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    Milestones Milestones Presentation Transcript

    • INTRODUCTIONTO UNDERSTAND THE PERCEPTION WE AREGOING TO DO A TOUR OF THE BRAIN:a) The brainstem is responsible for basic life support and controls heart rate and breathing, temperature and the digestion process.b) The cerebellum responsible for poise, balance and body positionc) Occipital lobe made up visual processing areas.d) The left temporal lobe dealing with sounde) The parietal lobe mainly with functions connected with movements, orientation and recognitionf) The frontal lobesdeal with the most integrated brain functions such as thinking, conceptualising and planning.
    • SENSATION, PERCEPTION AND COGNITION Sensation is the process through which sensory receptors detect information and transmit this information to our brains. Perception is the bridge between our concious mind and thte external world. Cognition is knowing through the formation, memorisation, and recall of ideas.
    • PERCEPTUAL SYSTEMIt has five functions: Inform Localise Determine Extract RetainDebate: innate/experienceInformation about changes in the environment arecontinuously being sent to the CNS.
    • MILESTONES BIRTH -Recognice mother’s voice -Her eyes follows something -She turns her head towards a light
    • MILESTONES ONE MONTH - She can focus on things about 20-25 cm away. -Tracking. - She can turn her head when she hears a noise
    • MILESTONES 3 MONTHS -She responds when she hears her name -Stephanie turns her head when someone else talks too. -She can recognice her mother’s face in a photo. -She discovers her own hands.
    • MILESTONES6 MONTHS - When her toys disapears she tries to find them. -She is starting to make sounds. -She has discovered herself in the mirror.
    • MILESTONES9 MONTHS -Her vocabulary is growing -She inmediatly stretches out to grap a small toy. -When she is finished with the toy, she has to just drop it.
    • MILESTONES12 MONTHS -She knows her own name. -Stephanie recognices familiar sounds. -She is getting to know different tastes. -she has an excellent visual memory.
    • QUESTIONS1. WICH IS THE FUCTION OF THE CEREBELLUM? a)it’s responsible for poise, balance and body. b)it controls heart rate and breathing. c)it controls the movements d) a and b are corrects
    • QUESTIONS2. WHEN THE BABY CAN RECOGNICE HIMSELF IN A MIRROR? a) at 3 months b) at 6 months c) at 9 months d) at 12 months
    • QUESTIONS 3. WICH OF THESE FUNCTIONS DOESN’T FULFILL THE PERCEPTUAL SYSTEM? a)they localise where objects are b)they determine what objects are c)they extract the relevant information from that received d)they formulate a response