Trends january 2011


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Trends january 2011

  1. 1. Inspirational Trends January 2011PRESENTED BY ANDRA BARCHI • January 2011
  2. 2. TRENDS JANUARY 2011COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2011 While the 2010 color of the year, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, served as an escape for many, Honeysuckleemboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor. A dynamic reddish pink, Honeysuckle is encouraging and uplifting. It elevates our psyche beyond escape, instilling the confidence, courage and spirit to meet the exhaustive challenges that have become part of everyday life. it showed up on miles of spring 2011 runways, from Jil Sander to Valentino to DKNY. This signature pink also loved to pair up with other brights like aqua and orange or offering some bold contrast to more neutral tones like khaki and sand.
  3. 3. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Social Media Buzz
  4. 4. TRENDS JANUARY 2011For iPhone/iPad and Android lovers Gives information on thousands of attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping destinations along with offline mapping, directions, trip planning, augmented reality and trip sharing. Travel information for each city draws both from user-generated content and professional material and daily updates are provided for free. The mTrip Genius tool automatically creates personalized trip itineraries based on travel interests, trip dates, accommodation, pace preference and the ratings of other travelers; no internet connection is required. The augmented reality portion of the apps, meanwhile, superimposes points of interest onto the phones display, while offline map and location-based navigation can guide users by foot or subway.
  5. 5. TRENDS JANUARY 2011E-commerceDespite companies from Slowear to Hermès expanding their global retail presence during theupcoming year, bricks-and-mortar boutiques will face steep competition in 2011 from thee-commerce industry. With sales having increased by 11.4% over the first two weeksof November 2010 alone, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in retail. And,this year it’s the men’s market that will see the greatest change.Understanding the male consumer online will be a challenge. While men typically buy less frequently than the female consumer, they tend to spend more on each purchase. Source:
  6. 6. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Review a website, get a free review in returnCanadian Feedback Roulette offers websiteowners a quick, easy and free way to getanonymous feedback on their websites. Usersbegin by reviewing other participating websites;when they do, they are given feedback points fortheir reviews. Each point entitles them to receiveone review of their own website, which is beingscrutinized at the same time by other users.
  7. 7. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Together Bag: The Canvas Anti-Status SymbolThe novel idea of scanning eachsurface of the Birkin, then printing theimages onto an ordinary canvas totebag resulted in a humorous, yet eye-catching effect and are so appealingthat just like Hermès clients, you mustsign up on the waiting list if you areinterested in purchasing one.
  8. 8. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Flats are backGet Ready For The (Actual) Return Of The Pointed-Toe Flat Pump - fashion directors from department stores are heralding flat, sensible shoes for 2011. Whether its because they fit in better with apparel trends (like lower hemlines and boho sensibilities) or because women are tired of breaking their ankles, shoes like ballerina flats, no-pitch platforms, and—unfortunately—the "single- soled pointed-toe pump" (so says Lord & Taylors executive vice president of merchandising, Liz Rodbell) are getting snatched up by the Big Kids for our consumption.
  9. 9. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Intels Virtual Footwear Wall for Adidas Turns Boutiques Into Shoe-topias  Aubrey says a prototype store will likely roll out in about a year in the U.K. -- a country thats nearly as enthusiastic about e- commerce as the U.S., but close enough for executives from the companys European headquarters to keep a close eye on how the wall is working out. "Germany itself still lags a bit," in its appetite for online shopping, Aubrey says.
  10. 10. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Faceless Watch By Yiran QianThe Eye of the Storm is afaceless watch created bydesigner Yiran Qian andfeatures a button on its sidethat, when pressed,illuminates two lights on theouter frame to tell the time inanalog format. The conceptualwatch won a Red Dot DesignAward last year.
  11. 11. TRENDS JANUARY 2011PSFK Reporting From 2011 IMM Cologne On Design Trends Emotional Austerity
  12. 12. TRENDS JANUARY 2011PSFK Reporting From 2011 IMM Cologne On Design Trends Surprising Empathy
  13. 13. TRENDS JANUARY 2011PSFK Reporting From 2011 IMM Cologne On Design Trends Re-Balancing
  14. 14. TRENDS JANUARY 2011PSFK Reporting From 2011 IMM Cologne On Design Trends Transforming Perspectives
  15. 15. TRENDS JANUARY Becomes Intel’s Director Of Creative Innovation The world’s largest computer chip manufacturer announced the music producer and frontman for the Black Eyed Peas will contribute to the company by way of music and input in developing smart phones, tablets and laptops.
  16. 16. TRENDS JANUARY 2011What will happen next with Starbucks logo
  17. 17. TRENDS JANUARY 2011"Wood You Like a Cup of Tea" Pot
  18. 18. TRENDS JANUARY 2011MoMA Spring/Summer 2011 Preview, Part I
  19. 19. TRENDS JANUARY 20113 D Sidewalk Chalk Just when you thought 3D couldn’t become any more of a craze, Crayola releases its 3D Giant Chalk. Children and adults alike can bring sidewalk drawings to life because the set includes special glasses for viewing the image in 3D and instructions for how to use the chalk (wow, chalk now needs instructions). Warmer tones like red, yellow, and orange will float over the cooler hues (blue, green), creating magical art.
  20. 20. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Raindrop-Inspired Urban Watering Can  The Bas van der Veer studio has created the Pure Raindrop Mini, a simple rain collecting device equipped with an integrated watering can. Designed specifically to be used on balconies and for small urban gardens, the device offers a simple method of rainwater harvesting that helps to conserve tap water.  The Pure Raindrop Mini is currently being produced by the Dutch pottery firm Elho, and is sold at garden centers across Europe.
  21. 21. TRENDS JANUARY 2011H&M Quite an interesting approach, the Lanvin for H&M collection seems to never want to go away. Selected H&M stores are now offering a small collection called Waste, which has been made from fabric left over from the production of H&M’s designer collaboration with Lanvin. Several different fabrics have been used in the same garment to create new graphic and harlequin patterns.
  22. 22. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Melt Tags Clean Garments, Reduce WasteWinner of the 2010 Red Dot ConceptDesign, Sangbyum Kim’s Melt Tags re-imagine the hang tag, eliminating the use ofpaper and waste for a informative labelwhich melts in the wash. Attempting toreduce a tiny part of the 1.3 billion trees usedglobally in the production of paper products,the Melt Tag disappears in the wash,releasing a soap-like substance whichremoves starches and chemicals used totreat the garment in the manufacturingphase.
  23. 23. TRENDS JANUARY 2011A Wearable PlanterWhy should your plants stay athome? They help clean the airyou breathe, are beautiful, andcreate a wonderfulconversation starter. Carry asprout, a succulent, or a floweryou found on your morningwalk.
  24. 24. TRENDS JANUARY 2011A Harvard scientist has invented a devicethat allows people to inhale food vapors.Professor David Edwards’s Le Whaftransforms specially-prepared liquidizedfood essences into a cloud of tinydroplets in the goldfish-like bowl.
  25. 25. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Windows What they sell? Well lighting fixtures…
  26. 26. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Moschino London
  27. 27. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Communicating SALE: Desigual LondonA bit unprofessional Sale communication, or maybe lastminute decision…
  28. 28. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Communicating SALE: London
  29. 29. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Communicating SALE: London
  30. 30. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Christmas Windows: London
  31. 31. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Christmas Windows: London
  32. 32. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Christmas Windows: London
  33. 33. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Christmas Windows: London
  34. 34. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Christmas Windows: London
  35. 35. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Amazing Build-upAnimated window for M&S
  36. 36. TRENDS JANUARY 2011Louis Vuitton