3 D Technologies Integration In Internet Travel Services Based On The Modern Tourist Profile


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  • Also internet is one of the factors that provide to customers this information with its flexibility to carry a different kind of information provided (text, image, and video).
  • 3 D Technologies Integration In Internet Travel Services Based On The Modern Tourist Profile

    1. 1. 3D technologies integration in internet travel services based on the modern tourist profileC. Maganaris, D. Tsikogias, A. Kh. Talavari, A. Fotopoulos
    2. 2. Introduction• Tourism is a unique product, because “it is provided only as information to the client at the point of sale but cannot be tested before the final decision of its consumption” (WTO Business Council, 1999)• This creates the need for better information delivery to customers regarding their destination so they take less risk in their decisions
    3. 3. Percentage of people who used the Internet for services on traveland accommodation in 20 European countries Source: Eurostat, Information society statistics 2008
    4. 4. Modern Tourist Profile CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR OF TOURISTS IN THE DIGITAL AGEMore More More Flexible More More Prudent New New Types ofExperienced Independent Pretentious Markets Tourists-He has -He has -More direct. -He presents -He feels that -Growing -Newtraveled learned to The directly to the his choices are incomes aestheticseveral times make his own communicatio manufacturer being observed -The standards.-Are better decisions in n via PC is requirements and behave in a outsourcing Virtual andinformed front of the short and -Easier politically creates real world-Better PC screen clear market correct manner islands of coexisteducated -Assess the -Most active research. He -He is wealth in -From the 3-More variety. user. Rapidly looks for environmentally developing 3S to 3Eexperiences Accustomed changes opportunities sensitive. countries -Less tan,-He was to multiple environments -The plethora Respects and new more photostrained to learn choice and options of options diversity sources of for Facebookquickly -He seeks for -Makes increases the -He wants to tourist flows -The main-Users are something reservations consumer live thrilling -The purposeproducers and different and later surplus experiences in a digitally traveling isconsumers of unique -Due to easy -Direct secure illiterate leisureinformation -Searching for programming, contact environment tourists who -New classessimultaneously information or he tends to tourist- choose in the market-The portable new plan less no producer. He traditional segmentationdigital device experiences is drafts and knows who to markets -Reducedthat carries a way of life becomes complain to tend to socializationwith it the -The more -He wants to travel less opportunitiesconfidence to geographical unpredictable have control, -As and increaseimprove distance loses -On holiday is such as technology on the its meaning not resting, participating removes the frequency of -Limited role fun in digital barriers of trips. of -Flexible meetings traveling, intermediaries employment, the age short and composition more trips of tourists diverses -More Leisure timeSource: Rerres K. & Kafeza E. (2009), “Tourism in Digital Economy”, Research Institute for Tourism
    5. 5. Factors shaping the profile of modern tourists • The later ages generations are not1. The Age is the most familiar with the latest important factor in the technologies decision making • The millennium generation, has great use of new technologies, which affects their consumption habits, especially in the digital markets environment [Rerres K. & Kafeza E., 2009]
    6. 6. 2. From 3S (sand, sun, sea) to 3E (Excitement, Entertainment, Education)• In the postindustrial era, • In the new era (3E) the when the tourist profile of main causes of 3S was created, the motivation for new contact with water and journeys are:  Broaden the intellectual horizons sun symbolizes the return of the participant to an ecosystem that  The opportunities will be given to reminds nothing of an learn new things  The ability to communicate with urban landscape [Pappas N., 2011] other people  Live new experiences [Pappas N., 2011]
    7. 7. 3. Experienced consumers• Have the “know how” to organize better their holidays online• Have requested and received more information on what will meet at their destination way before starting the journey• Expect to find always something better than the last time• They believe that in the age of electronic commerce, producers must constantly offer new products with enhanced features at low prices [Pappas N., 2011]
    8. 8. Why 3D in tourist industry?Penetration of 3D technology in the market
    9. 9. Why 3D in tourist industry?• The advantage of the illusion of the third dimension may be beneficial in tourist industry• Tourism product can not be tested until the destination reach• Innovative actions of tourist companies are limited in marketing and interior design
    10. 10. Examples using 3D technologies in tourism• Advertising By using simulation packages clients will have a good perspective of the room or the view of their room LESS RISK FOR CLIENTS• Interactive tours Of museums or tourist exhibits reconstructions• Live streaming Of landscapes or places that are popular tourist destinations
    11. 11. Examples using 3D technologies in tourism• Digital 3D Maps (not like current technologies) Using 3D maps & GIS systems, tourists can plan a tour on their own, with a much more realistic way The advantages of 3D maps:  recognize the surrounding environment  are easier to comprehend and useful for information retrieval [Laakso et. al, 2003]
    12. 12. Conclusion• 3D technologies will enter in our daily lives in the near future• Need for better promotion of tourist services• Modern tourist is a much more experienced consumer, more organizational in planning vacations and seeking better information Tourism industry is a wide open area for the three- dimensional technology to apply on