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TiE 2013 Overview

  1. 1. TiE 2013 Sponsorship Package Fostering Entrepreneurship
  2. 2. Founded 1992TiE at a Glance: in Silicon ValleyA not-for-profit Global Network of Entrepreneurs & Professionals, responsible for$200B economic value creationMission: To foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, education, and funding.Members Charter Members Countries Chapters 14,000 2,500 17 60 TiEcon is the World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs. Held for 20 consecutive years since 1994 in Santa Clara, CA
  3. 3. TiE Silicon Valley The largest TiE chapter in the world Based in Silicon Valley – the 29th largest economy in the world Home of unparalleled innovation 40% companies in Silicon Valley have leaders with a TiE association Thriving community participates in weekly events TiEcon - TiE SV’s annual conference  The World’s largest conference for entrepreneurs  “Among Top 10 Conferences worldwide for ideas and innovation along side TED and World Economic Forum” - Worth magazine, Sept 2011
  4. 4. TiE Charter MembersThe Cream of Silicon Valley Leadership Exclusive Group: Charter membership is by invitation only 250 highly accomplished entrepreneurs, corporate executives, VCs, Angels, senior partners in law firms and banking institutions, academics 2500 Charter Members (CMs) worldwide; 250 CMs in the Silicon Valley Chapter Frequent Networking: 10 monthly dinner meetings/year (1 per month excluding May and December) (2) major functions: Spring lunch and fall/winter holiday party Annual Charter Member only retreat for worldwide Charter Members
  5. 5. QuotesCorporate Sponsor Entrepreneurs Venture Capitalist &" IBM is a proud sponsor of TiE “TiE stands heads and shoulders Charter MemberSilicon Valley. We have worked above any entrepreneurial support structure present and I appreciate the " As current charter memberswith TiE for many years and we and sponsors, at Mayfield Fund, time you spend with your membersare very glad to see the quality and provide them necessary guidance we have seen how TiE is a trulyprograms TiE brings for the and mentoring. Once again, thank entrepreneur-friendly andconstituencies. IBM is honored you for all your help.” professional organization. It hasto work with TiE to bring our -Abhishek Sharma, QSquare been especially impressive totechnology knowledge to the Technologies see how they have scaled toentrepreneurs and to exchange meet the demand for their valueexperience amongst other proposition and how the Federspiel Controls is enthusiasticsponsors, as well as about our new collaboration with TiE content at TiEcon is unerringlyentrepreneurs. We are very glad Silicon Valley. The organization on the pulse of current trends.to be part of this community provides important resources and We look forward to continuingand look forward to the next connections to other key players in our productive collaboration.”TiEcon.” the industry, and offers a valuable sounding board for our ideas and - Navin Chaddha, Managing- Chia Chi, Marketing Manager, Director, Mayfield Fund business plans.US East Region & Asian - Mark Housley, CEO, FederspielConstituent, IBM Controls
  6. 6. TiE SV Events50+ annual events with an average of 100 attendees per eventThe Buzz that Feeds Entrepreneurships
  7. 7. Summary: TiE Year-Round Programs & Events Rich programs for learning, networking and growing• Events to Inform, Educate, Prepare: – Technology Sectors: Social/Internet, Mobile, Cloud/Software, Energy, Life Sciences – TiE Forums: Women’s Forum, Growth Company Forum, TiE CEO Forum, Youth Forum – TiE PitchFest – Networking Mixers – MentorConnect• Events to Inspire: – My Story – Legends and Leaders• Funding Programs: – TiE Angels • 17 companies funded with ~$6.8M • 70+ Angels invested, Portfolio value 200M – VC One on One
  8. 8. TiE Events – “My Story” My Story – - 10 events (1 per month excluding May and December) - Successful entrepreneurs with recent exits/IPO’s share their stories about building their companies
  9. 9. TiE Events – “PitchFest”TiE PitchFest– 5-6 programs (about 1 every 2 months).– Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present a short pitch on their companies to a panel of investors (VCs, Angels) who provide constructive feedback
  10. 10. TiE Events – “Mentor Connect” Mentor Connect – - 4 events (1 per quarter) - Structured in-person and online mentoring through platform called “MentorCloud”
  11. 11. TiE Events – Many More! – TiE Special Interest Groups - SIGs (5 SIGs, each 1 event per quarter = 20 events/year) 2011-2012 SIGs: Cloud, Social, Mobile, Energy, Life Sciences – TiE Forums – One per quarter with subjects such as Women in Technology, Growth and fundraising, M&A, IPO or acquisition to build your company, Bio/pharma science and how to navigate the FDA. 2011-2012 Forums include Growth Company Forum (focus on mid to late stage companies), Economic Forum, TiE Women’s Forum – Networking Mixer – an opportunity to meet and connect with all stakeholders in our ecosystem. Roughly 6 per year – Special Events – events with business and government delegations from around the globe. Roughly 1 event per quarter. Delegations have included several Indian states (cities include Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi), Dominican Republic, Chile, Canada, Egypt, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Japan
  12. 12. TiE Programs: TiE 50 Started in 2009– 78% of TiE50 winners have received funding– $1.198 Billion has been invested into TiE50 Winners so far– 42 of the 50 winners have produced over $5.351 Billion in market capitalization and exited through M&A or IPO.– 3,746 Companies have been vetted from 57 Countries since inception in 2009
  13. 13. TiE Angels Formed: July 2010An Angel Investment group formed by Charter Members of TiE Silicon ValleyMission: To support top-tier emerging companies with early stage investment and guidance.Key Metrics:• 500+ startups have submitted business plans• 150+ accredited angel investors have joined• Portfolio Value is $200M• 70+ unique investors have invested in at least one company• Investments range from $100k to $1.5m• 17 companies funded with roughly $6.8 million invested• 6 companies have received venture funding
  14. 14. Sponsorships at TiEThe sharpest entrepreneurs and brightest startups grow out of TiETiE Sponsor Benefits• Platform to build influence, project thought leadership, brand and sell/market products and services or even seek feedback from members• Platform to influence and build brand and messaging targeting movers, shakers and decision- makers in the industry• Ability to network and build relationships that can lead to business partnershipsSponsors Offers• Brand recognition during, before and after events inside in email newsletter twice/week, at the event, on TiE website, social media• Logo and potential sponsor introductions and sponsor pitch prior to start and end of events• Opportunity to get ‘first look’ at TiE Angels, TiE50 and other promising companies in TiE network• Other opportunities such as sponsor logos on event collateral, food/beverage to participants
  15. 15. Become a Sponsor!• Increase your companys engagement and connectivity with the premier entrepreneurs organization in the Silicon Valley and the globe• Gain access to innovative entrepreneurs and identify potential promising portfolio companies, and strategic partners• Showcase your company at TiEcon, the worlds largest conference for entrepreneurs• Participate as a speaker, advisor, or chair at TiE programs, including TiEcon• Host your own exclusive event with our entrepreneurs• Share your knowledge with the entrepreneurial community and help ensure success of future generations of entrepreneurs
  16. 16. And finally….TiE Fast Facts• TiE is the largest network for entrepreneurs in the world• 60 chapters in 17 countries with 18,000 worldwide members• TiE Charter Members - 2500 worldwide; 250 in the Silicon Valley• $200 billion worth of wealth creation can be attributable to TiE members alone• 50+ programs + TiEcon - TiE brings in roughly 9,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executive, venture capitalists, angel investors, and engineers to our programs each year• TiE Ambassadors and Charter Members - some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs, leaders, and investors - Vinod Khosla, Desh Deshpande, Victor Menezes, Kanwal Rekhi, Narayana Murthy• TiE Silicon Valley Chapter 3,800 Facebook fans and over 2,500 Twitter followers• Annual Sponsors of TiE Silicon Valley include: HP, IBM, SAP, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Draper Richards, NEA, Clearstone Venture Partners, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Barclays Wealth, Comerica Bank, Pillsbury, Morrison Foerster, Silicon Valley Bank, KPMG, Hood & Strong LLP,
  17. 17. TiEcon Highlights• 3,000+ attendees – select group of successful and ambitious technology professionals from over 40 countries drawn from a vast pool of: – Global Charter Members (2,500 highly successful entrepreneurs nominated by TiE) – TiE Members (Over 14K members from 17 countries & 60 chapters) – TiE SV Guests (Over 30K professionals from Silicon Valley who attend over 60 events hosted by TiE SV) – TiE Sponsors ( Corporate executives, VCs, Legal & Financial services executives)• Inspiring, Relevant, Forward-Looking. Thought leadership & Business Opportunity discussions. Hot Topics and Trendy Tracks for TiEcon 2013 – Big Data – Mobility – Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) – Entrepreneurship• “ Top 10 Conference worldwide for Ideas and Entrepreneurship alongside DEMO, TED & World Economic Forum” - Worth Magazine 2011• 20 Continuous Years of delivering world class Conference• Conceived, Designed and Produced by a volunteer team of accomplished technology executives. Features 150 Top Industry Speakers without Honorarium
  18. 18. TiEcon 2013 Day 1 Highlights – Fri May 17th, 2013 Conference Grand Opening Keynote – Santa Clara Convention Center, CaliforniaMorning Keynote – Big Data Morning Keynote – Mobility Morning Keynote – SDI Expo Halls Open - focused on Big Data, Mobility, SDI & Entrepreneur ServicesParallel Sessions – Big Data Parallel Sessions – Mobility Parallel Sessions – SDIUnderstanding & Harnessing Big Data Enterprise Mobility Understanding SDI & its affect on• Fireside chats • Fireside chats Enterprise & Service Providers • • Fireside chats• Panel discussion Panel discussion • Panel discussionUse Cases of Big Data in Social Media, Internet of Things Software Defined Networking Health Care, Govt. • Fireside chats• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Panel discussion • Panel discussion• Panel discussionAfternoon Keynote – Big Data Afternoon Keynote – Mobility Afternoon Keynote – SDIBig Data Ecosystem Mobile Payments Software Defined Storage• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• Panel discussion • Panel discussion • Panel discussionFuture of Big Data Mobile App Ecosystems Software Defined Infra Management• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• Panel discussion • Panel discussion • Panel discussionWhere are VCs investing in Big Data Where are VCs investing in Mobility Where are VCs investing in SDI5 Startups Lightening Round-Big Data 5 Startups Lightening Round-Mobility 5 Startups Lightening Round-SDI
  19. 19. TiEcon 2013 Day 2 Highlights – Sat May 18th, 2013 Conference Grand Opening Keynote – Santa Clara Convention Center, California Morning Entrepreneur Keynote – Startup Thought Leadership Expo Halls Open - focused on Big Data, Mobility, SDI & Entrepreneur ServicesEntrepreneurship I - Funding Trends TiE Women’s Forum - I Global Innovation -I• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• Panel discussion • Panel discussion • Panel discussion Entrepreneurship – II Challenges today TiE Women’s Forum - II Global Innovation - II• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• • Panel discussion Panel discussion • Panel discussionMentor Connect & Networking SessionsMistakes Entrepreneurs Make TiE Youth Forum - I Social Entrepreneurship• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• Panel discussion • Panel discussion • Panel discussionGrowing a start up TiE Youth Forum - II Trends in Professional Services• Fireside chats • Fireside chats • Fireside chats• Panel discussion • Panel discussion • Panel discussion Corporate Ethics – Dos and Don’ts Conference Grand Closing Keynote – Santa Clara Convention Center, California
  20. 20. TiE SV Ecosystem Profile and Statistics
  21. 21. Sample of Past TiEcon KeynotesMeg Whitman Larry Ellison Steve Ballmer John Chambers Eric Schmidt HP Oracle Microsoft Cisco GoogleReid Hoffman Marissa Mayer Larry Page Tony Hsieh Deepak Chopra Linkedin Yahoo Google Zappos Chopra FoundationSalman Khan Elon Musk Peter Thiel Aaron Levie David FerruciKhan Academy Tesla PayPal Box IBM
  22. 22. Aaron Levie Keynote Marissa Meyer Keynote Vinod Khosla, Youth Forum Sam Pitroda, Suhas Patil and othersTiEcon Audience TiEcon Panel TiEcon Expo Tim Draper Keynote Kanwal Rekhi Memories of TiEcons Past
  23. 23. Sponsors IncludeTech Corporations Finance VCs Govt./NGO Service Providers
  24. 24. TiEcon 2013 Sponsor Benefits• Showcase Thought Leadership – Reinforce your leadership position to 3,000+ global technology executives – Reinforce thought leadership in Big Data, Mobility or SDI by sponsoring a keynote or panel session• Expand Ecosystem of Target Audience – Spread your message among 1,000+ engineers who attend TiEcon and are actively engaged in developing applications for various ecosystems – Get your message to 500+ startups that attend TiEcon every year• Influential Corporate Development Opportunities – Find influential partnership opportunities with leading startups and entrepreneurs in the industry – Opportunity to participate in selection of Top5 winning startups in Big Data, Mobility and SDI• Recruit Quality Talent – Mingle with the hottest talent in the industry to attract to your corporation• Meet Emerging Tech Leaders – From among winners of the exclusive TiE 50 awards since 2009 – Many great startups have their roots in TiE including 16 direct investments from TiE Angels
  25. 25. TiEcon 2013 Sponsorship Details Sponsorship Type Grand Platinum Gold Silver Sponsorship Fee $100,000 $60,000 $30,000 $15,000 Conference Passes ($500) 50 25 15 5 VIP Opening Reception Passes 10 10 5 2 Exclusive Event Sponsorship VIP Opening NA NA NA Reception Booth Space 40x16 20x16 20x8 10x8 Sector Keynote Yes : Two Yes NA NACompany Sponsored Workshop Yes: Two Yes Yes NA One Panel Participation Yes: Two Yes Yes Yes On-site Visibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Attendee Badges Logo Yes NA NA NAEmail/Social/Press/Analyst Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Promotion Website Promotion Yes Yes Yes Yes Mobile App Promotion Yes Yes NA NA
  26. 26. Sponsor TiEcon 2013!The Largest Gathering of the Hottest Entrepreneurs and Startups in the World!
  27. 27. Contact Us• Sponsorship Team – Sanjay Shirole sanjay.shirole@sv.tie.org ; 650-280-0396 – Saurabh Tandon saurabh.tandon@sv.tie.org; 925-234- 2106 – Bharath Ram bharathram2011@gmail.com; 650-906-7164• TiE Office – Raj Desai, Executive Director raj@tie.org; 408-306-3076 – Ramesh Krishnan, Director Business Development ramesh@tie.org 408-550-3696
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