Invitation to Bid for Fifth Convention of NAR - INDIA


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Prepare Invitation to Bid for Event Management Companies to participate in FIRSTEVER Bidding process of Annual Convention for NAR - INDIA 2013

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Invitation to Bid for Fifth Convention of NAR - INDIA

  1. 1. INVITATION TO BIDTO DATE: 10th December 2012INTERESTED COMPANIES REFERENCE : ITB/NAR-I/12/2012 “EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR 5TH CONVENTION OF NAR- INDIA – 2013 “Dear Sir/Madam, 1. NAR- INDIA hereby solicit your BID for the “Event Management Services for 5th Convention of NAR- India – 2013” in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions stipulated herein 2. To enable you to submit a bid, please find enclosed a. Annexure I : Memo to Bidder b. Annexure II: Instructions To Bidder c. Annexure III: Procurement Specification to vendors d. Annexure IV: Bid Submission Form e. Annexure V: Technical Bid f. Annexure VI: Commercial Bid g. Annexure VII: Event Management Agreement h. Annexure VIII: Terms of Reference. 3. Interested bidder may obtain the further information and bid clarification at website of NAR- INDIA i.e. or with Contact Person: Mr. Anand Adawadkar Co-Ordinator (NAR – INDIA Convention 2013) Address: 120-122 siddharth Complex RC Dutt Road Vadodara 05 Mobile: + 91 9726852299 Phone: 91-265-2324792 / 3290833 Fax: 91-265-2351827 Email:
  2. 2. 4. Bids must be received by NAR- INDIA at the address of above mentioned address not later than 30th December 2012 6:00 PM (Local Time). Late Bids shall be rejected. Bid shall be marked as followed ----------TENDER – DO NOT OPEN---------- NAR- INDIA ATTN: SECRETARY NAR- INDIA 2012 120-122 siddharth Complex RC Dutt Road Vadodara 05 ITB/NAR-I/12/2012 “EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR 5TH CONVENTION OF NAR- INDIA – 2013 “5. Bid will be Opened on 05th January 2013 at 6:30 PM hours (Local Time) at Hotel Hindustan International 235/1, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata.6. This letter is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract with your firm7. All rights to accept or Reject any or all Bids lies with the National Association of Realtors –India. With best wishes, For National Association of Realtors – India (NAR-INDIA) Sachin Shroff President Elect 120/121, Siddharth complex R C Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Vadodara-390005 Mobile: - +919824250210 Landline: - 0265-2324792/ 3290833 Fax- 0265- 2351827 Email- website-
  3. 3. Annexure I MEMO TO BIDDERS EXAMPLES OF BID REJECTIONBids and proposals have been rejected at the submission stage or found to be technicallynon-compliant due to errors in presentation and failure to follow bidding instructions.The invitation to Bid/request for proposal contains detailed instructions for preparationand submission that need to be followed carefully.Below are some of the more common examples of why bids or proposals are rejected byNAR- INDIA.Bidders are urged to read before submission and to check their bid confirms to each ofthese points and the instructions as noted in the bidding documents. 1. Late Submission. The bid is handed in after the deadline for submission. 2. Bids NOT submitted to the correct physical address. 3. The bid/proposal NOT signed as per the instructions of NAR- INDIA 4. Insufficient documents have been provided. 5. Documents provided are NOT in ENGLISH. Documents such as Registration of the organization or financial information about the organization may be submitted in other than ENGLISH language. 6. Documents provided NOT directly address each points of the evaluation criteria 7. Bids did NOT offer services which have been specially requested by NAR- INDIA in the terms of Reference.The above examples illustrate some error which may be made by the bidders. This is apartial list. The Bidding Documents contains the full list of instructions relevant to eachparticular bid and should be followed carefully.
  4. 4. Annexure II INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS PROCUREMENT OF“EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR 5TH CONVENTION OF NAR- INDIA – 2013” A. Introduction 1. General: THE NAR- INDIA invites sealed bids for the procurement of Event Management Services for 5th Convention of NAR- INDIA – 2013 2. Eligible Bidders: Agencies having following minimum qualifications are hereby invited to bid for the events on turnkey basis. 1. A minimum of 5 years experience in conceptualizing, designing, and executing the projects on turnkey basis for organizing the events of national repute. 2. A turnover of minimum Rs.5, 00, 00,000/- (Rs.5 crores) during the preceding financial year i.e. 2010-11 for implementation of Event Management Business in Real Estate Arena. 3. The bidder will have to produce the experience certificate or equivalent having experience of completion of similar nature of work. 4. Tenders without EMD will be rejected. 5. Bidder should have Full fledged Office in DELHI with Adequate staff will be given PREFERENCE. 3. Cost of Bid: The bidder should bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Bid, and the NAR- INDIA will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the solicitation. B. Solicitation documents 4. Examination of solicitation documents: The bidder is expected to examine all corresponding instructions, forms, terms and specification, contained in the solicitation documents. Failure to comply with these documents will be at the bidder’s risk and may affect the evaluation of bid. 5. Clarification of Solicitation Documents: A prospective bidder requiring any clarification of the solicitation documents may notify NAR- INDIA in writing at least Seven (7) days before the closing date.
  5. 5. 6. Amendments of Solicitation documents: No later than 2 two days prior to the deadline for the submission of the bids, the NAR- India may, for any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective bidder, amend the solicitation documents. All prospective bidders should regularly consult NAR- INDIA website more. In order to afford prospective bidders reasonable time in which to take the amendments into account in preparing their offers, NAR- INDIA may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of bids.C. Preparation of Bids: 7. Language of Bid: The Bid prepared by the bidder and all correspondence and documents relating to the bid exchanged by the bidder and the NAR- INDIA shall be written in ENGLISH. 8. Document Comprising the Bid: The bid must comprise the following documents: a. A Bid submission form b. Technical Bid documents c. Commercial Bid Documents 9. Documents to be submitted along with the bid for evaluation, eligibility and qualification of bidder: The bidder shall furnish evidence of its status as a qualified supplier. The documentary evidence of the bidder qualifications to perform the contract if its Bid is accepted shall be established to the NAR- INDIA satisfaction: that the bidder has the financial, technical and production capability to perform the contract. The bidders have to submit following documents along with the BID, a. Sample of Broachers, collateral, invitation card, Photographs, of the past events for evaluation of designing and drafting skills b. Detail company profile,(mentioning years in Business, senior management’s profiles, trade license, TIN certificate, Bank information, Testimonials) c. Evidence to previous experience in similar works with detail information on last 3 including the Name and contact of the client’s organization. 10. Bid Currencies/Bid prices: All prices shall be quoted in Indian Rupees. The bidder shall indicate on the appropriate price schedule the Unit Prices (where applicable) and total bid price of the services it is providing under the contract.
  6. 6. 11. Period of Validity of Bids: Bid shall remain valid till 5th January 2013 after the date of bid submission prescribes by NAR- INDIA.D. Submission of Bids 12. Format and signing of Bid: The bidder shall prepare TWO copies of the Bid clearly making each “ORIGINAL BID” and “COPY of BID” as appropriate. In the event of any discrepancy between them, the ORGINAL shall govern. The TWO copies of the Bid shall be typed in indelible Link and shall be SINGED by the bidder or a person or persons duly authorized to bind the bidder to the contract. The Bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to correct errors made by the bidder, in which case such correction shall be initialed by the person or persons sighing the bid. 13. Sealing and Marking of Bid: a. The bidder shall seal the original and each copy of the bid in separate envelopes, duly marking the envelopes as “ORIGINIAL” and “COPY”. The envelope shall then be SEALED in an outer envelope. b. The inner and outer envelope shall: (a.) Be addressed to NAR- INDIA at the address below Attn: SECRETARY NAR - INDIA C/o, Comfort Realty Pvt. Ltd. 120-122 siddharth Complex RC Dutt Road Vadodara 05 c. The inner and outer envelope shall also indicate the NAME AND ADDRESS OF BIDDER to enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it is declared “LATE”. d. It the outer envelope is not sealed and not marked; NAR- INDIA will assume no responsibility for the bid’s misplacement or premature opening. 14. Deadline for submission of Bids/ Late Bids. a. Bid must be delivered to the specified address on or before 30th December 2012 6:00 PM (Local Time) b. NAR- INDIA may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for the submission of the bids by amending the bidding documents. In such
  7. 7. case all rights and obligation of NAR- INDIA and bidder previously subject to the deadline will thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended. c. Any bid received by NAR- INDIA AFTER the deadline for submission of bids will be REJECTED and returned unopened to the bidder. 15. Modification or withdrawal of bid: The bidder may withdraw its bid after submission, provided that written notice to withdrawal is received by NAR- INDIA prior to the deadline of the submission. No Bid may be modified after the passing of the deadline for the submission of bid. No Bid may be withdrawn in the interval between the deadline for submission of the bids and the expiration of the period of Bid validity.E. Opening and Evaluation of Bids: 16. Opening of Bids: a. NAR- INDIA will open all Bids on 5th January 2013 at 7PM (LOCAL TIME) at Kolkata. Hotel Hindustan International 235/1, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata. b. The Bidder’s name, bid modifications or withdrawals, Bid prices, discounts and such other details as the NAR- INDIA, at its discretion, may consider appropriate, will be recorded at the opening. No Bid shall be rejected at Bid opening, except for late bids, which shall be returned unopened to the bidder. c. NAR- INDIA will prepare MINUTES of the Bid OPENING. 17. Clarification of Bids: To assist in the examination, evaluation and comparison of bid NAR- INDIA may at its discretion ask the bidder for the clarification of its bid. The request for clarification and response shall be in writing and no change in price or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered or permitted. 18. Preliminary Examination: a. Prior to detailed evaluation, NAR- INDIA will determine the substantial responsiveness of each Bid to the Invitation to Bid. A substantially responsive Bid is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions of Invitation to Bid without any deviation. b. NAR- INDIA will examine the Bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any computation errors have been made, whether
  8. 8. the documents have been properly signed, and whether the bid is generally in order. c. Arithmetical errors will be rectified on the following basis: if there is a discrepancy between the unit price and the total price that is obtained by the total price and quantity, the unit price shall prevail and the total price shall be corrected. If the Bidder does not accept the correction of errors, its Bids will be rejected. If there is a discrepancy between words and figure, the amount of words will prevail. 19. Evaluation of Bids: Determination of compliance with the solicitation Documents is based on the content of Bids itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence. The evaluation will be based on whether the technical specification are “either /or “categories that lead to exclusion or inclusion. Following criteria will be used for Bid evaluation.No. Evaluation Criteria1 EMD - Deposit of Required Amount of EMD of 1 Lac2 Conformity to service to the service agreement3 Creative sample is meeting required quality4 Compliance with selection criteria5 Appropriateness of the work plan which should include approach and methodology of the events requirements.6 Compliance with NAR- INDIA General terms and conditions.7 Conformity to NAR- INDIA payment terms. Total F. Award of Contract 20. Award Criteria: NAR- INDIA will issue contract to the lowest price technically qualified Bidder, provided an acceptable level of value for money is achieved. NAR- INDIA reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid to annul the solicitation process and reject all Bids at any time prior to award of contract, without there by incurring any liability to the affected Bidder (s) or any obligation to provide information on the ground for NAR- INDIA’s action. The NAR- INDIA general terms and condition shall form a part of contract should NAR- INDIA accept your Bid. 21. Notification of Award: NAR- INDIA will send the successful Bidder the contract. The contract may only be accepted by supplier’s signing and returning and acknowledgement of copy of it. Acceptance of this contract shall effect between the parties under which the rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed solely by the terms and conditions for contract.
  9. 9. 22. Signing of Agreement: The successful bidder will be required to sign the Event Management Agreement annexed herein as Annexure without any deviation in its terms and conditions immediately after notification.23. Payment of Fees: The successful bidder will hand over the post dated cheques/instruments for the payment of fees as per the clause number II and Appendix – 1 of agreement as annexure
  10. 10. Annexure III PROCUREMENT SPECIFICATIONS / REQUIREMENTS OF“EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES FOR 5TH CONVENTION OF NAR- INDIA – 2013” I. Service Specification: These specifications are to provide and indications of the services required. Item Description of Size/ Quantity Services Required options/ Specification VENUE ACCREDITED 5 STAR Conference Room with all state of art facility, capacity to accommodate round table arrangement for 55 – 60 Delegates Banquet Facility for minimum 1200 delegates Press Room/ VIP enclosure with the capacity to accommodate 50 people Guest Rooms FACILITIES/ EQUIPMENTS/COLLATERALS/ REQUIRED AT CONVENTION HALL Registration Tables Standees Banners Backdrop (digital PVC Print) Welcome banner (digital Print)
  11. 11. Thank You Banner (digital print) NAR- INDIA Flags Long Banners (digital print at right side of venue) Name of Stall (digital print with wooden frame) Long Banners (digital print at right side of venue)STALL SETUP Stall installation (Prefabricated Stall: 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 tube light, 1 power socket) Fan (Stand Fan) Food Area (with 6 tables, 24 chairs, 6 trash bags) Indication board (wooden structure with digital print)STAGE DESIGN Main stage Stair Backdrop frame Podium Audio Visual Production DV Cam Camera man Remote Crane Trolley Ziv arm Still photographer with camera On line panel
  12. 12. On line directorDirectorRiser for videocameraVideo Editing(should be TVbroadcastingquality)DV cassettes for 5hour shootingProjection SystemScreen frameProjectorLCD MonitorPlasmaLighting SystemLightsMoving HeadScanner LightsAnimated LaserLightsSound SystemsSpeakersProject mid high (2pairs)Speakers (1 pair)SpeakersSound MonitorScaffold 6 blocks(set)Satellite Stack(surround soundsystem) – 6 pairsMicro PhoneStage EffectAcoustic treatmentto Control EchoCommunicator(walk talky)Inauguration(scissor, ribbon,
  13. 13. Stand, garlands, flower arrangements, Lighting Lamp etc.)MEMENTOS 30 mementos for Guest/Speakers/ Press 100 for NAR - INDIA General Body Members/MembersBANQUETS Lunch( Veg & Non Veg) for 2 Days for minimum 1200 delegates Dinner with cocktails for 1 Day for minimum 100 delegates One day prior to Date of Convention Dinner with cocktails for 1 day for minimum 1200 delegates Tea & Coffee with snacks for 2 days for 4 times for minimum 1200 delegates Drinking Water ( Mineral Water) for 2 Days for minimum 1200 delegatesENTERTAINMENT For 100 people / General Body members and
  14. 14. volunteer for One Evening One Evening of 1200 delegatesADVERTISEMENT/PROMOTIONS/SALE/ Designing & Printing of web pages Designing & Printing of Broachers Designing & Publishing of news paper advertisements Designing & Printing of Invitation Cards Designing & Printing of Programme Itenary Designing & Printing of ID Cards for delegates/GB members/ VIPs etc. Designing & Printing of Standees/Banners/ Backdrops/ Stationary for delegates/PensPHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Photo and Video shooting to cover entire event for 2 days with preparation of 1500 copies of CDs
  15. 15. LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT Appointment of coordinators for taking care of Hotel Bookings under different categories for delegates/Guest /General body members Appointment of coordinator for to and fro transportation facilities from airport for delegates, General body members and guests.MISCELLANEOUS (If needed detailed breakdown of all costs included under thisshould be provided) II. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Delivery Instructions: 1. CVs of still photographer, audio visual director and video cameramen should be submitter along with quotations. 2. The vendor shall be responsible for coordinating among mass media partners. 3. The video of the event should ensure TV broadcast quality 4. The sound system company hired for the conventions should provide required quality of sound 5. Vendor shall also have to dismantle the stalls after the closure of conventions. Eligibility for Vendors • Agencies having following minimum qualifications are hereby invited to bid for the events on turnkey basis.
  16. 16. • A minimum of 5 years experience in conceptualizing, designing, and executing the projects on turnkey basis for organizing the events of national repute.• A turnover of minimum Rs.5, 00, 00,000/- (Rs.5 crores) during the preceding financial year i.e. 2010-11 for implementation of Event Management Business in Real Estate Arena.• The bidder will have to produce the experience certificate or equivalent having experience of completion of similar nature of work.• Tenders without EMD will be rejected.• Bidder should have Full fledged Office in DELHI with Adequate staff will be given PREFERENCE.
  17. 17. Annexure IV BID SUBMISSION FORM Procurement of Event Management for 5th Convention of NAR- India – 2013To, Secretary NAR- INDIA, New Delhi.Dear Sir/Madam,Having examined the bidding documents, the receipt of which is here by duly acknowledge, we,the undesired, offer to supply and deliver EVENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES for the 5thConvention of NAR- INDIA – 2013, along with Demand Draft of Rs. 1,00,000/- Dated____________________Drawn on _________________________.We undertake, if our bid is accepted, to deliver in service in accordance with the deliveryschedule specify in the specification/requirement.We agree to abide by this bid till 5th January 2013 from the date fixed for opening of bid in theinvitation to bid, and it shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before theexpiration of that period.We understand that you are not bound to accept any bid you may receive.Date this _____________ day of _________ (Year).____________________________________________________________________________________Signature(In the Capacity Of)Duly authorized to sign the bidfor and on behalf of ____________________________________________
  18. 18. Annexure V TECHNICAL BIDNo. Particular Details 1 Name of company 2 Address Of Company 3 Fully fledged Office Address in DELHI with Number of Staff (Preferred) 4 Year Of Establishment 5 Registration Number 6 Service Tax number 7 PAN Number 8 TIN Number 9 Annual Turn over Year 2010 – 2011 ___________________________ Year 2011 – 2012____________________________ Year 2012 – 2013 ____________________________ (* Please furnish Balance sheet duly certified by CA)10 Number of Staff a. Sales (Sponsorship) ______________Nos. b. Sales (Delegates) ________________Nos c. Designing________________Nos. d. Administration____________Nos. e. Accounts__________________Nos f. Advertisement_______________Nos g. Promotions_________________Nos h. Logistics____________________Nos i. Others____________________Nos11 Past Experience Please furnish the details of Past Experience12 Experience in Real Estate Segment13 List of Major Clients Note: Please submit your profile along with Testimonials
  19. 19. Annexure VI COMMERCIAL BIDTo,SecretaryNational Association of Realtors – INDIA.We agree to pay a sum of Rs. __________________ against the fees payable to NAR – INDIA as per theclause number 2.1 of Event Management Agreement Annexed VIII of ITB/NAR-I/12/2012.For___________________(Name of Event Management Company duly signed By Authorized Signatory)Name & Address of Bidder: ________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________Designation of Signing Authority:
  20. 20. Annexure VII EVENT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENTTHIS EVENT MANAGEMENT AGREEEMENT (Hereinafter referred to as the“Agreement” for the sake of brevity) is executed on this __ day of October, 2012, (“EffectiveDate”) by and between National Association Of Realtors India (Hereinafter referred to as “NAR-India” for the sake of brevity), a non-profit Chamber of Commerce, having its regular place ofbusiness at _____________________AND___________________________________________________a private limited companyregistered under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered officeat______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, India(hereinafter referred to as“EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ” for the sake of brevity);WHEREAS NAR-India is a Non Profit Chamber of Commerce which acts as a single nationallevel umbrella organization representing the interests of realtors/brokers operating all over thecountry;WHEREAS NAR-India organizes various events, seminars and conferences from time to time,and is desirous of organizing its Fifth Annual Convention of 2013, at New Delhi;
  21. 21. WHEREAS EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is a company engaged in the regularbusiness of organizing conventions, exhibitions, publications and other event managementactivities;WHEREAS EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY has agreed to undertake the responsibilitiesof acting the Event Manager, and to be responsible for conduct, management and holding ofNAR-India’s Fifth Annual Convention of 2013 (The said Annual Convention of 2013 will behereinafter referred to as “Annual Convention” for the sake of brevity)WHEREAS EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is desirous of associating itself with thesaid event and understands that NAR-India has provided them an opportunity to make profitsthrough Sponsorships and delegate marketing from the said Annual Convention and thereby isdesirous of undertaking to successfully convene, manage and organize the said AnnualConvention;WHEREAS NAR-India is desirous of permitting EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY toassociate with the said event, as per terms and conditions which have been stipulated in thisAgreement;Now in light of the mutual promises, considerations, obligations and understandings betweenboth the Parties, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY agrees to perform theservices/obligations as more specifically mentioned in the Agreement hereunder and on suchterms and conditions as hereinafter stipulated, on behalf of NAR-India. The said Agreementreads as follows: -
  22. 22. 1. NATURE OF RELATIONSHIP :1.1.That the said Agreement is executed so as to enable EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY to convene and organize the Annual Convention for 2013, and all commercial considerations and other terms and conditions envisaged in this Agreement are on a one time basis, wholely and solely for the Annual Convention of 2013;1.2.That depending upon EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ’s satisfactory performance of services NAR-India may appoint them to organize future events on their behalf in the future and that the terms and conditions of this Agreement, may be applicable to such events in the future, as may be mutually agreed between both the parties, at the relevant point in time;1.3.That nothing in this Agreement will constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership, or joint venture or assignor- assignee relationship or employees-employer relationship between the parties. Each party is acting independently and not partner, or not as a joint-venturer with the other party for any purpose. Except as provided in this Agreement, neither party will have any right, power, or authority to act or to create any obligation, express or implied, on behalf of the other except for representing to the public at large the details of the Annual Convention as stipulated in Clause MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall be fully responsible as an independent Event Management Company, to conduct the event, in terms of this Agreement and to entire satisfaction of NAR – India.2. COMMERCIALS AND PRICING:2.1.That in consideration of NAR-India designating EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY as Event – In charge and manager and to associate with their Annual Convention and to convene the same, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY hereby agrees and covenants to pay NAR-India a sum of Rs. _______________ (Rupees_______________________ Only), as a one-time fee as stipulated in Appendix 1 to this Agreement;
  23. 23. 2.2.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY understands and undertakes that it shall strictly adhere to the schedule of payments as has been envisaged in Appendix 1 and a delay in making any such payment shall be considered to be a material breach of this Agreement;2.3.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will be solely liable for the payment of all central, state and local levies, taxes, duties, fines and penalties (including without limitation sales taxes, value added taxes, excise duties and customs duties, if any), by whatever name called, as may become due and payable in relation to the Services provided pursuant to this Agreement and with regards to the organization and convening the said Annual Convention; and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations;2.4.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall obtain at its sole cost and expense such licenses, permits, and approvals as may be required by law for the performance of the services as may be required pursuant to this Agreement;2.5.That all delegate fees and participation fees which shall be paid by NAR-India’s members/delegates/participants for participating in the said Annual Convention, shall be paid directly to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY , subject to timely payments by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY as envisaged in Appendix 1;2.6.All such payments, deposited by the participants in terms of 2.5 above, shall be deposited in a designated Bank Account and EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall not utilize, withdraw or otherwise spend such amount deposited in the Bank Account, until EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY demonstrates to the satisfaction of NAR – INDIA that: (a) All obligations under this Agreement are fully performed by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ; (b) EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY has made arrangements for Hotel Bookings, has made all other requisite arrangements for the convention; (c) Vendors for the event are finalized and have been booked and paid advance; (d) EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is in a position to meet with all its financial and other obligations under the Agreement, in relation to the scope of services and obligations under this Agreement;
  24. 24. (e) EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY has the requisite cash flow available to meet with all its financial obligations in relation to the obligations under this Agreement; (f) EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is fully prepared to successfully conduct the Event.2.7.That subject to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ’s adherence to Appendix 1, all cheques and payments as stated in Clause 2.5 shall be received into the bank account of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY directly;2.8.That NAR-India undertakes that at least 600 members/delegates would participate in the said Annual Convention and pay such delegate fees which are mutually agreed upon between NAR-India and EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY. That however such members will be offered discount as per the payment schedule and that if any NAR-India member decides to be one of the sponsors, he shall be entitled to avail of a 10% off on the said participation fees.2.9.Although the expected delegates are 600, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall identify the conference venue having capacity of at least 1200 delegates as based on the past experience, the number may increase.2.10. EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall ensure that the total delegates participating either as complementary participation or as invitees does not exceed 10% of the total strength.2.11. EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall accept registration of delegates up to previous day of the event, subject to the delegates paying applicable fees.3. NAR- India’s OBLIGATIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES3.1.That NAR-India will create in conjunction with EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY the schedule and calendar, the theme and the broad programming agenda for the Annual Convention of 2013, and shall hand over the same to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY within Thirty (30) days of signing an agreement;
  25. 25. 3.2.That NAR-India shall identify speakers for the said Annual Convention, in consultation with EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ;3.3.NAR – India shall provide suitable slot to the speakers nominated by the sponserers in consultation with EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY and also consider giving due recognition to some of the key sponsors’.3.4.That NAR-India shall declare the theme of events by the 1stof February 2013;3.5. That NAR- India shall endeavor to undertake the programming / agenda and to identify speakers for the convention, 4 months prior to the convention date;3.6. That NAR-India will introduce past sponsors / invitees to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY on a need basis3.7. That NAR-India will promote the Annual Convention across the industry through their networks and channels;3.8. That NAR-India will offer up to 30% of the total time allotted to the speakers at the said Annual Convention of 2013, to the Speakers/ Sponsors so identified by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY , subject to the conditions that such Speakers/ Sponsors identified by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall speak in line with the convention theme and that NAR-India has given prior written consent to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY permitting such Speakers/ Sponsors to speak at the Annual Convention;3.9.That NAR-India and their associates, members and consultants shall and will at all times cooperate, enable and be available to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY on need basis for the said Annual Convention. That NAR-India shall also have a central co-coordinating team for co-ordination with EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ;3.10. That NAR-India will recognize EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY as the associate responsible for conceiving, developing and marketing the said Annual Convention and shall mention in each of its communications with its members, invites, sponsors about the same.3.11. That NAR-India covenants that it shall not approach any other third party /event Management Company for managing the services/ obligations of the said Annual
  26. 26. Convention, unless and until EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY materially breaches this Agreement;3.12. That NAR-India will provide with regards to the said Annual Convention a promotional platform on their website and all chapter and annual meetings to promote the said annual convention.4. EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ’S OBLIGATIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES4.1.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes and has represented to NAR-India that it has the expertise, facilities and staff/ personnel to provide such services and that it is duly registered under all applicable statutes and holds valid license from the appropriate authority / Government to provide the services of the nature contemplated by this Agreement;4.2.During the period of this Agreement, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will identify, promote, market, and generate sponsorships and ensure delegate participation in the said Annual Convention;4.3.That it is understood between both the parties, that to the general public at large, the delegates, and all participants, it shall be acknowledged that the said Annual Convention is a NAR-India event, and with regards to the conception, development and marketing of the said Annual Convention, all due credit shall be given to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ;4.4.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall, after approval of NAR India, create / design / print / distribute the required marketing material (Brochures, e-brochures, collaterals, event promotion hand book, e- mailers) at their expense and with the due approval of NAR- India for the Annual Convention;4.5.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY understands that NAR-India may convene and organize other events, during any time, and that EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall not raise objections to the same, at any point in time, whatsoever;4.6.EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will commence organizing and preparing for the said Annual Convention, at least within 15 days from the date of signing of this agreement;
  27. 27. 4.7.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will designate a fully dedicated team to successfully organize and convene the said Annual Convention. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will provide such suitably qualified, experienced and competent personnel and sub – contractors as may reasonably be required for the performance of the services. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will provide evidence of the previous experience, qualifications and competence of any personnel engaged in the performance of such services, as and when asked for by NAR--India;4.8.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will employ sufficient number of personnel to provide the services in a prompt and efficient manner and that such personnel will work under the supervision, control and direction of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ;4.9.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will be responsible for all negotiations with the said personnel in relation to salaries and benefits, and will be responsible for assessments and monitoring of performance and all disciplinary matters and NAR-India shall at no time be responsible for payments to the employees, personnel, contractors of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY in any manner whatsoever and EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY unconditionally agrees and confirms that NAR-India will have no liability either directly or indirectly in dealing with the said employees of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY and they will be under the direct supervision of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY ; 4.10. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes that it will not knowingly engage any person with a criminal record /conviction and will bar any such person from participating directly or indirectly in the provision of Services under this Agreement: 4.11. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY covenants that it will hold the said Annual Convention at a venue/ hotel which is accredited with at least five stars. That such five star hotels/venues may be mutually agreed upon between both the parties, at the relevant point in time;
  28. 28. 4.12. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall regularly furnish monthly MIS and activity reports as per pre decided timelines till March -2013 and thereafter, weekly MIS and activity reports till the Annual Convention is successfully organized;4.13. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will produce SOP (Standard operating procedure) as per required service level standards of NAR-India including but not limited to, the nature and type of service to be provided at the Annual Convention along with the list of proposed venue/facilities, which is elaborately stipulated in Appendix- 2 to this Agreement;4.14. That all expenses related to Advertisement, hotel and venue expenses, traveling, including engaging of personnel, contractors and all other expenses regarding identifying suitable Clients / Sponsors will be borne by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY and it is hereby agreed and understood that NAR-India would not be required to share any part or portion of such expenditure or reimburse the whole or part thereof to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY for organizing and executing the said Annual Convention;4.15. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes to identify all Clients / Sponsors and Partners as per the guidelines provided by NAR-India for the said Annual Convention and unconditionally gives NAR-India the right to reject all or any of the Clients / Sponsors or partners, if they are not within the selection criteria of NAR-India and that if NAR-India, in its sole discretion is of the opinion that the participation of such Clients/ Sponsors/ Partners would not be conducive to the said Annual Convention. The decision of NAR-India will be final and binding upon EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY.4.16. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes to adhere to all the guidelines, directions and instructions as provided by NAR-India from time to time.4.17. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY understands that it does not have any right on NAR-India’s property and would facilitate a smooth transition and handover of all databases, sponsor contacts, speaker contacts, designs and any other proprietary material which has been so developed pursuant to this Agreement, and EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY acknowledged that all such information shall be proprietary to NAR--India, and they shall have exclusive ownership rights to all such data;
  29. 29. 4.18. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY understands that with regards to the performance of their services pursuant to his Agreement, time is the essence of the Contract, and that there can be no delays whatsoever from their side; 4.19. That however, in the event of EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY being aware of any delay or potential delay in respect of the Services or any date, they shall inform NAR- India thereof in writing stating the reason for the delay and the effect of the delay on the Time Schedule in the overall project within a period of 2 days, of the receipt of their knowledge of such a delay or potential delay; 4.20. That in case of a delay EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will use all reasonable endeavours to contribute to successfully providing the agreed services despite the delay. That however, if the delay is such that it adversely and materially affects the Annual Convention, then NAR-India shall come forth and organize such events, wither on their own, or through some other third party, and EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall compensate NAR- India for the all such expenses and losses incurred in organizing such delayed performance of services. That whether a delay has materially and adversely affected the Annual Convention, or threatens to materially and adversely affect the Annual Convention, shall be decided by NAR-India solely, and such decision shall be final and binding upon EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY; 4.21. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes to furnish to NAR-India, as and when required , contract details, which EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY has executed with third parties, or any other entity, in pursuance of performing the services as stated in this Agreement;4.22. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY warrants that it will not violate any proprietary and intellectual property rights of either party or of any third party, including without limitation, confidential relationships, patent, trade secrets, copyright and any other proprietary rights.
  30. 30. 4.23. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY further warrants to NAR-India that, during the term of this Agreement, the services to be delivered or rendered hereunder, will be of the kind, quality and timeliness designated as determined mutually from time to time;4.24. That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY agree that they along with their respective employees, contractors, consultants etc. will comply with all applicable union, state and local laws, ordinances, regulations and codes in performing its obligations hereunder, including the procurement of licenses, permits and certificates and payment of taxes where required;4.25. That notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will not during the term of its association with NAR-India, provide services which are same, similar or related to the services which it shall provide to NAR- India pursuant to this Agreement, to any other party, directly or indirectly, and/or negotiate or engage in any business that could result in a situation of conflict of interests with NAR- India4.26. That further EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY , will not approach the existing and/or potential clients of NAR- India either directly or indirectly for a period of one (1) year, from expiry of the agreement for any business opportunities in relation to Indian Recruitment Industry;4.27. That a failure by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY to adhere to any condition, representation and warranty as has been stipulated in from Clause Nos. 4.1 to 4.26, shall be considered to be a material breach of this Agreement.5. INDEMNITY : That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY hereby undertakes and agrees to indemnify NAR-India and hold them harmless and keep them at all times fully indemnified and held harmless from and against all actions and proceedings, claims, liabilities (including statutory liability), penalties, demands and costs (including without limitation, NAR-India’s legal costs ), awards, damages, losses and or expenses however arising directly or indirectly as a result of any breach or non-performance by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY , its employees,
  31. 31. on any of the undertakings, warranties, covenants, declarations and undertakings; or any claim or proceedings brought by the customer or clients or any other persons against NAR-INDIA in respect of any services offered by the said EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY .6. OWNERSHIP RIGHTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES:6.1. Unless and except expressly specified and permitted by NAR-India, all Intellectual Property, including but not limited to financial, technical, commercial, marketing and business related records, data, documents, reports, client information, Sponsor Database etc. generated by either party during the course of the fulfillment of obligations pursuant to this Agreement will be the exclusive property of NAR-India;6.2.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will not use the trademarks, copyrights and any other proprietary materials of NAR-India in any manner whatsoever. All rights in relation to the trademarks, copyrights, event copyrights and proprietary materials and all other materials supplied by NAR-India will always vest with NAR-India and will be NAR-India’s property at all times;7. CONFIDENTIALITY:7.1.That during the entire tenure of the Contractual Relationship between both the Parties, NAR- India may disclose to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY certain information which it considers Proprietary/ Confidential (Hereinafter referred to as “Confidential Information”) whether marked and assigned as Confidential/Proprietary or not by NAR-India as such;7.2.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY undertakes not to disclose such Confidential information acquired by it in the course of providing services to NAR-India except where required in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement;7.3.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall maintain the strictest confidentiality of the Confidential Information and shall take all necessary steps to protect the Confidential Information from unauthorized use or disclosure by itself or others and shall not disclose or
  32. 32. otherwise permit access to the Confidential Information to any third party, without NAR- India’s prior written consent; 7.4.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will promptly inform NAR-India of any potential or accidental disclosure of the Information and take all steps, together with the other party , to retrieve and protect the said Information; 7.5.That EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will ensure that their Personnel and all its employees and/or representatives who are given access to the Information will at all times be bound by legally valid and written non-disclosure obligations under their employment contracts; and 7.6.That the obligation of confidentiality on the EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY will continue even after the cessation of this Agreement and will not apply to information which is or becomes known to the said EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY from a third party having the right to disclose such information. 8. TERMINATION That it is agreed hereby stated that the said Agreement shall be terminated only with the successful performance of their respective obligations and functions by both the Parties 9. MISCELLENAOUS 9.1.NON-ASSIGNABILITY: That this Agreement will not be transferred or assigned by EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY without the prior written consent of NAR—India; In case EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY is required to appoint any sub – agents, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY shall seek NAR – India’s prior approval. 9.2.FORCE MAJEURE: No party will be liable for a failure or delay in the performance of its obligation to the extent that such is caused by reasons beyond its control whether such reasons be foreseeable or not.9.3. DISPUTE RESOLUTION:
  33. 33. 9.3.1. In the event of disputes, controversies, differences of opinion and claims arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or in any way relating hereto or any term, condition or provision herein mentioned or the construction or interpretation thereof or otherwise in relation hereto, the parties will first endeavor to settle such differences, disputes, claims or questions by friendly consultation and failing such settlement, the same will be referred to the arbitration of a Sole Arbitrator who shall be either a retired Civil Judge, or a practitioner of Law, as appointed by NAR-INDIA; 9.3.2. That such decision shall be binding, final and conclusive upon both the parties 9.3.3. That the venue of such arbitration shall be Vadodara, India; 9.3.4. That the cost of such arbitration shall be mutually borne by both the Parties 9.4. SEVERANCE: If any provision of this Agreement is rendered void, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect under any law, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected or impaired thereby. Should any provision of this Agreement be or become ineffective for reasons beyond the control of the Parties, the Parties will use reasonable endeavors to agree upon a new provision which will as nearly as possible have the same commercial effect as the ineffective provision.9.5. NO WAIVER: That no waiver of any provision of this Agreement or consent to any departure from it by any Party will be effective unless it is in writing. A waiver or consent will be effective only for the purpose for which it is given. No default or delay on the part of any Party in exercising any rights, powers or privileges operates as a waiver of any right, nor does a single or partial exercise of a right preclude any exercise of other rights, powers or privileges.9.6. AMENDMENTS: No modification, amendment, waiver, discharge or termination of any of the provisions of this Agreement will be effective unless made in writing specifically referring to this Agreement and duly signed by each of the Parties;
  34. 34. 9.7. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION: This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Vadodara, Gujarat.9.8. FURTHER ASSURANCE: That each of the parties hereto will co-operate with the others and execute and deliver to the other such instruments and documents and take such other actions as may be reasonably requested from time to time in order to carry out, give effect to and confirm their rights and intended purpose of this Agreement.9.9. COSTS: Each of the parties will pay its own legal, accountancy and other costs and expenses incurred in relation to the negotiation, preparation, and execution of this Agreement.9.10. NOTICE 9.10.1. Unless otherwise advised in writing by either party to the other the addresses for service of notice will be as under: If given to NAR-INDIA if given to EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY Mr _______ Mr_______ President, Title_______ National Association Of Realtors, EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY, 9.10.2. Notice will be served in writing either by hand against acknowledgement or by prepaid registered post or by Fax. 9.10.3. All notices, communications, proceedings or any other matter whatsoever, relating to this agreement, will be in English.
  35. 35. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have affixed their signatures on the date(s) written below.hereunto affixed his signature pursuant to the)Resolution passed in the meeting of)Its Executive Committee held on __________ authorizing the saidExecutive Director NAR-INDIA-2013to sign on their behalf)and who has signed these presents in the presence of)12Signed and delivered by the within named __________________)of the said EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY)who has hereunto affixed his signature)pursuant to the Resolution passed in the meeting of )Its Executive Committee held on ____________)authorizing the said __________________________ )to sign on their behalf and who has signed these presents)
  36. 36. in the presence of )12
  37. 37. APPENDIX 1:Consideration and Terms of Payment: Fixed Fee Cheque Dates Fixed Fees (Rs.) Date of Submission of Cheque to NAR- INDIA 30 % On execution of 6th January -2013 agreement 20 % on 1st February 2013 30 % on 1st May 2013 20 % on 31st June 2013 TotalTaxes at the applicable rate, if any will be charged extra. All payments to be made in favorof National Association Of Realtors (NAR-INDIA)) payable at Mumbai to. As agreed upon,the Cheques favoring NAR-India to be handed over to NAR-India.
  38. 38. Annexure VIII TERMS OF REFERENCE BACKGROUND OF NAR- INDIA NAR--INDIA, The Voice for Realtors (real estate consultants , brokers , agents) of India representing over 1500 members from 23 major cities of India and is affiliated to NAR-, USA, America’s largest trade association, representing over 1 million members involved in the residential and commercial real estate industries. Headquartered in Delhi, National Association of Realtors - India (NAR--INDIA) has been fashioned not only as a single national level umbrella organization representing the interests of thousands of realtors / brokers operating all over the country, but also as an organization which aims to elevate the standards of practice of the real estate brokerage business to a global level where ethics, transparency, accountability, rule of law and good governance prevail. History of NAR- – India Conventions:Particulars Venue Total No. of National International Names of Main Delegates Sponsors1st NAR-- Pune 250 250 10 1) Magarpatta Developer.INDIA Magarpatta City 2)Kolte PatilConvention 3)Kumar Builders2nd NAR-- Chennai 350 345 5 1) Marg PropertiesINDIA Taj 2) PrestigeConvention Mahabalipuram 3) Olumpia 4) Shaba Developer3rd NAR-- Hyderabad 1000 985 15 1) Finix DevelopersINDIA Hyderabad Intl. 2) k. Raheja DevelopersConvention Convention 3) Ajmera Developers Centre 4) Kolate Patil 5) Prestige Developers4th NAR-- Mumbai 1200 1192 8 1) Bombay RealtyINDIA Hotel 2) K Hemani GroupConvention Renaissance 3) Vijay Group 4) Rustamaji 5) Prestige Developers
  39. 39. OBJECTIVES OF SERVICES:We invite an event management agency to create and manage signature events on behalf ofNAR-- INDIA for conducting the 5th Annual Convention in Delhi in June 2013. The successfulvendor will need to become familiar with NAR- INDIA functioning and its activities. We inviteyou for bidding to execute this Event.The 5TH Annual Convention of NAR--INDIA is proposed to be held in Delhi where we areexpecting around 1500 delegates. This will be a TWO days Event, full of activities likeEducational Programs, Interactive sessions, Panel discussions with industry Experts,Motivational Sessions, Felicitation Program, entertainment program along with Annual GeneralBody Meeting of NAR--INDIA ( 100 persons ) and Governing Body Meeting of NAR--INDIA (60 persons ).SCOPE OF WORKThe selected bidder shall be responsible for management of end-to-end logistics for the event.Responsibilities include: • Sponsorship Management: Vendor should have wide experience in selling sponsorship, organizing Events and raising the funds for Realtors. • Advertising and Promotion Management- Vendor should have experience and seasoned team with creativity and advertising and promotional skills via Print & Visual Media etc. along with state of art facility office equipped with modern promotional tools. He should have expertise and ability in creating and distributing various publicity material such as printed brochures, e - brochures, collaterals, event promotions handbook, E Mailers, hoardings, etc. • Sales Management: Vendors should have a team of experienced Sales and Marketing professionals with expertise of selling and marketing event to delegates. • Logistics Management: Vendor is expected to manage end to end logistics and venue management for entire event. Hence should have experience team of managing corporate events. He should have experience of Booking Hotels of various categories for the delegates i.e. National & International, guests i.e. National & International, general body members, office bearers of NAR- India. Vendor will hold said annual convention at a venue/ Hotel which is accredited with at 5 least stars. Such venue/ Hotels may be mutually agreed upon by both the parties. • Transportation Management: Vendor should arrange efficient to and fro transportation facility for delegates, guests, General body members, Office bearers of NAR- India from Air port to venue of the event. • Banquet Management: Vendor should have an experienced team of managing Banquet facilities.
  40. 40. • Event Plan Management – Maintaining a task plan that thoroughly details all event milestones. • Event Budget Management – Managing a central event budget and recording all relevant event expenses. • Site Selection – conducting venue research, coordinating site visits and negotiating venue contracts as per the standards set by NAR--INDIA. • Onsite Event Execution – Vendor should designate a fully dedicated team to successfully organize and convey the said annual convention and will provide such suitably qualified and experience and competent personnel and sub contractors reasonably required for performance of services. The Vendor will provide evidence of previous experience, qualifications, and competence of any personal engage in performance in such service as and when asked by NAR-- INDIA. Vendor will employ sufficient number of personnel to provide services in a prompt and efficient manner to the satisfaction of NAR--INDIA. • On Site Service: Vendor should provide following services: o Setting up a Welcome Desk / Registration Desk for delegates o Making proper sitting arrangements for minimum 1200 delegates. o Arrangement of stage, Back drop, banners, projection screen, projectors, Audio Video Arrangement, Sitting arrangement ON and OFF Dias o Arrangement at Board Room for GENERAL BODY MEETING of NAR--INDIA for 100 personnel along with all audio video and sitting arrangements. o Arrangement for Press. Minimum 25 delegates o Arrangement for GOVERNING BODY MEETING of NAR--INDIA to be attending by at least 60 Persons for ONE day. o Arrangement of banquet Facility for TWO days o Arrangement of 1200 delegates as per the Annexure. • Vendor Management – interfacing with all event vendors, such as: audio-visual companies, premium vendors, and caterers, transportation providers, staging companies, photographers and others, banner makers, printers, etc. as needed in consultation with NAR--INDIA. • Premium Management – researching and procuring giveaways for the event – including attendee gifts and drawing prizes, if desired. • Pre-Event Registration – accepting attendee registrations online, via e-mail or via phone and sending confirmations to each registered attendee. • Attendee Evaluations – disseminating a post-event attendee survey and analyzing results to provide you feedback on the event. • Post-Event Analysis – delivering a post-event report detailing event performance against goals to help prepare for your next event including Photo/Video Album approved by Governing body of NAR- INDIA.To make sure our event receives the focus it deserves, you will assign a dedicated ProjectManager to our event. We will also hold weekly event plan and budget reviews with you to track
  41. 41. tasks, costs and progress against critical milestones. Vendor will also provide a monthly MIS andactivity report as per decided time line till March 2013 and thereafter weekly MIS and activityreport till the annual convention is successfully organized.All arrangements shall be done by the event management company in consultation withand after approval of NAR--INDIA.SELECTION CRITERIAAgencies having following minimum qualifications are hereby invited to bid for the events onturnkey basis. 1. A minimum of 5 years experience in conceptualizing, designing, and executing the projects on turnkey basis for organizing the events of national repute. 2. A turnover of minimum Rs.5, 00, 00,000/- (Rs.5 crores) during the preceding financial year i.e. 2010-11 for implementation of Event Management Business in Real Estate Arena. 3. The bidder will have to produce the experience certificate or equivalent having experience of completion of similar nature of work. 4. Tenders without EMD will be rejected. 5. Bidder should have Full fledged Office with Adequate staff will be given preference.