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DSS ITSEC 2013 Conference 07.11.2013  - Accellion - The Secure File-Sharing Paradox

DSS ITSEC 2013 Conference 07.11.2013 - Accellion - The Secure File-Sharing Paradox



Presentation from one of the remarkable IT Security events in the Baltic States organized by “Data Security Solutions” (www.dss.lv ) Event took place in Riga, on 7th of November, 2013 and was ...

Presentation from one of the remarkable IT Security events in the Baltic States organized by “Data Security Solutions” (www.dss.lv ) Event took place in Riga, on 7th of November, 2013 and was visited by more than 400 participants at event place and more than 300 via online live streaming.



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  • INTEL - 23,500 BYOD, employees saving on average 57 mins (5 million hours in 2012)Federal agencies - 76% believe mobile devices increased productivity = 1 h 48 min per day (2013 Digital Dilemma, Telework Exchange)Mobile data access can help police officers save 30 minutes every day. (Deloitte: Gov. on the Go: Boosting Public-Sector Productivity by Going Mobile)Tablet users gain 66mins extra productivity CDW Tablet Poll Dec 2012
  • First a short intro to Accellion – based in Palo Alto with 2000+ enterprise customers representing 12 million + enterprise users and we focus on providing secure mobile file sharing solutions
  • At any one time in an enterprise company there are multiple office, suppliers, partners and customers. Typical projects highlighted in orange have many contributors involved from a variety of locations. If we were to highlight a couple of these projects we can clearly see the contributors and see the need for a central area or workspace to manage the workflow and content. The problem is that in the 1st and 2nd dimensions, these workspaces were behind a corporate firewall making it very difficult for 3rd parties to access them.
  • The cloud offers us a much simpler way for physically separated locations to collaborate together. Instead of worry about multiple connection types, you can focus on some key ones that are repeated e.g. SharePoint, File Shares, iPad, browser. Create a new access type? Integrate it once into the cloud! BUT what if you don’t want your content in the cloud?
  • Organization-wide support for mobile file sharing and collaboration via a wide-range of mobile devices, operating systems and platforms Extend existing IT investments by enabling secure mobile access to any documents within SharePoint and integration with MobileIron’s MDM solutionMaintain visibility into, track and report on all mobile file sharing activities to meet regulatory requirements
  • Started two years ago. They wanted to mobilize their wokforce and were a bit ahead of their time.They didn’t want to copy their SharePoint content to all devices.These requirements are very typical for most enterprise organisations, most of you want the same
  • This is the solution we developed for Verizon…At the core is the Accellion private cloud file sharing solution
  • Choose an architecture for your needs. Private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid. Build a policy that ensures the right people have access to the right data.Enable mobile for multiple platforms, BYOD is only going to grow, but don’t forget the PCCreate a culture of collaboration internally and externally. Be open - you don’t yet know all the ways this platform will be used.It’s ok to share, sensibly.

DSS ITSEC 2013 Conference 07.11.2013  - Accellion - The Secure File-Sharing Paradox DSS ITSEC 2013 Conference 07.11.2013 - Accellion - The Secure File-Sharing Paradox Presentation Transcript

  • The Secure File-Sharing Paradox Presenter: Date: Jes Breslaw Director of Cloud Solutions, EMEA November 7th, 2013 1
  • “….those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin “Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it.” Ursula K. Le Guin “Security is the chief enemy of mortals.” William Shakespeare
  • Accellion Snapshot • Founded 1999 • Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA • 1,900+ Enterprise Customers • 12+ Million Enterprise Users • Secure Mobile File Sharing Solutions 3
  • The Secure-Sharing Paradox Secure certain to remain safe and unthreatened Share post or repost (something) Collaborate work jointly on an activity or project
  • 1st Dimension - email Email • • • • • • VPN Collaboration over email All data resides behind the firewall Remote users on laptops using VPN Most work done on-site using PC’s Simple model Insecure & inefficient
  • 2nd Dimension - Portals SSL SSL Extranets & portals Email/IM • • • • • • VPN New ‘go-to’ locations on the web IM but still collaboration over email Remote users on laptops using VPN Content still behind the firewall Sharing improves Collaboration still insecure & inefficient
  • 3rd Dimension - Cloud
  • 3rd Dimension - Cloud • • • • • • Where does the content reside? Where/how do you secure the content? Who has access to what? How do you prevent content chaos? What’s the architecture? How do the systems integrate?
  • 1st & 2nd dimensions = ad hoc Law Firm Designs US HQ Agency Contracts Manufacturer Proposals European HQ Distributor Projects Remote offices Customer Prospect M&A Meetings Home workers Consultant Board
  • 3rd dimension = platform Law Firm US HQ Agency Manufacturer European HQ Distributor Remote offices Customer Prospect Home workers Consultant
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to Enterprise Content
  • Wessex Water Key Requirements: • Secure internal/external communications. Utilities 2000 employees • Access documents on mobile devices and tablets • Integrate into existing line-of-business SharePoint workflows • Centralized control and management “Accellion has many of the benefits of a cloud service while allowing us to retain our data on-premise to meet our own security policies and wider compliance requirements.” 12
  • London Borough of Camden Key Requirements: Local gov 8,500 employees • Improve productivity by allowing staff to work from anywhere • Reduce IT equipment costs by shifting from a PC-centric environment to mobile computing • Fostered happier employees by giving them the freedom to use devices of their own choosing for business-related activities • Data security, compliance and privacy controls “Now we have a solution that’s integrated with our MDM solution and SharePoint, allowing us to securely mobilize our most important content and make BYOD a reality.” 13
  • Verizon Wireless Key Requirements: • Access/edit docs from Android, BlackBerry, iOS) with corporate vs. personal device distinction and access controls. Telecoms HQ: New York 60k users • Collaborate on presentations, sales dos and proposals internally & externally with partners. • Secure end-to-end environment with controls, oversight and auditing capabilities. • Integration into existing enterprise systems; SharePoint, LDAP/AD, SSO, Email and DLP. 14
  • Verizon – Road Warrior Solution Private Cloud File Sharing Enterprise Content DLP MDM Archiving 15
  • User experience
  • Administration Enterprise-Grade Administration Tools • ECM and File Share access controls - fully integrated into Accellion Admin Console • Users, IT or SharePoint Admins can control site access 17
  • Cloud Deployment Options Private On-Premise Private Hosted Public Multi-Tenant • Virtual appliance • Full control • Full security, compliance • Single-tenant • Secure • Cloud agility • Multi-tenant • Cloud agility 18
  • Summary Secure Make the architecture fit your needs Share Enable secure mobile alternatives Collaborate Connect to your enterprise content
  • Resources Available • Gartner Marketscope on Enterprise File Sync and Sharing • ISMG 2013 Mobile Security Survey Results Visit www.accellion.com for more information 20
  • Thank You! For more information visit www.accellion.com 21