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Guide to keywords research
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Guide to keywords research


Tried to elaborate basics of keywords research in easy way so beginners and intermediate can understand and apply to their SEO projects.

Tried to elaborate basics of keywords research in easy way so beginners and intermediate can understand and apply to their SEO projects.

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  • 1. Guide to Keywords Research Date: 6th April 2013
  • 2. Basics of Keywords Research• What are the Keywords?• Type of Keywords?• How to do research!
  • 3. What are the Keywords?• Keywords are just user’s typed search queries to get desired results through search engine.• Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field.• Keywords is not only about getting visitors to website, but need to bring right kind of visitors.• Selection of accurate keywords are vital to run any SEO campaign successfully.
  • 4. Type of Keywords?• To learn something(textual and digital)- For Example, how to make pizza, keywords research checklist etc..• To buy or explore- For Example, buy mountain bicycle, 8 mbps broadband plans
  • 5. SEOs think this way…• Popular/Broad Keywords (iPhone, Furniture)• Niche/Medium Keywords (iPhone Marketing, Garden Furniture)• Straight Forward/Long Tail Keywords (iPhone App Marketing Company, Garden Chairs and Center Table)
  • 7. There are two ways to do thisAsk Yourself? Use of Keywords Research Tool• Do sketch work, write all the • Google Adwords’ Keyword possible keywords that strikes Tool initially in your mind for the pages. • Google Trends Keyword• Will searcher get what they Demand Prediction are looking for on your site.• Will searcher feel happy what • Google’s Related Searches they find on your site• Will those keywords lead • Google’s Auto Complete searcher to act upon as Buy, Instant Suggestions Subscribe, Inquire, Contact, download, Signup etc..
  • 8.  OrSeeps Keywords Research Checklist
  • 9. Before using any tool Shortlist important pages of website and assign priorities. Brainstorm 2 or more keywords for a targeted page. Write down similar keywords that Google suggests you when you type your brainstormed keywords. Don’t forget to look in to Googles related searches for your brainstormed keywords for each targeted page
  • 10. Using Keywords ToolSettings to do: Match Types: Select Broad/Exact (Based on needs). Word or Phrase: here you need to put all the variation of brain stormed keywords(Your own list of kws, Google’s related searches, Google Trends). Website: put targeted pages link. Check Box: Only show ideas closely related to my searches(select it, based on needs). Set Country of Website and its language. ---------------------------- First, shortlist keywords through "My Ad Group Ideas“ (This will help you to categorize list of keywords). Second, choose keywords from "My keyword Ideas" (To explore more keywords ideas). Make sure for each page you have at least Up to 10 researched keywords to present in front of client. Make sure you discover High, Medium and Long Tails as all combination for each page.
  • 11. Reporting FormatURL: http://www. websiteofparcelbooking.com/ Local Monthly Global Monthly ## Keywords Suggestions Competition Searches (United Searches Kingdom) ↓ 1 courier delivery 75.00% 301000 60500 2 delivery courier 75.00% 301000 60500 3 parcel uk 64.00% 74000 60500 Other reference: http://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo-chapter-6/
  • 12. Presented by Anand Umraniya Co-Founder of OrSeep Twitter @OrSeep