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  1. 1. The only full-service agency in Brazil specialized in Games
  2. 2. ´´Brazil is probably thefastest growing games market in the World when it comes to total consumer spending´´ Peter Warman, CEO - Newzoo
  3. 3. The only full-service agency in Brazil specialized in GamesWHY BRAZIL?FULL SERVICETAMBOR MEDIATAMBOR COMPANY
  4. 4. WHY BRAZIL?• 5th largest economy in the World• 196 million Brazilians• Active internet users aged 10-65: 60 million• Active gamers: 40.2 million• Paying gamers: 21.7 million• 54% spends money on games• 4.3 game platforms per gamer• Console games are the highest grossing platform2012Number of gamers grew 15%Total time spent on games grew 14%Total spent on games on 2012:
  6. 6. OUR SERVICESWHAT WE DO: ROI-EFFECTIVE MARKETING AND PR• Business Development• Trade and Consumer Marketing• Creative Services• Media Planning• Public Relations• Social Media• Consulting
  8. 8. FULL SERVICETambor is SEGA of America´s right arm in Brazil.We get the ratings for the games, support thedistribution, create and execute marketing plansand do all Public Relations. We are proud tohave the trust of such a legendary company.
  9. 9. PUBLIC RELATIONSTambor has a very strong relationship with specialized andgeneralist press. We reach hardcore and casualgamers. When cutting edge german publisher Crytekdecided to launch its first mobile game, Tambor was chosenfor the public relations in Brazil. We got very good coveragein very little time. Fibble was game of the week at AppStore,and one of the top mobile games in our country in the period.
  10. 10. POINT OF SALESNobody understands more about marketing than Disney.That´s why Tambor was specially proud to be chosen tocreate their point of sales material. We created specialdisplays, posters and other retail and promotional itensfor Tron, Club Penguin and others.
  11. 11. CREATIVE SERVICESThe number one entertainment retailer in the country, andthe top games retailer, Saraiva is one of our top clients.Tambor does all the creative services for the GamesDivision: banners, online shop, print ads and more.We have also provided other services to Saraiva, such asa Saraiva Games Booth at a major consumer event.
  12. 12. INSTITUTIONALSince 1998, our team has been responsible for the monthlyofficial magazine Nintendo World. Licensed by Nintendo ofAmerica, it´s the only authorized Nintendo news channel inBrazil. Our personnel works closely with Nintendo teams onBrazil and the USA to generate buzz for the games and supportfor the marketing and sales. Tambor also runs the only officialsite in Brazil, www.nintendoworld.com.br, since 2002.
  13. 13. TOURNAMENTSWhen the leading retailer decided to get serious aboutgames, Tambor was hired to develop Brazil´s first nationalvirtual football cup. It was big: 10 cities all over the country,during 6 months altogether.Together with Brazil´s Digital Football Federation,we created and executed all the events and themarketing to support them.
  14. 14. TAMBOR MEDIAGAMEWORLD PLATFORM IS THELEADER IN GAMES CONTENT IN BRAZILTambor is more than a full service agency: we are alsothe leader in games content in Brazil, with: monthly magazines, EGW (Electronic Game World, since 2003) and Nintendo World (1998) digital platforms for web and mobile (GameWorld, Nintendo World and Heroi.com) GameWorld, Brazil´s pioneer video games expo, since 2004
  15. 15. EGWELECTRONIC GAME WORLDThe leading multiplatform magazine in Brazil since its launchin 2003, EGW is the most prestigious gaming media in thecountry, has the highest number of pages per issue, andis the leader in advertising.We focus on adult, affluent gamers, with a circulation of 30.000and 40.000 digital subscribers. EGW´s team is respected assome of the most influential journalists in the business.We publish content from PC Gamer and Edge Magazine monthlyon EGW, throgh an exclusive contract with Future Publishing.EGW´s web portal, www.gameworld.com.br, reaches over 1million gamers monthly.
  16. 16. NINTENDO WORLDThe official Nintendo magazine in Brazil, since 1998.The longest-running games magazine in the country, NintendoWorld is licensed by Nintendo of America. It is beloved by twogenerations of Big N fans, and have generated many spin offs,such as Pokémon Club magazine and manga series.Nintendo World is the only games magazine focused on ayounger audience. We reach over 100.000 Nintendo fans everymonth, with news, tips, strategy guides and all things Nintendo.
  17. 17. GAMEWORLD EXPOGameWorld is a trade show focused on electronic games.The 2002 show has attracted over 2000 professionals andover 20.000 consumers. More than 67.000 gamers votedonline for the GameWorld Awards. It all started with GameWorld Awards started in 2004. It´s still the only Games Awards in Brazil. Since then, the yearly event has grown in size and scope.
  18. 18. It´s now composed of three hubs:- GameWorld Awards Ceremony- GameWorld Business, a B2B event focusedon developers, retailers, publishers- GameWorld Expo, a consumer event.GameWorld was the launch platform for theNintendo 3DS and Sony´s PS Vita. It hasattracted top games creators, such as FinalFantasy´s Yoshitaka Amano. Past exhibitorsalso include Microsoft, AMD, NVidia, WBGames, EA, Sega, Level Up!, Logitech,Konami and many others.
  19. 19. GAMEWORLDAD NETWORKTambor has created the only Ad Network focused ongamers in Brazil. With a reach of over 3.5 millionconsumers, we reach virtually all hardcore gamers in thecountry. With top destionations such as Adrenaline, Kotaku,GameWorld, Nintendo Blast and Portal Xbox, advertisersare guaranteed to get the best ROI.
  20. 20. TAMBORWe help games companies do big businessin Brazil since 2007.We have the marketing chops.The PR contacts.The local expertise.And our own Media Brands and Ad Network.Business is good, and growing fast.WANT TO MAKE YOURBUSINESS GROW IN BRAZIL?LET S TALK.IT WILL BE AGAME CHANGER!
  21. 21. TAMBORCOMPANY PROFILEAndré MartinsCEOandre.martins@tambordigital.com.brAndré ForastieriDirector - Contentforastieri@tambordigital.com.brPriscila SantosCOOpriscila.santos@tambordigital.com.brIsac GuedesDirector - Business Developmentisac.guedes@tambordigital.com.brFounded: 2007Number of employees: 18 (March 2013)Phone / fax: 55-11-2369-0983Web: www.tambordigital.com.brTAMBOR DIGITALEdifício New Worker TowerAv. Marquês de São Vicente, 446Conjunto 1102São Paulo / SPCEP 01139-000Brazil
  22. 22. The only full-service agency in Brazil specialized in Games www.tambordigital.com.br