Ninja Ambush & Concealment skills


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Andre's Basics of the Ambush

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Ninja Ambush & Concealment skills

  1. 1. The element of surprise from Andre. <br />Ninja Ambush<br /><br />
  2. 2. Ambushing is along time known military tactic, use around the world in which the aggressors use concealment to attack a passing enemy, using the element of surprise. <br />Ninjas strike from Concealed positions, such as among dense Foliage or behind Hilltops and more.<br />Ambushes have been used consistently throughout history, From ancient to modern warfare. <br />
  3. 3. Andre’s Principles of the Ambush<br />What type of Information about the Enemy the Ninja would like:<br />Strengths, Knowledge, Habits, Formations, Weaponry, Morals and Intentions.<br /> This information can be uptrend and improvement after first ambush.<br />Ninja two step kill, you need:<br />Element of surprise, As near as possible to the enemy, avoiding detection, taking out the enemy before they can react.<br />Terrain, the Ninjas surroundings:<br />Ambushing areas, Maximum advantage of terrain, Stop enemy from deploying his Force and Reinforcements, No go areas or zones, Changes and uses of weather in the Terrain.<br />
  4. 4. Ninja action through the ambushing, two step kill:<br />Available information about weapons simultaneously, Demoralize the survivors and to clear a route for the next team, assault the exploit the success and then withdraw quickly into concealment or continue assigned task.<br />These are the basic Principles of the Ambush.<br />Ninjas wiping out a ambush:<br />You must first find the Ambush before you can destroy it, so the Ninja do not get ambushed, This can be done by a stealthy patrol through or around the enemy areas or zones.<br />All means of the Ninja must be available and then the Ninja employed to discover the ambush as soon as possible.<br />Communications and intelligences is the key for finding a ambush. <br />Reconnaissance by map study, patrols and aerial reconnaissance should be completed in as must detail as possible prior to Ninja movement.<br />The reconnaissance should be accompanied by a sensei or Ninja leader.<br />
  5. 5. Setting-up a Ninja Ambush.<br />Once an area for the ambush has been discovered, all available means must be employed to fix the enemy into place, these means include: supporting attacks, blacking forces, natural obstacles and Ninja deception.<br />Prior to Ninja movement all available Ninja Support, Ropes, Maps, Radios. Weapons, Smoke, Tear-Gases, Air support and Armed vehicles must be planned For the coordination.<br />Communications must be established and maintained throughout Ninja activities. <br />Ninja Plans should be made for the use of Ninjas to block enemy withdrawal, to force him against any natural obstacles in the area and to deceive him and direct his attention from the main manoeuvre effort.<br />
  6. 6. Destroying the ambush<br />Each ninja should develop reaction drills to enable it to react to any type ambush, Rehearsed drills and real time situation with minimum amount of control.<br />Ninja thorough training and rehearsal is the key to success in destroying the ambush.<br />Two types of reaction drills which should be developed. These are reaction to be taken in the event the entire Ninja group is caught in an ambush and reaction to be taken when only a portion of the friendly Ninja group is caught in the kill zone.<br />
  7. 7. A Ninja Counter ambush checklist<br />Before moving:<br />Examine all intelligence data.<br />Request cover from Ninja snipers.<br />Make detailed Ninja attack support plans.<br />Safe routes.<br />While moving:<br />Take a forward observer, Ninja Scout. <br />Maintain communication with all elements.<br />Vary formation and time of movement.<br />Keep dispersed, Ninja formations.<br />Move in Bounds. <br />Use point and flank security.<br />Keep off roads and trails when possible.<br />Skirt open areas.<br />Watch for mines and booby traps.<br />Clear suspected areas.<br />
  8. 8. If the enemy is discovered:<br />Use Ninja snipers, and Silent weapons.<br />Call reinforcements if required.<br />Keep Sensei and Ninja leader informed.<br />Flank the enemy and attack.<br />Ambush, get information and withdrawal.<br />At all times:<br />Deny the enemy information <br />Expert an ambush<br />Rehearse reaction drills.<br />
  9. 9. Andre’s two step kill.<br />The two step kill is Basically, where your concealed Ambush position is no more than two foot steps away from the enemy.<br />You will be positioning yourself as close as possible to the routes of the enemy.<br />Make sure you have easy entrance and exits points in your concealed location. <br />Make sure you are comfortable in your position, if you are not this could effect your Ambush strike. <br />Consider not trying to ambush someone high up in a tree.<br />Use common sense and awareness.<br />
  10. 10. When you are in your concealed Ambush state, remember to think about some rules: <br />Shape and Outline. <br />Colour and Texture. <br />Shine.<br />Shadow. <br />Noise.<br />Scent. <br />Movement. <br />Basic Concealment rules the Ninja uses,<br />to keep concealed. <br />
  11. 11. During the daytime, movement is the first thing people see, and at night sounds are the first thing people hear. <br />Basic Ninja Rules for daytime Movement:<br />Movement must be well planned and slow.<br />Take advantage of noise such as Moving Vehicles, Bad weather and Loud Animals.<br />Avoid disturbing animals such as Cow, Deer’s, Dogs and Birds.<br />Moving near or over roads use ditches and Woodlines.<br />Try not to use open ground, if you can cruel along the deep tyre tracks from the tractors. <br />
  12. 12. Basic Ninja rules for Night Movement:<br />Ninja will always move in Bounds, Stop, Listen than Continue. <br />Take advantage of other noises.<br />Avoid silhouetting.<br />Avoid loose equipment.<br />“Don’t Run“ It makes to much noise and increases anxiety.<br />Only use night vision if needed and don’t look at lights. <br />
  13. 13. My basics on Ambushing <br />Andre’s Ninjutsu<br />
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