60 minutes ¤ 59,00 CLEANSING the skin brighter. PERFECTION A true ray of light to reawaken the skin, exclusive marine and plant extracts stimulate 50 minutes ¤ 75,00 DAY natural cell functions and make the face elastic and compact. For an all round sensation of freshness and relaxation. Recommended for sensitive ACQUA skins and after prolonged exposure to the sun, it soothes skin reddening. The sea’s 50 minutes ¤ 75,00 SOURCE energy (marine collagen, plankton, green algae) with a little help from the Melissa and Hops plants that work together to restore the skin’s moisturising. Anti-ageing treatment with a marine plankton, retinol and vitamin F base. It is a specific HOMME 50 minutes ¤ 80,00 treatment for male clients. Slow, delicate massages regenerate and tone the skin. Treat- ELISIR ment and well-being for the soul in a unique beauty moment. C.S.I. SKIN Thanks to a concept inspired by intelligent marine stem cells and the latest active ingre- (Cosmetic dients, Fabbrimarine’s CSI products visibly reduce the signs of ageing. Skilled applica- 60 minutes ¤ 100,00 Source tion methods stimulate collagen and elastin cell regeneration in a relaxing atmosphere Intelligence) of dimmed lights and oriental scents, for a long lasting beauty. body ritu ls All of our body rituals are based on the curative effects of the marine climate (Thalasso Therapy). Treatments packed with trace elements stimulate the metabolism and infuse the tissues with oxygen. Relaxation, energy and vitality free the mind from daily stress and allow positive sensations to penetrate the spirit. An exclusive moment in which the body’s aesthetics rediscover harmony and balance. Mineral mud used generate a pleasant sensation of heat and carry out a draining ac- BODY SLIM 50 minutes ¤ 80,00 tion followed by a progressive reduction of panniculus adiposus. Specific massaging methods shape the body and stimulate the absorption of active ingredients. body ritu ls using v pour b th bed Inside the thermal bed, a cloud of vapour envelops the body and activates the draining and decongestant properties of the marine mud applied. The combination of heat and BODY DREN 50 minutes ¤ 85,00 vapour stimulates body circulation encouraging toxin elimination. A delicate massage concludes the physical rebalancing phase.
  2. 2. The therapeutic use of mud enriched with essential oils such as mint and hypericum, GREEN calms reddened tissues giving them a fresh, toned and compact appearance. Combined 50 minutes ¤ 85,00 RESOURCE with targeted movements, the tissues regain elasticity and moisturising, followed by a pleasant sensation of freshness. body ritu ls with the r sul c bin for 1 person The Rasul cabin, known as the “queen of oriental baths” is an ancient purification ritual ¤ 55,00 that involves the application of clays, mud or salts over the body. Its secret is the effect 45 minutes of the four elements: water (vapour bath), fire (heat), air (essences) and earth (mud and clays). The progressive rising of the temperature encourages the clays to dry and then RASUL the subsequent release of vapours at about 40/45°C allows them to be absorbed as for 2 people well as eliminate toxins. A light nebulised spray rinses the body and lowers the tempera- ¤ 80,00 ture. At the end of the treatment the skin is compact, toned and elastic. It is an experi- 45 minutes ence that benefits not only the body but also relaxes and frees the mind. Draining and re-mineralising treatment with a marine algae base that stimulates the car- diocirculatory system and improve the body’s natural functions. Inside the Rasul cabin THALA BODY 50 minutes ¤ 90,00 the trace elements contained in the packs penetrate deeply, stimulating the elimination of excess liquids and restoring the tissues’ natural functionality. Light brushing movements will conclude this purifying treatment for the mind and the body. Small golden granules brush the skin, delicately smoothing it. When left on to work GOLD SKIN 60 minutes ¤ 90,00 inside the Rasul cabin it carries out a purifying and detoxifying action. The treatment is completed with light massages using customized essential oils. m ss ge ritu ls BODY All over, anti-cellulite and toning body massage, customised in accordance with the 50 minutes ¤ 78,00 SCULPTURE client’s needs. SOFT Light and deep massage movements with fruity essential oils that relax muscular tis- 50 minutes ¤ 78,00 LAGUNA sues and provide an overall sensation of well-being. Originating from ancient Indian cultures, this massage is carried out with hot basalt HOT STONE 50 minutes ¤ 88,00 stones and perfumed oils that envelop the body encouraging natural drainage and MASSAGE psycho-physical equilibrium. Well-being ritual with candles and spheres to make the skin shine. The liquid drops from EGOSPHERA the vegetable oil based candles slide down the body with gentle warmth, melting away 50 minutes ¤ 88,00 MASSAGE tensions and generating tone and vigour. The 4 marine fragrances stimulate the senses providing pleasant sensations to our soul. BACK 25 minutes ¤ 40,00 De-contracting massage to loosen muscular band tensions and provide pleasant relief. MASSAGE
  3. 3. sol rium PREPARES AND EXTENDS THE LIFE OF A SUNTAN, ENCOURAGES CIRCULATION, STIMULATES MELANOCYTES AND SETS CALCIUM IN THE BONES. FACE SOLARIUM (high pressure) 10 minutes ¤ 12,00 BED SOLARIUM (low pressure on the body, high pressure on the face) 16 minutes ¤ 19,00 h nd and feet ritu ls Beauty treatment for hand nails, including cutting, cleaning and BEAUTY MANICURE 45 minutes ¤ 30,00 application of protective varnish. BEAUTY MANICURE Complete beauty treatment for the nails including cutting, cleaning, 60 minutes ¤ 55,00 WITH PEELING AND PACK peeling, nourishing mask and massage. Beauty treatment for the toe nails including cutting, cleaning and BEAUTY PEDICURE 50 minutes ¤ 40,00 application of protective varnish. BEAUTY PEDICURE Complete beauty treatment for the nails including cutting, cleaning, 60 minutes ¤ 65,00 WITH PEELING AND PACK peeling, nourishing mask and massage. epil tion TOTAL (leg, bikini and underarm) 45 minutes ¤ 49,00 WHOLE LEG (leg and bikini) 40 minutes ¤ 39,00 PARTIAL LEG 25 minutes ¤ 27,00 PARTIAL LEG AND BIKINI 30 minutes ¤ 35,00 BIKINI 15 minutes ¤ 13,00 UNDERAM 15 minutes ¤ 13,00 UPPER LIP AND CHIN 15 minutes ¤ 9,00 EYEBROW 15 minutes ¤ 9,00 ARM 30 minutes ¤ 22,00 30/40 MALE CHEST ¤ 30,00 minutes 30/40 MALE BACK ¤ 30,00 minutes