Bangalore Graduate Constuency MLC Election


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Bangalore Graduate Constuency MLC Election

  1. 1. Are you a graduate living in Bangalore? Do you want to have a say in electing an MLC? Hurry! Register to vote on or before April 30th 2012!Your vote is influencial.Your vote counts in the MLC GraduateElection! These will be held in June ’12.Please register before April 30th.~ Dr. Ashwin MaheshRemember MLCs can:- Introduce a new bill as well as influence the bills Bengaluru Graduate Constituencyproposed by others E.g: Lokpal Bill, Karnataka  The constituency includes all of BBMP, BangaloreLokayukta Amendment Urban, Bangalore Rural and Ramanagar districts  Bangalore is one of the most educated regions in India!- Question the Ministers on their performance  Bangalore has an estimated 20 lakh graduates!E.g: Why has public money not been used prop-  In last election (in 2006) only about 20,000 voted!erly?- Raise critical issues of concern of the general Why is this crucial?public. E.g: Water Issues, Women safety, Road  This MLC is the only directly elected representativewidening of entire Bengaluru constituency!  We can elect a GOOD MLC by increasing graduate- Participate in debates, bring new perspectives voters by only a few percent!  Bangalore has a lot of gratuates. Eg: A company like- Represent the diverse voices of the state MLC Infosys, WIPRO has more 10,000 graduatescan be part of the government as a minister. Eg:  Even an MP is elected only by ¼ of Bangalore!!Our current CM is a MLC.  Less than 1% of graduates voted for the winning candidate  Remember! Voters being graduates CANNOT be bribed by money or alcohol.Only 7 of 75 MLCs are elected Karnataka is one of the six states that has a Legislative Council. Council’s function for a state is similar to that ofby Graduates! Karnataka Legislative Council / Rajya Sabha in the parliament. Maximum size of theVidhan Parishad is composed of 25 elected by MLAs, 25 council is 1/3 of the size of assembly. Council is a perma-elected by local bodies, 11 appointed by governor, 7 nent body and is never dissolved. 1/3rd of the memberselected by teachers and 7 elected by graduates. retire every 2 years.Register to Vote! Now!If you are living in the constituency, with a graduate degree (before Nov1, 2008) from ANY university in India; Register to Vote! Now!
  2. 2. How to register? - Only graduates can vote in this election! - Usual voter ID card will NOT do!Hurry! Register to vote on or before April 30th 2012! 1. Fill out TWO COPIES of Form18 >Remember to Sign the forms!Get the form at or call us at the numbers provided at the bottom of this sheet. 2. Attach a copy of your degree certificate >Self-attest it If you are registering in person: Carry original degree certificate for verification along with the packet. If you are registering by Post: Get your copy of degree certificate attested by a Gazetted officer such as: All the officers of the rank and above Tahsildar.  Deputy Commissioners/ Assistant Sub Inspector  Commissioners/ Commercial Tax Inspectors/ Under Forest Officer secretaries Assistant Engineer from BWSSB/ BBMP/ BESCOM  Deputy Director of Public Instructions (DDPI) / BEO Customs officer (Block Education Officers) Govt. College principal or Lecturer (Permanent)  BDO (Block Development Officer) IAS and KAS officers  Doctor of a Govt. Hospital 3. Attach your address proof > Self-attest itPhoto copy of tion Bill for that address, either in the name of the Current Pass Book from Bank / Kisan / Post Office applicant or that of his / her immediate relation Applicant’s Ration Card / Passport / Driving License like parents etc.  Postal department’s posts received / delivered in / Income Tax Assessment Order Latest Water / Telephone / Electricity / Gas Connec- the applicant’s name at the given address. 4. Submit these documents > In person or by post If you are registering in person: If you are registering in person: Find out a registration center near you at Mail it to the following address. or call us at the numbers Central location:provided at the bottom of this sheet. Sri S.N. Jayaram Electoral Registration OfficerCollect your acknowledgement of the form; make Office of Regional Commissioner, 2nd Floor,sure it is signed and sealed! B.M.T.C. Building, K.H.Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore – 560 027