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Reflection: Woodstock School
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Reflection: Woodstock School

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Practices of teaching at Woodstock

Practices of teaching at Woodstock

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  • 1. Teaching-Learning atWoodstock
  • 2. IOE Participants and tutors
  • 3. Reached Woodstock….
  • 4. CONTENTS1 Classes Observed2 As an Observer my experience3 Reflections
  • 5. As an ObserverTeacher: Zach ConradSubject: Mathematics (Algebra)Grade 10
  • 6. I observed………Learning Objectives: Clearly statedLearning outcomes: set by the teacherPhysical Resources: Classroom ambience, stationary &technology related toolsPedagogies Used: Performance task was given during a revisionclass and personal approach.Individualized InstructionStudents were working on the problems given by the teacher,discussing with peers and then discussing with the teacher.Assessment for learning:1.Complete the problems correctly2.Help their peers3.Discuss solution with teacherApproach :Learner’s Centric
  • 7. ReflectionThe lesson objectives and expectations were notcommunicated to pupils –though they were mentioned in thelesson plan.The teacher has established a very good relationship withpupils.The class was rather quiet & passive – some passive kidscould have been checked (learning environment)Modelling could have been used to help pupils recall & learnduring revision class.Although the teacher checked & discussed with individualpupils but he could have addressed the common problems inthe class.
  • 8. I went to observe Mr.Rufus’s ClassTeacher: Rufus EmmanuelGrade: 7Subject: Science No. of students: 13
  • 9. What I observed…..Lesson Plan – Well structuredLearning Objectives: Clearly statedLearning Outcomes: Well definedPedagogies Used: Learning by doingA group task was given to plan and design a water filter usinggravel, pebbles, sand and an empty coke bottles.Assessment for Learning:1.Plan and make water filters in groups – Analyze and reflect ontheir design - Self assessment2.Comparison to their peers design –Grade each other’s filteraccording to their peers design. – Peer Assessment3.In Class –Teacher’s assessment
  • 10. Outdoor activity
  • 11. Teacher pours the water that needs to be filtered
  • 12. Self Assessment
  • 13. Peer Assessment
  • 14. Teacher’s Assessment
  • 15. Learning by doing………We learn by doing..
  • 16. Reflection• Strong lesson planning• Learning objectives and expectations werecommunicated to pupils• Learning activity was successfully launchedand analysis based on each group’s workcatered needs of different learning styles.• AFLs: Self assessment, peer assessmentand Teacher’s assessment.• Teacher Talk Learners centered, providedenough opportunities to apply newknowledge to something they already know.