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Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
Anaxtal Silicon Introduction
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Anaxtal Silicon Introduction


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. ANAXTAL Silicon, LLC
    • Introduction
    • Stephen R. Schultz, CEO
    • 1 (864) 477-0302
    • [email_address]
  • 2. Overview
    • Proprietary technology to produce silicon engineered for solar photovoltaic (PV) applications
    • Product cost 50% lower than current industry average with a premium granular format
    • Rapidly growing market for renewable energy and solar PV systems
    • Production of high purity silicon (99.9999% purity) for sale to silicon crystal growers and cell manufacturers
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 3. Problem
    • High cost has limited the market growth of solar photovoltaic power
    • Silicon is the largest single component in the cost of crystalline silicon solar modules
    • Photovoltaic system cost must be reduced to produce power at “grid parity” for the industry to achieve its potential
  • 4. Solution:
    • Anaxtal Silicon has technology to transform solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing by:
    • Reducing the cost of PV grade silicon
    • Enabling PV-cell manufacturers to integrate upstream into silicon production
    • Reducing capital costs by 90%
    • Substantially shortening lead times for capital expansion
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 5. Business Model:
    • Manufacture silicon granules for sale to crystal growers and integrated solar module manufacturers
    • Develop a robust manufacturing platform
    • Explore partnerships with integrated manufacturers for expansion with co-located facilities
    ANAXTAL Silicon Installed PV Systems Crystalline Silicon Wafers Cells Modules Silicon The Solar Photovoltaic Value Chain
  • 6. Technology
    • Feedstocks are cracked at high temperature to create high purity silicon
    • Enabled by proprietary silicon nitride liner technology
    • Reactor liner is created in place for purity and durability
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 7. Marketing & Sales
    • Direct sales of silicon granules to:
      • Crystal growers: single and multi-crystalline
      • Integrated solar PV module manufacturers
    • Granular silicon is a premium format:
      • Increased batch stability
      • Crystal growth efficiency improvements
    • Partnership with industry leaders to foster vertical integration
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 8. Competition
    • Siemens process developed for the needs of the semiconductor / electronics industry
    • Crystalline silicon is the industry standard
    • Thin film technologies – growing, but limited
      • Lower cost and lower efficiency
      • CIGS – copper, indium gallium diselenide
      • CdTe – cadmium telluride
      • a-Si – amorphous silicon
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 9. Management Team
    • Dave Witter – Founder and CTO:
      • Forty-six years experience in crystal growth and advanced materials technologies
      • Broad industry and academic experience with silicon and related fields
    • Steve Schultz – President and CEO
      • Twenty-eight years with Sealed Air Corp.
      • Demonstrated track record of developing high-growth businesses
    • VP – Operations and Engineering
    ANAXTAL Silicon
  • 10.
    • Questions?
    ANAXTAL Silicon Call Steve Schultz: 1 (864) 477-0302