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Student Product Trend Analysis Boards
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Student Product Trend Analysis Boards


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decoding signifiers, trend themes and subculture narratives that can be found in a sourced packaged product.

decoding signifiers, trend themes and subculture narratives that can be found in a sourced packaged product.

Published in: Design

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  • 1. analyzing trends | parsons the new school for designSTUDENTPRODUCT BOARDS 1 TIM STOCK
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  • 3. Fernanda Martins and Anna Chae 3 TIM STOCK
  • 4. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:Harmless Harvest was started in 2009 by Justin Guilbert and Douglas PERSONA:Reboud. They wanted to start a company that cared as much for peo-ple that make their products as the people who buy their products. Joe. It is someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and wants an alternativeThey decided that coconut water was the best starting point because to a sugary juice or energy drink. The consumer is also someone whopeople were just starting to discover it as a natural alternative to energy is willing to spend $3.50-$6.50 on a bottled drink.drinks. There has also been a major increase of coconut water in the enter-“It’s the responsibility of the food industry to stop misleading its cus- tainment and fashion industries, with the celebrity endorsement deals of Rihanna for Vita Coco and constant sponsorship of coconut water- Justin companies for fashion week parties.Justin and Douglas both had little experience in the food and beverage Coconut water is trying to appeal to a broader audience by showing the public that it isn’t just for people with active lifestyles but anyone whostarting their company. wants to be like their favorite celebrity. MARKETING STRATEGY: Health conscious, Active lifestyle, entertainment industry, fashion indus- try, city peopleLaunched in Dec 2009, at a time when Vita Coco had pioneered andmonopologized the coconut water market, Harmess Harvest set out to KEY WORDS:do something completely innovative.They didn’t spend one dollar marketing their product. Unlike com- According to Harmless Harvest, productspanies like Vita Coco, Harmless Harvest didn’t need to cover up it’s like Vita Coco use celebrity endorsements healthy, exotic, low calorie, fat-free, natural, hydrating, Water mission is to let people decide that yoga, conscious, wellness, responsible, environment, HPP,technique that makes their product the best-tasting one in the industry.To eliminate pathogens Harmless Harvest coconut water is treated with - never heated, always harmless, Thailand erably better because they use high pres-a process called HPP or High Pressure Processing. This minimally af- sure processing. PACKAGING:Raw Coconut Water and decided to pick it up for their stores. It is now The key elements that make up the packaging oftheir best selling brand of coconut water. illustrated, home-made looking graphic design and ap- TRENDS: proachable bottle color mostly in black and white with hints of lime green. The bottle stands out on the shelf because there hasThe coconut water trend began around 2008 when people were look- been a major trend in pen and ink illustrated packaginging for a healthier alternative to energy drinks. Brands like VitaCoco with products like DEER DANA t-shirts and brooklynand Zico took over the market with their highly endorsed celebrity cam- based stationary companies.the authentic taste of coconut water from Thailand. DEER DANA illustration, similar to the style of illustration on the Harmless Har- 4 TIM STOCK
  • 5. Product INTRODUCTION Language KEYWORDS AND NARRATIVE ELEMENTS USED TO SELL THE PACKAGE Target Potential Customers and Consumers Culture THAT DRIVES MEANING FOR THIS PRODUCT Missionstatement The Productlanguage is about the basic information that are easy to Expectations of customers: of the product: understand. The product promotes everything what is needed for Man: that need after shave care, easy to understand “The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm aftershave care. The Product promises to achieve certain results. what is inside, and to use, it must be simple but it refreshes and hydrates to soothe the has also to be special skin after shaving. Formulated with shea butter and a touch of grapeseed extract, THE ART OF SHAVING it moisturizes and revitalizes to promote After Shave Balm healthy looking skin. Antiseptic and alcohol-free. Apply to face and neck after shaving.” UNSCENTED Brand Owned by a Myriam Zaoui & Eric Malka. THE ART OF SHAVING “1996 first Shop in New York. A ritual, celebrating the action, something special, Font: black Capital Letters - sans serif ->profound, fixed, fact The Art of Shaving has become the best-sell- Made like a signet, Imprint, masculine ing men’s brand at high-end department indulgent, luxurious, precious stores. THE ART Women: that what expertise, individuality, fine, selected, tool, tradition, longlasting, trust, quality They have succeeded in creating a brand smooth skin of theirSYMBOLIC AFTER SHAVE BALM with a mission, one that promises to be a Font Black, Calligraphy-> profound man and nice prod- household name for generations to come.” round -> soft ucts in their bath- The Mixture of attitudes from the italic-> agil, vivid, openminded, intellectual Availability UNSCENTED room (decorative), time of Louis XIV and the under- naturally, original, authentic easy to identify with 66 Shops all over the country FOR SENSITIVE SKIN /ALCOHOL FREE the product, fun for standing of manliness during the easy for the skin, not stressing the skin, hypochondriac her to buy it time of prohibiton in the USA. Comparable to: innoscent, no guilt GLASS heavy, quality,transparent “Take care of your prescious self ”- a new mantra WITH VITAMNIN C : nutritious, healthy, trustworthy for man: 20$ 25$ICONIC COLOURS: The overstated narcissm from Louis XIV who created Gold - Power, Wealth -> provider (family patriarch) himself a doll-like appearance, by using makeup and Beige - gentle, calm Black - cool, strong, serious, masculine wearing wigs gave men the attitude which focuses Vanilla - soft, wellness, sensible,nursing, light their impression to society. This can be recognized SHAPE/FORM: in the marketing strategy and brand DNA of the Art solid, strong, concrete, which injects the men with power and the feeling of safeness of Shaving. By evocing this need man change their grooming habits. 38$ The Product tells the storry olf barbershop. CODES:Innocence, Artpiece, need for stability, en-INDEXICAL “Despite the economic recession in 2008, the barber shop industry durance, royality, gentlemen Impression has seen continued positive growth.” “Be the man who puts hands The Brand is lead by a man and a wom- on”- a new mantra for man: en, so we can assume to have a good The opportunities to be balance between both gender and their Barbers care and offer a service. Shape the male Identity. Customers want to give more meaning and purpose successfull were boundless accessability to the product. “In addition to its status as a gathering place, the black barber- to their lives. The brand and culture are increasingly and over the whole society. It shop also functioned as a complicated and often contradictory co-dependant. The Art of Shaving creates an aspira- was important to embody this Pricesegmentation microcosm of the larger world. It is an environment that can tional lifestyle, by making the customer associating achetype of a successfull man The premium overall apperance can bolster egos and be supportive as well as a place where phony himself with the brand which transfers this lifestyle in society. justify the price range. The price makes men can be destroyed. to him.Through its modest Product language, its CODES:Manliness,Strength, the product seem even more adorable. It is a retreat, a haven, an escape from nagging wives and the cares easy to adapt to other products. Drive It is something precious. of the world. It is a place where men can be men.” Harris, Trudier (Autumn 1979) WHAT IT IS NOT: WHAT IT IS NOT: WHAT IT IS NOT: WHAT IT IS NOT: low quality, massproduction complex, high tech, extrovertive, loud, superficial fast moving trying to be more then it is Diderot Effect - Culture and Consumption, Grant David McCracken P.214 Instructional Supervision: Applying Tools and Concept By Sally J. SOURCES Sephora, Zepeda 5 TIM STOCK
  • 6. 6 TIM STOCK
  • 7. Holistic healing is really a lifestyle approach. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately; living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness. Adina Holistics Use terms such as resveratrol, vitamins, goji, chamomile, and yumberry directly underneath the flavors to enhance the “healthiness” of the drink. Herbal Elixir Jacqueline Duran & Uyen-nhu Luu Adina: The term “Adina” is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Adina is noble, gentle, delicate, and longing. Monkey: The Adina monkey symbolizes fun, activity, charm and an energetic nature, and playfulness. Inspired by the founder vision to create a world that The monkey also enhances the “ See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil” slogan. "Drinks No Evil", these industry innovators came to- gether to grow Adina and change the way the world does business-one drink at a time. Although the nutrition facts are listed on the back of the Holistic healing means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. Holistic or "wholistic" healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just beverage, the “Drink No Evil” slogan is carefully placed the physical aspect of a person where manifested illnesses are most apparent. at the top right above the ingredients in order to reas- sure consumers that they are drinking a drink with no hidden ingredients. Elixir: a substance or medicine believed to have the power to cure all ills. Herbal Elixir: herb with insomnia that helps boost the immune system and reduce the strength and duration of the common cold, clear sinuses, serves as an anti-anxiety treatment, and countless other clinically proven Gluten Free: Recently, there has been an increased uses. awareness of celiac disease so by placing this label on The three ingredients in the holistically balanced beverage range are: the bottle it makes the beverage more desirable for con- sumers with this disease. People have also begun to be- 1. Ashwagandha – a herb viewed as an adaptogen, which works to normalize physiological function and bal- lieve that gluten is not necessarily healthy and good for ance in the body, particularly via the adrenal glands. your body so this could also add attraction to these 2. Astraglus – Another adaptogen herb, said to be one of the most renowned immune strengthening herbs health conscious consumers. on the planet. Also helps in chronic cycles of infection and illness. 3. Ginseng – A popular herb that helps combat fatigue and stress. The company is dedicated to producing great-tasting, better-for-you fair trade beverages, using only natural and/or USDA organic, directly sourced ingredients from around the world.Trending:A person who embraces the desire to find wholeness within his own being soon learns the importance of tending torelationships, caring for the planet and our environments, having compassion for mankind in general, and acceptingand tolerating differences among a diverse population of people.Holistic practitioners look beyond the limited boundaries of Western medicine to examine the balance of physical,emotional, spiritual, and social or environmental well-being.Physically active, health conscious consumers are the people who may be seeking for healthier alternatives to tradi-tional sports drinks. These people may be enthusiastic athletes who train rigorously as well as people who perform amore relaxed physical system of health exercises, such as yoga. 7 TIM STOCK
  • 8. BETTERAbigail Muir & Shadee Tabasi IT’S IT’S BETTER BETTER Abigail Muir & Shadee Tabasi Abigail Muir & Shadee Tabasi 8 TIM STOCK
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  • 12. ANALYZING TRENDS - ALEX LI + JOY KWON NUTRITION LABEL The ingredients listed in the Nutrition Facts reinforces the substance of Omega contained in the product, reassuring the VIBRANT PACKAGING market’s skeptical consumers. The visibility of the vibrant colors adds to their marketing strategy of displaying their product as a “fun and delicious way to incorpo-SEED YOUR SOUL rate this powerful seed into your everyday life!”“Seed Your Soul” tagline further emphasizes the health benefits theproduct provides. CHIA GODDESS Chia goddess developed as a focal point on the label representing the brand’s essence of ancient wisdom and modern beauty, givingVITALITY BEVERAGE the product a feminine feel.The word “vitality” represents the recent trend of the demand forfunctional beverages as dieting consumers search for the next new OMEGA-3“it” item after acai and pomegranate. By showing the specific level of Omega-3 contained in the prod- uct, the product is able to appeal to health-food early adopters. This works to satisfy the growing demand for Omega-3 in anGLASS BOTTLE increased variety of different food products.See-through glass jar displays the texture, allowing consumers toactually understand what they are consuming, while it also gives the PRODUCT DETAILSappearance of a premium product. The product’s “Gluten-Free &Gives the idea of a “liquid lunch” and the notion of food becoming Vegan” characteristic works todrinkable, which reflects the growing trend of busy consumers’ appeal to America’s growingdemands for convenience in today’s fast-paced world, fitting into the health-conscious population as it“on-the-go” drinkable food category. can also replace eggs in vegan products as well as offering anUSDA ORGANIC alternative to those with nut aller-“USDA Organic” certification works to assure consumers that the gies. The “Lightly Sweetened”product they are consuming is certified and has been produced label works to further appeal to thethrough approved methods, thus creating a trust factor between more mature audience as thethe brand and the consumer. bright colors may suggest high sugar levels. 13 TIM STOCK