Marketing And Selling To Women


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Marketing And Selling To Women

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Marketing And Selling To Women

  1. 1. Marketing and Selling to Women Jody DeVere – President & Peter Martin – CEO, Inc.
  2. 2. Introduction - Jody DeVere & Peter Martin Jody DeVere is President of, Inc. and has more than twenty-five years of achievement in sales and marketing leadership, including ten years developing web-based business solutions across diverse industries. DeVere is currently the President of the Woman’s Automotive Association International, the premier women’s organization for women automotive professionals, a member of the Car Care Council Women's Board, and a member of the SEMA Businesswomen's Networking Association and Chairs the Motorsports committee for the United Jody DeVere Spinal Association. Peter Martin, founder and CEO of, Inc., has been engaged in a wide array of diverse adverting and marketing ventures ranging from introducing eMail Matching to the auto industry and pioneering the development of the first Video eMail Technology, to developing multi-channel marketing which incorporates Direct Mail, Direct eMail and telephony services to increase campaign response rates. Peter Martin
  3. 3. Training Objectives Overview & Program Outline Objectives: • Create awareness of the women’s consumer market • Strategies for Selling To Women • Learn how to increase loyalty • Learn how to position your product and services as solutions to her needs Program Outline: • Marketplace overview • Customer psychographics • Understanding gender differences • Selling Strategies • Q&A
  4. 4. Power of the Female Buyer Women buy the ‘majority’ of all new cars • They make more than 50% of all car purchases and influence over 85%. • The figure can be upwards to 60% and 90% respectively, depending on the brand.
  5. 5. Consumer Women Quick Facts • Women are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases • They account for 88% of retail customers in the U.S. • 62% of women vs. 32% men manage the family checking account • 46% of women vs. 42% men head up savings and investment accounts for their family. • 53% of women vs. 30% men create the family budget • Women buy the majority of all new cars • They make more than 50% of all car purchases and influence over 85% • 83% of women are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles • 85% of all CSI surveys are completed prefer to do business by women • 86% of women would with a company that has been trained in understanding the needs of female consumers.
  6. 6. Survey Says…… “According to a recent poll of 9800 women, conducted by CarMax, women say purchasing a vehicle remains a hassle.” Executives said “this year's study showed dealerships had made no improvement in women's biggest gripes in the buying process since the last time the poll was conducted in 2004. “
  7. 7. Survey says continued “A significant number of women continue to feel disadvantaged during the vehicle-buying process and prefer to bring along a man when shopping, according to the recently released survey by Capital One Auto Finance, Gender Rules of the Road. Nearly 7 out of 10 women said they feel at a greater disadvantage than men when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.”
  8. 8. How Women Work Women are relationship buyers and trust is a major factor for them. Women will pay up to 28% more for a product if she likes and trusts the sales person. Men are negotiators and mostly concerned with the deal. In most cases there is little or no loyalty.
  9. 9. How Women Work One of the biggest complaints from women is the impersonal nature of the process. Cars and Trucks are a commodity and the only lasting competitive advantage is the relationship.
  10. 10. Learning How To Sell To Women Understand the history Most women are intimidated by auto dealerships and may have had a bad experience in the past with sales and service or both.
  11. 11. Learning How To Sell To Women Understanding the shopping process: 8 out of 10 people are using the internet prior to going to the dealership 50% of these people are women Women tend to more research during the purchasing process.
  12. 12. Consumer Women Facts Most salespeople relate to Internet sales as a price negotiation but with women consumers there is an opportunity to sell based upon value.
  13. 13. What This Means For you Women are shoppers and do research. One of the advantages is that when she arrives at the dealership she is further along in the decision making process
  14. 14. Gender Communications Gap? Women can be attracted to a company’s products and services with an effective advertising campaign or marketing program, only to have the effectiveness undermined when they receive poor treatment or are misunderstood by salespeople. If a woman’s experience is not positive and she feels that she is not going to be respected, heard, understood, and appreciated, then she will be lost as a client.
  15. 15. Listen to her Women talk twice as much as men. Women talk to gather information, connect, check and maintain relationships, find their place in a group and feel safe. It is important that you allow her to express her concerns and do not try to answer her questions before she finishes the question. To make matters worse, she will not only lose interest in your product or service, but she will likely begin her own marketing campaign against you by telling her friends, family, and associates that you do not deliver.
  16. 16. Laws of Attraction • What do you sell that women want or need? • Where are women consumers? • What is your message to them? • What does your shop, employee and environment say to them? • Do you provide product education for women? • Do you hire women? • Do you budget for marketing and advertising aimed at women? • Do you track what they purchase?
  17. 17. Sales Tip #1 Find commonalities with her Look for opportunities to share feelings and be honest with her
  18. 18. Sales Tip # 2 Women are shoppers when they finally come into the dealership you need to help them connect with a vehicle and feel comfortable with the buying experience.
  19. 19. Sales Tip # 3 Look her in the eyes.
  20. 20. Sales Tip #4 During the sales process: Introduce her to people in the dealership and let her know how they will be assisting her in the future.
  21. 21. Sales Tip #5 Don’t rush her. Women do not respond well to the pressure close.
  22. 22. Sales Tip #6 Don’t assume she is not the decision maker.
  23. 23. Sales Tip #7 Follow up with her on her time and respect her time constraints
  24. 24. Sales Tip #8 Build Trust with her. Trust is something difficult to earn and easy to loose. Always accurately answer her questions and if you do not know the answer do not try to side step the issue. Let her know that you do not have the answer but you will find out for her.
  25. 25. Sales Tip #9 Establish a common ground. Men tend to check each other out to see who went to a better college, makes more money, drives a better car, it is part of our competitive nature. Women look for commonalties that will bring you closer together and foster a relationship.
  26. 26. MOST IMPORTANT TIP Do NOT interrupt. Women ask questions and you need to listen and do not interrupt. Do NOT interrupt Do NOT interrupt Do NOT interrupt Do NOT interrupt Do NOT interrupt Do NOT interrupt
  27. 27. Questions