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Work from Home Business Opportunity from Herbalife.
Imagine You could Change Your Life so you ...

Work from Home.
Work for Yourself.
Earn Extra Income.
Work at something worthwhile helping People Live Healthier, Active Lives.
Work the Hours you prefer around Your Lifestyle
For more details or for registration of webinar, write to:

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  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt Maintaining a good level of health requires us to follow a few basic rules to help the body function optimally: - drink 8 glasses of water during the day to keep the body adequately hydrated; - consume an adequate amount of protein at each meal time (between 15-25g depending on body size) - eat at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day; - consume 35grams of fibre, equivalent to approximately 25 slices of wholewheat bread! - avoid sugar -saturated and fatty foods (especially animal fats); - avoid over-processed and ‘ fast’ foods - reduce alcohol to a minimum - quit smoking Let’s demonstrate how difficult it is nowadays to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Would every body please stand up. [GO THROUGH EACH POINT ON THE ABOVE LIST] : … stay standing if you drink 8 glasses of water EVERY day …stay standing if you eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables EVERY day …stay standing if you think you eat the recommended 35g of fibre EVERY day …sit down if you regularly eat sugary or fatty foods [THOSE LEFT STANDING (if any) CAN BE CONGRATULATED] Very few of us manage to ‘ stick to the rules’ every day. This is why nutritional supplementation is nowadays so important in helping us make up for our poor ‘habits’. Unfortunately, even those of you who strive to stick to the rules may not realise how just seriously ‘external’ factors affect day to day health...
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt The panel had to first decide on the various topical areas where the evidence should be considered. The evidence model shown here points out those areas: This portion of the model pertains to the evidence on the effects of treatment strategies on the overweight patient. For example, as a result of treatment what happens to weight, abdominal fat, and fitness? And, consequently, do these changes affect cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and ultimately cardiovascular morbidity and mortality? Each of the arrows represents particular questions that the panel wanted to consider.
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt Do you suffer from water retention ? Do you sometimes feel bloated ? Do you have orange peel skin ? Formula 3 is a special herbal complex tablet with added vitamin C and iron. The botanical ingredients have three specific tasks: 1. to assist in reducing water retention; 2. re-stabilize the body’s fluid balance; 3. which in turn can help in smoothing the appearance of orange peel skin and reduce centimetres. Formula 3 takes some of the hard work out of trying to improve your figure/shape. The herbal complex encourages the body to produce more water flow. The added Vitamin C helps replenish any that may be lost due to increased water flow. Vitamin C is also a vital anti-oxidant nutrient, which assists in the body’s ability to absorb iron. RECOMMENDED USE: Take one tablet with meals three times a day.
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt Your Herbalife business starts with an International Business Pack It’s literally a Business in a Box!
  • US English_STS CD 02/03/13 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt One of the most important items in your International Business Pack is your Distributor Application Form. This is your contract with the company and allows you to start your own business. Very important to fill in all the details carefully: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Once you have completed and signed the form you can order products, begin your retailing and recruiting activities. Send off your completed form straight away.
  • Great Business Opportunity

    1. 1. Welcome to Herbalife Opportunity Meeting The Solution
    2. 2. Thank You for yourtime for the next 40minutes. Your Success Mentor Swathi Anand Kumar. For any details please contact healthcaresolutionsonline@
    3. 3. 3 Kinds of Works & Profile• Customer Service• Distribution & Teaching• Supervision Work from home • Work on phone/ internet or such simple tools • work part/ full time • work in leisure time • No door to door sales, but sharing/ recommending business • No selling of the products, but selling the results
    4. 4. Hospitals & doctors representsickness health, not wellness
    5. 5. Sickness is Defensive, Wellness is Offensive!
    6. 6. The Next Global Trend - Wellness Paul Zane Pilzer. Economist, Author, Millionaire, Former Advisor to President of USA. Predicts the Wellness Industry will grow from a US$200 Billion Industry today to over US$ 1 Trillion by 2010!
    7. 7. The Herbalife OpportunityYou are in the right place at the right time!
    8. 8. Herbalife International Today• In business for 33 years, In India since 13 years, in major metros.• 86 countries• Net annual sales of Rs. 16,000 crores + , 3.5 Billions in annual sales• World leader in wellness industry & premier company in weight management• 7 crore + clients,• 1.5 million + distributors• Pioneer in meal replacement• Member of IDSA, 3rd Company in world, HBN
    9. 9. Herbalife Int’l – Listed on NYSE! 16 Dec 2004. Officially listed on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSC)!
    10. 10. Herbalife India • Operating since 1999 • Over 30,000 distributors • 20 sales centers • 30 warehouses • Member of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA)
    11. 11. Herbalife India • Operating since 1999 • Over 30,000 distributors • 20 sales centers • 30 warehouses • Member of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA)
    12. 12. The Dream TeamHerbalifeMichael O. Johnson C.E.O.Former President of Walt Disney International for 17Years Dr. David Heber Chairman of Dr. Louis J Ignarro Herbalife Medical Advisory Board Scientific Advisory BoardDirector of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition. 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Lab on the Campus of Dr. Louigi Dr Mario Rosenberg Dr. Janice E. Gratton M.D, Thompson Dr. Kim Krumhar U.C.L.A. PhD, CNS M.P.H M.D, Clinical Chief PhD
    13. 13. Great products and home based services create great incomeGreat productslead to greatincome opportunities
    14. 14. Analyse your lifestyle. Ask yourself... Stress Tea/Coffee Alcohol Smoking Overweight Sweets/Snacks
    15. 15. Doctors say The #1 complaint is fatigue• 70% of all doctor visits are due to diet related conditions• 50% of these can be prevented with good nutrition & lifestyle improvement
    16. 16. What is Food & Nutrition?Food is what we eatwhen we are hungry andeven when we are nothungry!Nutrition is what our bodyneeds on a daily basis tostay healthy
    17. 17. Foods depleted of nutrients...Due to improper methods of: • Growing • Storing • Cooking
    18. 18. Food vs. NutritionLET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE & NOT MEDICINE THY FOOD HIPPOCRATES, 400 BC. Nutri t ion Food All nutrition is from food we eat but all food is not nutritious
    19. 19. Our daily ‘normal’ food EXCESSES Salt, sugar, fats,calories,Even pollution, stress, chemicals carbohydrates Vitamins & minerals, protein, fiber, water DEFICIENCIES
    20. 20. World Health Organization says5 lifestyle diseases:• Type II diabetes• Heart diseases• High blood pressure• Stroke• Certain forms of cancerObesity increases the risk for allthese diseases Obesity has become a global epidemic!
    21. 21. Indian Health Scenario• Every 4th Indian is either a diabetic or at risk of developing diabetes• Every 4th Diabetic in the World is an Indian!• 30% men and 50% women in urban India are overweight• Indians are 3-4 times more prone to heart diseases• Childhood obesity is on the rise
    22. 22. Global Obesity EpidemicMain Causes of Obesity, A Global Epidemic • Fast Foods • Hawker Foods • Processed and Instant Foods • Air, Land & Sea Pollutions • Stressful Life • Fertilizers and Pesticides
    23. 23. India-Sickness Capital of the World? ks! Attac HO a rt :W to He ur rce ce So Ra Strikes 2-3 ne Pro times st higher than: Mo s- ian •Americans Ind •Europeans •Africans •Chinese •Japanese
    24. 24. If you are overweight by only 10kgs, your heart has to pump excess of 1050 liters ofblood/ day. Imagine what happens to an over- used heart! AYUR-AROGYA- AISWARYAM, HAPPINESS, RECOGNITION AT ONE PLACE
    25. 25. Evidence Model for Treatment of Overweight and Obesity Noncardiovascular Mortality and MorbidityOverweight Individual Cardiovascular Mortality and Morbidity Cardiovascular Disease High Blood Dyslipidemia Glucose Pressure Intolerance Abdominal Fat Weight Fitness Assess ( Kcal Out ) Treat ( Kcal In )
    26. 26. Why Herbalife products?• For Nutritional problems• For Obesity related problems• For wellness related solutions
    27. 27. Formula 1- Nutritional Shake Mix Ideal meal replacement!• Soy protein based• Packed with vitamins and minerals• Rich in essential antioxidants• Provides high quality dietary fibre• Low in calories, fat & sodium• Scientifically designed food supplements that gives nutritional benefits of a meal without overloading on calories, fat and sugar• Provides optimum protein and essential vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy• Convenient solution for weight management! 25 g of soy protein a day, as a part of a low fat, low cholesterol diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease – US FDA
    28. 28. Formula 2 - Multivitamin Mineral & Herbal Tablets• Supplements Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix• Provides antioxidants• Aids in detoxifying Helps provide key ingredients our daily shopping forgets!
    29. 29. Formula 3 – Personalized Protein PowderBest quality soy protein isolate & whey proteinProtein is needed daily• Vital for growth & development• Maintenance of muscle & tissues, because of Whey protein, rich in cysteine and methionine, which are vital to muscle developmentPerfect protein supplement to your daily diet!
    30. 30. “CELL ACTIVATOR” • Helps activates cells to perform better •Increases vitality & energy •Decreases fatigue •Helps absorption of nutrition • Helps energise body cells • Rich in powerful antioxidantsGreat for good health at the cellular level!
    31. 31. Activated FibreBenefits of fibre:• Cleanses the system• Gives feeling of fullness• Reduces fat absorption• Assists in lowering blood cholesterol• Stabilizes blood sugar levelsTerrific support to weight management!
    32. 32. DinoShakeBalanced Nutrition for childrenIdeal protein supplement:• Has the highest protein content per serving• Contains essential vitamins & minerals• Is low in sugar & fat• Good for bone growth & brain growthA must-have for all growing children!
    33. 33. Aloe PlusBest Aloe Vera extract with added herbs • Immune booster • Stomach sootherGreat for digestion & long-termGood health!
    34. 34. Cell-U-LossA herbal blend that helps fight cellulite! • Vitamin C – antioxidant • Potassium • Reduces orange peel effect • Reduces fluid retention
    35. 35. AFRESH – ENERGY DRINK MIX • Containing Guarana seed extract and Orange Pekoe extract with lemon flavor & in Peach Flavor • For refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating • Can have cold or hot • Easy to make any where any time • Low in calories
    36. 36. To make ShapeWorks Shake =STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 Enjoy aTake 3 Add to 240 Add in 1-2 Add a bowl Blend well deliciousscoops/ tbsp ml chilled tbsp of fruit of andFormula 1 skimmed Personalized your choice nutritiousNutritional milk or Protein shake!Shake Mix fresh fruit Powder as juice recommended
    37. 37. Weight management with Herbalife WEIGHT LOSE MAINTAIN GAIN Shakes 2 1 3 Tablets 3 3 3 Meals 1 2 3 Water 2 litres+ 2 litres+ 2 litres+ How to use the products
    38. 38. Introducing NouriFusion™• New MultiVitamin Skin Care line• Basic nutrition and basic care for skin• Protection from environment• Products are a fusion of science and nature
    39. 39. Key Ingredients • Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E • Skin-enhancing botanicalsFPO • SPF 15 sunscreen in moisturizers for UVA/UVB protection • Improved product texture, look and feel
    40. 40. Nourifusion on the ramp by top models in India…
    42. 42. Herbalife RESULTS
    43. 43. Mr. Pratap Rao, lost 18 Kgs, prevented bypass surgery
    44. 44. Ms.Bhavana gained 6kgs
    45. 45. Mr. Vijay Vardhan Reddy, Nizamabad gained 10kgs
    46. 46. Cynthia lost 18kgs
    47. 47. 83kgs
    48. 48. Mr. Sudarshan 12kgsMrs. Vineela Sudarshan 15kgs
    49. 49. Mr. Dasaradha Reddy, gained 8kgs Mrs. Charitha Reddy lost 16kgs
    50. 50. Mr.Vinay Kumar, from Guntur, lost 20kgs in 3 months
    51. 51. Herbalife Delivers Results!
    52. 52. Subhan RubimanLost over 40 kg & still losing!
    53. 53. Result Testimonials IDA Lost 15kgs
    54. 54. Result Testimonials Yu Kip
    55. 55. More Testimonials… 7 crore + documented satisfied customer base – about half of a state like Andhra Pradesh population as the satisfied customer base through out the world.
    56. 56. Disclaimer•The views expressed are that of individuals•These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease•No Medical Claims; Only as a good nutrition.•Guarantee only for Weight Management
    57. 57. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Products Clarification • Any Side effects? • Do I bounce back? • Obesity clinics lose weight? • Costly? • Guaranteed? • Skin becomes loose?
    58. 58. Apollo ResearchConfirms once more
    59. 59. Doubts you might have….• Why these products are not advertised by Models like Amitabh Bachan, Sharukh Khan & Aishwarya Rai?• Why these products are not sold across the pharmacy shops/ Medical Shops/ Grocery Shops/ Super markets?• Why these products are not given huge Advertisements?
    60. 60. Direct Selling Industry – Made Maximum Millionaires in the WorldManufacturer Traditional model 21st Century ModelInternational ManufacturerDistribution Rights Advertising costs, No Advertising costs, Office No Office DistributorNational level establishment establishment costs,Distribution Rights costs, staff No staff salaries, No salaries, inventory Consumer inventoryC&F Agent maintenance, maintenance, No separate separate accounting,Super Stockiest accounting, many Not many overheads, overheads, many Not many headaches headachesStockiestWholesalerDistributor Retail Revolution, Intellectual Distribution, Physical Distribution, Cutting down the costs ofRetailer distributionConsumer
    61. 61. Business Philosophy
    63. 63. Wear Promote Products Wear your button Use surveys Advertise Provide samples for potential customers Use sales tools
    64. 64. Talk Share your weight-management results or your income-success story Button response Make presentations Hold house parties Contact your circle of influence Know your stories & facts and be ready to discuss them
    65. 65. Your Circle of InfluenceHow to find the Customer YOU
    66. 66. …and Your Casual Contacts
    67. 67. Button
    68. 68. Retailing Strategies• Banners• Paper Advertisements• Presentations/ Shake Parties (eg. house parties)• Health Camps/ Wellness Evaluations• Surveys• Flyers/ Pomphlets• Samples• Nutrition Club• Total Plan – Referrals• Weight Loss Challenge
    69. 69. Assemble your Presentation Book
    70. 70. Give Cds • Customer Cds • Testimonials Cd • Apollo Hospital Cd
    71. 71. Innovative Ways of improving your Biz • Marriage Bureaus, Marriage Brokers • Diagnostic Clinics, Medical shops • Sweet shops, Chicken shops, • Beauticians, Ladies Tailors, Barber shops • Doctors – Diabetic, Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Physiotherapists, Heart Specialists, Fertility Clinics etc.
    72. 72. Working on phone in your spare time, working from home …•On Phone/ Mobile receiving enquiries and replying to people who show interest in products/ business•Mostly incoming hence not much costly• On Phone/ Mobile receiving enquiries and replying to people who show interest in products/ business
    73. 73. WORKING ON INTERNET•WORKING FROM HOME•WORKING IN YOUR SPARE TIME•PART TIME WITH FULL TIME ATTITUDE• On Phone/ Mobile/ internet receiving enquiries and replying to people who show interest in products/ business
    74. 74. Working on phone/ internet in your spare time, working from home …• Customer Service (Doing health check up, designing the program, making a sale, follow up of customers (takes not more than 1 hour per week for 10 customers)).• Distribution (to distributors of products either from company or from your stock, ordering, delivering, issuing receipts, maintaining inventory etc takes not more than 1 hour for 10 distributors per week’s requirement) & Teaching (Training what you do)• Supervision & Management (Supervision/ Management of your distributors/ organization such as training, calling, motivating, informing latest promotions, events, conducting meetings, opening new places, etc takes not more than 1 hour per day)
    75. 75. Income and Compensation Plan
    76. 76. The International Business Pack• Business in a Box• Opportunity to operate business in 65 countries• Qualifications etc• At subsidised prices• Right time now, to sign up because of promotions on the occasion of 26th Anniversary
    77. 77. Completing the Distributor Application Your Business Passport
    78. 78. International IndependentDistributor •Can do Customer Service, while working from home, working on phone •Enjoys a profit of about Rs. 1000/- on one Shapeworks Ultimate X 10 Cust. = 10,000/- in first month it self. •Will be promoted to become S.B. in the same or sooner months.
    79. 79. The Sliding Scale 50% 42% 40% 38% 35% 30% 25%
    80. 80. International Independent International. Distributor Success Builder •Can do Customer Service +•Can do Customer distribution working from homeService, while •Enjoys a profit of about Rs. 1750/-working from home, on one Shapeworks Ultimate X 10working on phone Cust. = 17,500/- in first month it•Enjoys a profit of self.about Rs. 1000/- on • Can also recruit distributors andone Shapeworks get whole-sale income of Rs.750/-Ultimate X 10 Cust. per Ultimate X 10 cust/ dist x 10= 10,000/- in first dist/ per month working = 75,000/-month it self. per month•Will be promoted to • Basically a distributor withbecome S.B. in the common sensesame or soonermonths. •Will be promoted to become Supervisor in the same or sooner months.
    81. 81. International Supervisor•Can do Customer Service + distribution + Eligible to receive:Supervision while working from home • 50% retail profit•Enjoys a profit of about Rs. 2,150/- on • Up to 25% wholesale profitone Shapeworks Ultimate X 10 Cust. =21,500/- of retail income in first month it • 5% Volume Rebate/ Royaltyself. incomes• Enjoys a whole-sale profit of • 2% to 7% Bonus – MonthlyRs.1,10,000/- for 10 of his distributorswho get 10,000/- each and for just & Annual from TAB teamdistributing stocks to them while working • Eligible to attend National &from home. International level trainings•Will be promoted to become World • Eligible to qualify forTeam/ Active Supervisor in the same orsooner months. National & International• Is like a team leader, manager working/ Vacations.coordination on phone • Special Offers
    82. 82. Global Expansion Team
    83. 83. Millionaire Team
    84. 84. President’s Team
    85. 85. Step-up to success Chairmans Club President’s Team Millionaire Team Global Expansion Team World Team Active Supervisor Supervisor Success BuilderDistributor
    86. 86. FAQs on Business Aspects• Is it a Chain business? Is it a quick- rich scheme? Is it legal? • Success is assured? • Is it door to door selling? • Can the products are middle-class friendly? • Is the income is a white income?• How about the trainings & support?
    87. 87. Business Basics• Profits Vs Wages• Enjoying Multiple Incomes• Working hard Vs working smart• Exploiting the concept of leverage.• Right company, Right Time, Right place !• Unique, Consumable product – no competition, repeated customers!• Vast expanding market, in the trends.• Enjoy financial freedom- you only can limit your income.• Part of large trends! Wellness Revolution & Retail Revolution
    88. 88. Superior Business Strategy • Work from Home – no over heads • Work part-time/ full-time in your leisure time • Be Boss of your own organization • Internet Marketing- you can invite national & international business sitting from home • Phone Contacts, working from kitchen for women/ drawing room for men. • Win-Win for all stake-holders • Making friends • Enjoy Multiple Incomes
    89. 89. Your Success 29 years. Best pay plan. 65 countries. Maximum 73% payout. 60 million customer. Maximum millionaires. Medical & Scientific Proven system. advisory. ts Time tested. uc NYSE Listed. PaUS3.5 billion in Turnover. od yP Pr lan Success You
    90. 90. Success comes by choice and not by chanceSuccess comes with:Decision…..Commitment…Vision….Discipline….Persistence…..Personal development.All roads lead to…..
    91. 91. Be wise in choosing your destiny!• Wrong vehicle leads to wrong destination!• Passenger trains can not take you in super-fast speed!• Profits Vs Wages, Boys do jobs, Men do Herbalife!• British legacy of respect in Govt jobs no more!• In private jobs, boss becomes happy so long as you make him rich by working over time!• 50% of Americans are earning profits, have their own enterprise, have no bosses!• Indians are crazy about jobs in America!• High tech jobs, low touch life! No health, no peace of mind, leave their parents, wives & children for the sake of boss! Become fat. Problems of fertility! Looked aged!
    92. 92. If you are rich, your future generations could be rich !!! • Ambani sons are like Ambanis!! Ratan Tata’s sons are like Jemshedji Tata! Birla’s sons are like Birlas only!!! • Employees sons are like typical employees, unless with rare cases of exception !!! • Because you can teach your sons, grand children & great grand children of secret of success! • If you are a doctor, your son need not be a doctor! If you are a lecturer, your son need not be a lecturer! If you are a chartered accountant, your son need not be!!!
    93. 93. Remember…If you born as apoor, it is notyour mistake.But, if you dieas a poor, it isyour mistake!!!- Bill Gates
    95. 95. Your Next Steps You can not change your destiny overnight, but you can change your direction overnight. -Gim Rohn
    96. 96. For further details or a webinar:••
    97. 97. Thank you HerbalifeIt‘s Fun! It‘s Simple! It‘s Magical!