Proposal for implementing agra nii healthsol


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Proposal for implementing agra nii healthsol

  1. 1. g a raNii Technologies Healthsol BREWING I.T. WITH HEALTHCAREHealthcare Information Management System 1
  2. 2. g a raNii TechnologiesStatus : ProprietaryEstablished : Dec 2010Employees :5Healthcare Information Management SoftwareHardware & Networking, CC TV & Nurse Calling SystemConsultancy on ISO, NABH, NABL & NABBClients: City Central Hospital – Cardiac Hospital with 100 Bed Ravi Nursing Home – General Surgery & O & G With 100 Bed Sukshema Hospital – Onco Specialty With 60 Bed Deccan Hospital– General Surgery & O & G With 100 Bed 2
  3. 3. g a raNii Technologies• State of the art most advanced HIMS solution• Centralized management software• Controlling financial activities and monitoring all activities including administrative and clinical part• Advanced web enabled solution• To improve the existing system and give better and patient friendly result 3
  4. 4. g a raNii Technologies• Registration Management• Patient Management• Financial Management• Employees Management• Pharmacy Management• Store Management• Integration of HIMS with Financial, HR, Stores and Pharmacy 4
  5. 5. Pharmacy & EXIT Patient Registration g a raNii Technologies Payment Collection Reconsultation after for Registration Fees Service Executation &/or Consultance FeesService Executation Token Generation Service Payment Consultation & Collection Prescription Pharmacy Service Order & EXIT 5
  6. 6. Front Desk Management g a raNii Technologies• Patient Registration – Every Patient walks into the hospital will be registered and stored for easy retrieval of Data during Revisit / Re-consultation• Appointment Scheduling – Patients can Know the availability of Doctors and helps in fixing appointment• TMS – Generation of Token Number along with Approximate Time for Meeting Doctor in a specific Room• Bed Occupancy Statistics – Will Display the bed status like Occupied / Reserved / Maintenance / Emergency / Vacant, according to the floor / ward and allow the patient to choose there preferential bed• Personal Scheduler – Allows the Doctors to Plan the Day ahead, If time is blocked Tokens will not be generated• ID card generation – A Photo Identity Card with Bar Code is Generated for easy access of Patient Data 6
  7. 7. g a raNiiOP Management Technologies• Registration – By scanning the Photo ID Card of the patient registration is done to the particular doctor and the patient name is displayed on the QMS System• Billing – Related to registration, revisit and service charges for all financial application and collection of MRD Data.• Consultation – Doctor writes prescription on a regular paper with a pen which is captured as an image and stored for future reference. These prescription can be referred to other Doctors and can be viewed from IP also.• Service Request – The lab reports is directly accessed by the Primary Consultant, There is complete financial check on the service order 7
  8. 8. Data Archived Patient Registration Advance Payment / g a raNii Technologies Insurance Approval Physical Ward Discharge Allotment Final Settlement / In Patient Doctors Note Module Debit Notefrom Insurance Discharge Nurse Note Summary Operation Ward Theatre Management Scheduleing Anesthesia Records 8
  9. 9. g a raNiiIP Management Technologies• Admission / Billing – Depending on the type of patient the bill is designed, for Insurance, Corporate Credit facility is provided.• Case Sheet Management – Doctors Note, Nurse Note, Service Order, Treatment Chart, Discharge Request, Discharge Summary, Physical Discharge• Ward Management – (Admission, Discharge and Transfer)As the patient moves from each ward the billing patron is also changed• OT Management – Registration, OT Records, Anesthesia Records• Labour Management – Master, Registration , Baby Birth Chart 9
  10. 10. Doctors & Nurse Note g a raNii TechnologiesDoctors Note - Basic health record• Past medical history• Current medication; Computerized Provider Order Entry• Details of ailment including allergy, disability, chronic diseases, addiction, etc.,Nurse Note - Easy access to patient basic health records• Viewing of patient medication history & laboratory test results• Appointment for tests• Recording sample collection details• Generation of Service Orders by Service Points like Clinics, Wards, OT, etc.• Electronic processing• Service Order Tracking, including Service Point account for material consumption against Service Order, detection of material wastage, detection of loss of revenue at service point, etc., 10
  11. 11. g a raNiiOT Management Technologies• Maintenance of OT & staff calendar;• OT Scheduling including scheduling of providers & resources;• Material requisition;• Recording operation details like list of staff present, date of operation, start & end time of operation, details of procedure notes & nurse instructions, pre & Post operation care procedures, etc. 11
  12. 12. Blood Bank Management (WIP) g a raNii TechnologiesBlood Bank -• Blood collection, storage & supply from voluntary donors;• Maintenance of Blood Stock Register;• Maintenance of Donor Database;• Confirm availability for anticipated use (for operation, accident patients, etc.);• Capturing detailed information about blood samples;• Replacement of blood against borrowings;• Processing of service requests;• Maintenance of inventory / interface to existing inventory system, billing, etc.• Condemnation of blood, etc. 12
  13. 13. Electronic Medical Records g a raNii TechnologiesCollated & formatted information on patients, as required;Search on patient records by patient name, patient ID, etc.;Complete clinical data repository, capturing basic patient demographic details, medical history, consultations, diagnosis,laboratory reports, medical images, medical treatment records, etc.Built-in reports and user-oriented report-writing capabilities, etc. 13
  14. 14. Inventory Management (WIP) g a raNii TechnologiesSupplier DatabasePurchase Order TrackingGoods Receipt NotePurchase ReturnIndent SupplyIndent ReturnStock StatementBilling Integration 14
  15. 15. g a raNiiHR Module (WIP) TechnologiesEmployees DatabaseContract & Temporary Staff DatabaseConsultants DatabaseReferral Doctors DatabaseDoctor & Hospital Share InformationPay Roll ManagementLeave Management 15
  16. 16. g a raNiiFinance Module TechnologiesPatient LedgerConsultants Share LedgerJournal EntriesAccounts PayableAccounts ReceivableBank Reconciliation StatementInsurance Reconciliation StatementTrial BalanceProfit & Loss AccountBalance Sheet 16
  17. 17. g a raNiiReports TechnologiesMIS ReportsRegistration Fees StatementConsultation StatementService Collection StatementUser Wise StatementDepartment Wise Statement 17
  18. 18. g a raNiiEssential Standards TechnologiesInternational Statistical Classification of Diseases & Related Health Problems10th Revision (ICD-10) • Controls for ICD coding of discharge diagnosis detailsCurrent Procedural Terminology (CPT) • Support for coding of servicesClinical Physician Order Entry (CPOE) • Support for ease in data entry for physician, which helps in user adoption as well as ergonomics of the solution. 18
  19. 19. Application Architecture g a raNii TechnologiesApplication Architecture - Proposed implementation of HMIS is aimed atderiving benefits for the patient, doctor as well as administrator in more waysthan one. To site a few benefits - Patient • Computerized medical record • Preventive healthcare • Appointment booking on web, phone and mobile Physician • Online access to patient health records • Computerized prescription • Online referrals • Paperless virtual office Administrator • Optimum resource utilization • Computerized scheduling of staff and services • Online reports 19
  20. 20. Application Architecture g a raNii TechnologiesThe application architecture should be such that it has capability to deliver theexpectations of the University. Following are some of the salient points that aredesired from the architecture design: Scalability • New servers can be added dynamically to increase capacity , Load balancing can be used to ensure that the servers are proportionately utilized Performance • Application framework designed to ensure good performance Use of caching techniques Network Security • Data encryption , Firewall and DMZ provides security from outside attacks , Application level security in terms of user roles & responsibilities • Security must be addressed through OS security and application Security. Please give details of the security architecture for the following Log in security Network security , Operating System security , Application related security , Antivirus measures , Intrusion Detection measures , Intrusion prevention measures Availability • 24 x 7 availability 20
  21. 21. Third Party Integration g a raNii TechnologiesERP – Integration with ERP like SAP, Oracle, GP, Navision, AXBar Code – For easy and error free access of Patient data at various locationTake Note Pad – Converting Prescription into picture and store for future referenceDICOM – Towards integration of Medical Equipments for easy access and portabilityPACS – Towards better imaging solution. 21
  22. 22. ga raNii Technologies 22
  23. 23. Project Scope g a raNii Technologies Phases Project Particulars Coverage Time Line Solution Demo Product Demo Customer Feedback Analysis Customization Customization Training Customer Approval Trial Run Phase –1 Prepare and Setup “Go-Live” 1 Month environment “Go-Live” “Go-Live” Support Admission and Billing Module Prepare and Setup “Go-Live” Case Sheet Management environment Ward Management Training Phase – 2 1 Month OT Management “Go-Live” Laboratory Management “Go-Live” Support Training Blood Bank Management Prepare and Setup “Go-Live” environment EMR Training Inventory Management “Go-Live” Phase – 3 1 Month HR Module Support Finance Module Training Integration with existing ERP Prepare and Setup “Go-Live” environment Report Preparation Training Phase – 4 1 Month “Go-Live” Support Hand holding the users Train the Internal IT TeamOnsite / Off-shore Support Product related problem support Continuous Support Performance fine turning 23
  24. 24. g a raNiiProject Organization Technologies Steering Committee Team agraNii Team Client SPOC SPOC Functional Technical Support Support 24
  25. 25. Deliverables g a raNii Technologies • Client should provide all the inputs which are need to be in the Solution • Client should provide all the images & logo to agraNii for putting into the Solution • All the documents need to provide by soft copy format to agraNii team • Client should provide space for agraNii team during the time of implementation & training for the Solution • agraNii will provide the Solution related details in the soft copy format 25
  26. 26. Terms & Conditions g a raNii TechnologiesWarranty Terms • Warranty for the delivered product will be for a period of 6 months from the date of go live • We warrant that the software delivered by us will meet the requirements as specified in the proposal • This warranty will not include any further enhancement or customization requests from SSIMS.Maintenance Services • For a long term relationship with Client, agraNii will take the maintenance support for the Solution along with the future enhancement on TIME & MATERIAL basis based on the mutual discussion between both the parties.IPR • All the product or solution related IPR owned by agraNii & not transferable 26
  27. 27. Terms & Conditions g a raNii TechnologiesExclusion • All hardware and Networking require for this project • All System software includes OS, Database, special toolsLanguage of Communication • The official language for communication on this assignment will be English.Letter of Acceptance • As the first step for the assignment, Client will issue agraNii Technologies a letter of Acceptance along with the initial payment. This letter will refer to the proposal and confirm its acceptance.Project Co-Ordination • Client will provide timely clarifications and feedback sought by agraNii Technologies project team during the period of this assignment. Client’s Director will fix appointments with various Client personnel and provide local assistance to agraNii Technologies project personnel. 27
  28. 28. Terms & Conditions g a raNii TechnologiesChange Management Procedure • Any changes required for the deliverable must go through a formal change Management procedure. They should also be logged as Change Management Requests (CMRs) for which evaluation in terms of time, cost and effort will be conducted by agraNii Solutions and Client. Extra effort for such changes will be based on Time and Material basis.Status Reporting • The agraNii Technologies project leader will interact with the Client project co-coordinator on the progress of work and seek timely resolution in case agraNii Technologies team feels any lack of participation from Client. 28
  29. 29. g a raNiiTerms & Conditions TechnologiesForce Majeure • If the performance as specified in this proposal is prevented, restricted, delayed or interfered by reason of: • Fire, explosion, cyclone, floods; • War, revolution, acts of public enemies, blockage or embargo; • Any law, order, proclamation, ordinance, demand or requirements of any Government or authority or representative of any such government including restrictive trade practices or regulations; • Strikes, shutdowns or labor disputes which are not instigated for the purpose of avoiding obligations herein, or; • Any other circumstances beyond the control of the parties affected 29
  30. 30. Terms & Conditions g a raNii TechnologiesTermination • agraNii Technologies and Client will have the right to terminate the agreement resulting from this proposal by giving a one-month notice to the other upon situations arising due to non-compliance of the stipulations of this proposal. The termination notice will be held valid only if it is preceded by a corresponding non-compliance notice issued at least 30 days prior to the date of the termination notice and if the non- compliance has continued up to the date of the termination notice. • If agraNii Technologies issues the termination notice, then Client will pay agraNii Technologies all payments due to the on-going phase as of the termination date stated in the notice, including those for the proportion of work completed in the above phase, until termination. • If Client issues the termination notice, then they will pay agraNii Technologies all amounts due to the on-going phase as of the termination date stated in the notice as well as the payment that would have become due upon completion of the for the above phase encompassing the termination date. 30
  31. 31. g a raNiiTerms & Conditions TechnologiesAcceptance of Services • The steering committee consisting of top management from Client and agraNii Technologies consultants will review the progress on a regular basis. Fortnightly progress reports prepared by the agraNii Technologies team and Client coordinator will form the basis of these discussions.Additional Service Request • Any services not defined in the scope of this assignment, if required to be provided, would be communicated to the agraNii Technologies management and separate service agreement to be agreed upon. 31
  32. 32. g a raNiiContact Us Technologies Ananda Theertha Chief Executive Officer agraNii Technologies 310-B, 10th Cross, I.H.Township, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore 560 098 INDIA Phone: +91 99 01 999 424 / +91 98 45 324 012 E-Mail: Website: 32