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[SIS] Class Introduction Summer 2014
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[SIS] Class Introduction Summer 2014


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class introduction to Summer Intensive Seminar in Design & Management at Parsons the New School for Design.

class introduction to Summer Intensive Seminar in Design & Management at Parsons the New School for Design.

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  • 1. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 Class Introduction 1 Strategic Design & Management Summer 2014
  • 2. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 2 please take a minute to review the syllabus
  • 3. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 print full name nickname (name you use in class) year of study (junior, senior) career focus 3 please fill out the index card
  • 4. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 4 please don’t disrupt the class. Take it outside. ask questions and contribute to class discussion all phones on vibrate please. participate and be respectful
  • 5. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 5 how you will be graded attendance you must be on time and not miss class show effort in assignments/critiques keep great notes and use Pinterest you will work in teams on 4 key critiques participation critiques
  • 6. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 6 ATTENDANCE POLICY all absences must be confirmed by sending me an email via Canvas prior to class 2 = meet with advisor class communication and attendance 3 = WF - class syllabus and schedule - class reading - all class communication (DO NOT use direct email)
  • 7. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 7 DOWNLOAD reading in the MODULES section of Canvas class reading is available on CANVAS PRINT each week’s reading at the START of each week. Keep in a folder and bring to class each day.
  • 8. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 8 get familar with campus computer labs http:// parsons/computer-labs/ 55 West 13th 3rd floor
  • 9. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 9 DO NOT use an existing feed - make a unique feed for this class email me the link this week via Canvas Summer Intensive Seminar set up your own Pinterest feed for this class *
  • 10. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 10 our class Tumblr for extra readings/links
  • 11. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 11 taking pictures and printing them will be useful a digital camera printing in our computer labs 55 West 13th Street
  • 12. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 12 keep a notebook to write/sketch ideas
  • 13. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 13 other materials you will need 30” x 40” foam board (wait to buy this closer to the time of the assignments) basic scissors pens/sharpies post-its
  • 14. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 14 the classroom is our active lab posting data to analyze workshops critiques
  • 15. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 City/Country 15 using the cards fill in and post on the board then pin to the board creating a word cloud < fill in the card NYC/USA < Bangkok/ Thailand Moscow/ Russia Toronto/ Canada
  • 16. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 Career Focus 16 using the cards fill in and post on the board < fill in the card then pin to the board creating a word cloud Advertising < Brand Strategy Packaging Design Urban Planning
  • 17. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 17 say hello tell me a little about yourself
  • 18. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 1 observation 18 4 weeks / 4 themes research methods 2 branding innovation 3 trend analysis cultural analytics 4 business strategy defining business futures
  • 19. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 A C lectures critiques B workshops 19 5 key class components D experts E field trips
  • 20. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 lectures will be posted on Canvas and Tumblr after each class A lectures
  • 21. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 workshops will help us build on class concepts B workshops
  • 22. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 you will have critiques each week C critiques
  • 23. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 observational research/data visualization in week 1 (very informal) C critiques
  • 24. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 24 product analysis boards in week 2 C critiques
  • 25. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 25 trend patterning boards in week 3 C critiques
  • 26. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 26 final presentations in week 4 The Future of_____ C critiques
  • 27. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 guest expert: Jonathan Pollack (author) D experts
  • 28. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 guest expert: Anjeli Sharma (anthropologist) D experts
  • 29. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 guest experts: Cousins & Sears (data visualization) D experts
  • 30. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 30 we will be taking several field trips to build on class concepts E field trips
  • 31. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 31 tour fees I need to collect prior to the visits Museum of the City of New York FIT Gallery Metropolitan Museum Museum of Art & Design $40 per student please have exact amount in cash this Thursday in class E field trips collect week ONE morning of July 2nd.
  • 32. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 32 MCNY: City as Canvas E field trips
  • 33. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 33 FIT Museum Exposed: History of Lingerie E field trips
  • 34. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 34 The MET Guided Tour & Charles James E field trips
  • 35. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 35 MAD Museum NYC Makers Exhibition E field trips
  • 36. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 36 hello... a little about me
  • 37. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 New York City Mexico City 37 i run an insight consultancy
  • 38. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 38 @timstock i use social media as part of the class /timstock
  • 39. TIM STOCK SUMMER 2014 39 see you tomorrow morning readings are on Canvas email me if you have questions