How to Paint Dancers in Motion via Watercolor Paintings


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The presentation is of watercolor paintings of dancers in motion - the male dancer and the woman dancer.

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  • How to Paint Dancers in Motion via Watercolor Paintings

    1. 1. Anat MondshineThe Beauty in Dancers via Watercoloringanatinfo@gmail.com
    2. 2. Paintings by Anat Mondshine• I am a lover of watercolor paintings• I love the way the color behaves once it hitsthe paper• I love the way it spreads and has a mind of itsown• I love the surprise it offers as it fuses withwater or other colors• I love the smoothness of the painting sincebrushstrokes are not
    3. 3. Watercolor Painting – Blue DancersHere are 2 dancers – a man thatis flying through the air and awoman that is well grounded.They are a couple creatingharmony and beauty.The technique here is watercolorand ink on paper. Look closelyand you will see the small circlescreated by the blue
    4. 4. Watercolor Painting – Blue DancersHere are the 2 dancers again – aman that is flying through the airand a woman that is wellgrounded.But, is the man really there or isshe just dreaming / wishing /hoping that he is there.The technique here is watercolorand ink on paper. Look closelyand you will see the small circlescreated by the blue
    5. 5. Watercolor Painting – Male DancersWOW; what a couple! These maledancers are magnificent.Look at the harmony between them.The build of each male and muscletone is shown here via the use ofink.Ink is heavily used in this painting/drawing.When I look at this painting I seerespect – the respect that each ofthese dancers have for each
    6. 6. Watercolor Painting – Male DancerThese are 3 individual paintings of a Dancer’s Legs. All 3 in watercolor and ink.*The left most has a totally white background (sorry picture shows it as a faintblue).*The center is on a light grey background.*The right most has a dark grey background.*Here I played with the background to see how the muscles (physique) of thedancer stand
    7. 7. Watercolor Painting - DancerThese are 2 paintings in black and white of a male dancer where hisbeautiful physique is well highlighted.*One painting /drawing is on a white background.*The other painting/drawing is on a grey background.*Each painting was individually
    8. 8. Watercolor Painting – Lady DancersTwo lady dancers – one supporting the other.One painting is vibrant wit h color – again I make use of the blue.The other painting was to give more power to the black dancer.Two beautiful ladies!!! Two sensual ladies!!!
    9. 9. Watercolor Painting – Ballet DancersThis painting captures the rhythm of the dance between the woman andthe man.He is supporting her and she has fully surrendered into his strength.Here in this painting you can see how I master the ability to be veryprecise with how the paint will spread once it hits the paper.His arm!!! The light hitting his arm!!! Just
    10. 10. Anat Mondshine• Original Watercolor Paintings•••• Write for any information or comment;I would love to hear your