HTLV - DSS @Vilnius 2010


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HTLV - DSS @Vilnius 2010

  1. 1. The trends in IT Security innovationsArturs FilatovsValue Added Distributionheadtechnology Baltics SIALatvia, Lithuania and Estonia
  2. 2. headtechnology
  3. 3. Operations in The Baltic States Business Gateway Security Host Security Network Security Value Added Distribution Marketing & Sales assistance Technical & Integration Support Trainings Certification Business Network Managed Services &
  4. 4. 2nd of December, Vilnius, LithuaniaThe trends in IT Security
  5. 5. Security and time Mobility is raising, productivity is decreasing security Problems with InfoSEC – were, are, WILL BE moreEarly 90’s Year 2000 Year 2011• DOS applications • Complex aplications • ?• Passwords • Mobility + Productivity• Physical access • Passwords • Physical
  6. 6. Besides technology – problems with security Top 10 Security problems in enterpise 1. Yelow Posters 2. We know better than you 3. Leaving the machine on 4. Opening e-mail attachments 5. Poor password selection 6. Loose lips sink ships 7. Laptops have legs 8. Poorly enforced security policies 9. Failing to consider the staff 10. Being slow to
  7. 7. Key risks for shortlist End users – the weakest link Vulnerability – everyone vs. everything Data access and protection Black community makes it easy • for dummies • to hack passwords • P2P for software
  8. 8. Hall of fame in Latvia 99% Things we’ll never
  9. 9. Solution? Weak security is not an option! Too much of security makes no sense!
  10. 10. IT Security
  11. 11. Most important things Monitoring (systems, users, administrators) Vulnerability and EndPoints (done by Lumension) Encryption (in motion / during transfer / at rest) Agentless real time network visibility and
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Spectorsoft – Monitoring all Theft of confidential information Fraud & embezzlement Sexual or racial harassment Litigation by employees and outside companies Discrimination claims Illegal
  14. 14. How to use SpectorSoft? Maximize productivity Increase security Reduce liability Enforce
  15. 15.
  16. 16. PGP – Encryption Platform PGP Encryption Solutions 3rd Party SolutionsDisk and File Email Mobile Mainframe Commercial Commercial Custom Device Devices Hardware Software Applications Key Lifecycle Key Storage Authentication / Authorization Auditing Policy Management Reporting Logging Automated Operations and Provisioning PGP Encryption Platform Existing
  17. 17. PGP solutions PGP Universal™ Server Central Management of PGP Universal™ Gateway Email all products • User-transparent, gateway email encryption PGP® Desktop Email • Email, file, disk, & IM encryption PGP® Whole Disk Encryption • Laptop & disk security PGP® NetShare • Shared server storage security PGP® Command Line • Secure FTP/batch & backups PGP® Support Package for BlackBerry® All PGP products are based on • Mobile client software the PGP SDK, a mature FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic PDF Messenger module • Secure & Certified Statement
  18. 18. KNOW YOUR
  19. 19. Real time “agentless” network assesment Control & Enforcement Safeguarding the network’s security integrity by preventing network access from unauthorized and/or non-compliant Discovery elements. Comprehensive collection of data from ALL network assets, gathering complete, accurate and detailed continuous network intelligence. This unique approach provides always on, real-time network visibility acting as the foundation for the BSA solution. Remediation Identification of the corrective measures that must be put in place and fix inconsistencies with the security posture of assets attached to the network. Aligning the security configuration of assets with security best practices considerably reduces the enterprise networks risk of exposure. Audit, Compliance User Identity Profiling & Risk Analysis: Establishment and maintenance of user intelligence Automated security configuration auditing, by correlating between user identities and specific simplifying the process of conducting IP addresses. This improves audit controls, and network-wide configuration audits. This enhances regulatory compliance. It also significantly provides efficient security compliance enhances incident response by enabling locating tracking and auditing procedures. vulnerable and/or exploited hosts, and eliminating the manual efforts to track users.The Insightix Business Security Assurance (BSA) product suite is designed to detect, identify, profile, audit and control ALL devices connected to your network.
  20. 20. One to hundred
  21. 21.
  22. 22. @ the end Privacy is dead!
  23. 23. Contacts headtechnology Baltics SIA Innovative IT Security Solutions Value Added Distributor Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 31 Cesu str. 3rd floor, LV-1012, Riga, Latvia Phone: +371 674 21 021 Fax: +371 674 21 024 eMail: Internet: