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Analyti x mapping manager product overview presentation
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Analyti x mapping manager product overview presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1 Accelerate Project Delivery Powered by: Analytix Data Services LLC
  • 2. 2 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 2010 2011 2012 • Founded: 2006 • Headquarters: Chantilly, VA • Employees: 200 • Offices: Americas Hyderabad, India • Market Leader (Enterprise Data Mapping) • Leadership (30+ years in Data Integration) • Customers: 700+ • Nearly 50% of Fortune 1000 • Global Customer Base • Government Install Base • Partners/Resellers: • Relationship with TOP 5 System Integrators and Off-Shore Integrators • 20+ Resellers Globally (HP Global Reseller) Informatica Awards: • 2010 Winner; Innovation Award • 2012 Nominated ; Technology Innovation Award • 2012 Most Valuable Partner AnalytiX enables organizations to reduce costs & accelerate project delivery by automating the data mapping process to make it Faster, More Manageable & Collaborative while Auto-Generating ETL Jobs for leading ETL Tool Providers Company Overview - AnalytiX Customers 100% Year over Year Growth
  • 3. 3 Sam Benedict (Biography) Project Portfolio  Software Development / Engineering / Offshore  Rapid prototyping and Analytic Data Set Delivery  Lucent Technologies (5ESS) Process Design  MetaSolv Software (Engineering and Account Mgmt)  Health Care Service Corporation (DW Management)  Essilor of America (DW /Business Intelligence) Sam Benedict is a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence professional who draws from his extensive experience in Data Warehousing and BI to help strategic customers understand the value of AnalytiX Mapping Manager in accelerating delivery - the integration industry’s first enterprise solution to the ‘Source-To-Target’ mapping and governance problem (AnalytiX: Mapping Manager). With more than 20 years experience in technology, Sam is a strategic planner around enterprise data strategy and system development lifecycle improvement. Sam has worked in Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries, globally, and understands the challenges faced by IT resources, as well as business stakeholders in the information management space. AnalytiX Data Services: Vice President, Strategic Accounts
  • 4. 4 International Software and Technology Services Company AnalytiX Data Services Framework Add-On Software The AnalytiX: Mapping Manager solution, is the industry’s FIRST enterprise solution which comprises both a metadata & data mapping repository which solves the “Pre-ETL” Source–To–Target mapping problem and promotes better data quality and standards surrounding the entire data mapping process to make the process faster, more manageable and collaborative.  Central metadata repository to manage data dictionaries  Central data mapping repository to build and version mappings (patent)  ETL code generation capabilities to accelerate ETL Delivery  Open repository & customizable extensions to the framework. CORE: “Out of the Box “Capabilities Application Plug-in Architecture Custom ETL Integration Library Codeset Manager BI Discovery Module SAP Metadata Module Codeset & Reference Data Manager Release Manager Zuzena – Testing Framework ADDED: “Out of the Box “Capabilities
  • 5. 5 Technology Board of Advisors Distinguished Panel of Subject Matter Experts AnalytiX invites select customers with exception standards in data integration and key members of customer integration teams to represent our customer advisory board and contribute to our technology roadmap. Dr. John R. Talburt is Professor of Information Science Program and heads the Data Quality Program with MIT. He is also the Executive Director of the UALR Laboratory for Advanced Research in Entity Resolution and Information Quality (ERIQ LAB). Hewlett-Packard (HP) Enterprise Information Solutions Group Software is a Software & Solutions Reseller & Technology Contributor AnalytiX Mapping Manager is available on Informatica’s Marketplace Community: (Forum for complementary products)
  • 6. 6 Customers Over 700+ enterprises & 50% of the FORTUNE 1000 enterprises rely on AnalytiX Mapping Manager to to manage and govern the data mapping process of data integration projects. Some of our featured customers include:
  • 7. 7 The Marketplace connects buyers and sellers to share data integration solutions within an open and comprehensive ecosystem of more than 100,000 active users : Technology Categories: 8 Technology Solutions: 600+ Grand Prize Winner: AnalytiX MappingManager Solution 2012 Winner Marketplace MVP Contest 2012 Finalist Informatica Innovation Award 2010 Winner Marketplace Innovation Drive AWARDS
  • 8. 8 AnalytiX Platform Enables Organizations To..  Accelerate Delivery – Deliver Faster & Better with Higher Quality Deliverables  Focus on Standards & Process improvements  Lower Costs  Reduce Project Risk  Build Repeatable Process & Solutions  Consistent Use of Transformation rules  Meet regulatory, compliance and process audits  Gain Better Control & Management of Data Glossaries  Gain Better Control & Management of the Data Mapping Process  Agnostic Code Generation for: OTHERS… “Standardize on a consistent approach to data delivery and metadata management (Business Glossaries and Data Mappings)” (Basel, HIPPA, SOX, Solvency II, government etc.)
  • 9. 9 Imagine that… • Think about how you would use the tool internal to your organization or project. • Think about how easy it will be to hand off to your end user as a “Driver’s Seat” that enables them to understand what was done, and to manage it forward, giving a clean exit strategy for integration projects! • Think about the fact that we can set up a proof of concept that takes less than a week, to prove it out in your environment! 9
  • 10. 10 Questions before we look at the tool?
  • 11. 11 AnalytiX Mapping Manager Licensing Models Our license models start with a FREE User License – No Cost Support available as an option for the free user license License Type Benefits Full Enterprise (unlimited users & projects) Allows for immediate widespread, “institutionalization” of improved mapping & downstream process improvements, but implies greater degree of central management and sophistication in data management practices. Named Project (unlimited users) Allows for incremental “take-up” of the mapping tool, team and contractor acclimation/ education, a proving-in period for the solution, but slows the delivery of value across projects, environments, teams and upper management. Cloud / Subscription (unlimited users) Allows project-based benefits “by-passing” installation, infrastructure, & procurement process, by running software on the CLOUD as a Service. AnalytiX offers full support and maintenance packages. Practice License Allows system integration firms and technology partners to package and brand our solution along with their products and services. Pricing model varies depending upon modules used, branding, deployments and strategic relationship with Analytix. Individual Named User Allows for Individual users pricing with write access and a limited number of read only licenses. Ideal for consultants. AnalytiX Delivers Excellence in Mapping Standards 2013 Mapping Manager – License Models
  • 12. 12 AnalytiX™ Mapping Manager - Key Features Data Stage Auto-Generate ‘Pre-ETL Mappings into ETL Mappings (Agnostic approach to ETL) SSIS Packages Features : Mapping Manager Manage and Reuse System Metadata (Data Dictionaries & Data Glossaries) Open Application plug-in architecture extends integration with third pty tools Import Existing Excel Mapping Specifications View technical and business definitions from metadata browser Import/Export Mapping Specifications Role Based Security Store and share project management documentation Reuse and share commonly used transformation logic Store and share system documentation View Mapping Spec resource assignments and statuses Manage Project Resources and Users Track the status of mapping specifications Store and manage mapping Specifications versions Drag and Drop user interface to create and version mappings Perform impact analysis of Tables, Columns and Transformations Supports many to many relationships View data lineage across the enterprise (Lineage Analyzer) Advanced mapping specifications comparison capabilities Print ,share and collaborate on Mapping Specifications Manage Enterprise Transformations at a governance level Automates Creation of ETL Jobs for Informatica, DataStage & SQL Server SSIS Self Documenting, view change and version history Automates import of Informatica ETL, jobs as mapping specifications Print Reports: Mapping Spec, Project Report & System Analysis Report Automates Creation of ETL jobs for Datastage Integration with Erwin, embarcadero and OMG.CWM Standards Automates import of datastage ETL jobs as mapping specifications Supports Excel upload capabilities to store system metadata Seamless install Built in Metadata scanners for all major database vendors No Prerequisite ETL Tool Version requirement Define, maintain and upload data dictionary for systems Central Repository for integration project documentation Advanced search and filtering capabilities Scan & Import System Metadata Customizable integrated data grid Preview data Capabilities from Metadata Browser Advanced search and filtering capabilities Certified to run on Windows, Linux based environments (Ubuntu and Red Hat) Certified on internal repository Oracle DBMS and new versions of SQLServer Power Center
  • 13. 13 . What are the analysts saying? Author: Stephen Swoyer, TDWI Research Analyst Read Article: “AnalytiX aims to shine a light on a not-so-well-known aspect of the ETL process: pre-ETL source mapping and accelerate delivery of projects” Author: David Norris, Bloor Research Analyst (Formerly HP Employee) Read Article: manager-missing-link-moving-data.htmll The Missing Link: “The AnalytiX tool must be essential for everyone who is looking at data warehouses, data migrations, master data management projects and all aspects of data quality”
  • 14. 14 Data Governance Framework Mapping Manager™ (AMM) Governance Lineage & Traceability Auditability Governance across the data movement Architecture
  • 15. 15 Time Intensive Data mappings require multiple resources to work iteratively to define accurate mapping rules. Cumbersome Versioning Lack of traceability and audit controls. Lack of Visibility No visibility into mapping assignments and statuses. Difficult for stakeholders to manage and control the mapping process Manual Data mappings are currently 100 % manual. Non-Standard Organizations are required to identify a mapping process every time a new project has commenced. Error Prone Multiple resource manual entry of mapping information often leads to error prone mappings from miscommunications, overwrites, and data entry errors. Data Mapping Challenges The AnalytiX framework solves these challenges Managing hundreds to thousands of Excel Files - Data Mappings - Data Glossaries - Code Crosswalks
  • 16. 16 Mapping manager enables automatic creation of system metadata (Data Dictionaries) Code Crosswalks , data mappings & enables reuse of transformations, code crosswalks and repeatable mapping process Mapping manager allow many users to work and collaborate on mappings with out overwriting or confusing multiple versions. Mapping manager contains version controls which enable better maintenance of mapping specifications. Mapping manager leverages industry best practices and mapping standards to create a seamless process which does not require resource retraining. Enables analyst to be more productive and more efficient. Increased manageability and control of mappings. Accelerate mappings by 70% Self documenting. Mapping manager enables all stakeholders access to mapping lifecycle analysis to ensure prompt visibility into data integration projects. Enable Automation Leverage Industry Standards Enable Collaboration Increase Productivity Enable Versioning Enable Visibility Mapping Manager Data Mapping Solution Enables
  • 17. 17 Project Planning/Re quirements Database design and modeling Data Cleaning and profiling Define Mapping SPECS ---------------- MAPPING MANAGER ETL QA/TEST Implement/ Deploy The Integration Industry’s FIRST “ Enterprise Solution” to the Data Mapping Problem The AnalytiX Mapping Manager Solution Product Fit in System Development Lifecycle  Automates the Data Mapping Process  Metadata + Data Mapping Repository  Drag n Drop, Build-n-Version data Mappings  Enables Control , Visibility & Traceability  Group & Consolidated STM’s by Subject Area  Mapping Comparison and Impact Analysis  Integrates with leading ETL Tools Providers  Informatica | DataStage | SQL Server SSIS Auto- Generate ETL Jobs
  • 18. 18 INTEGRATION PROJECTS SCENE  Data Warehouse/Data Marts  Operational Data Stores  ERP/Data Conversions  (SAP,JDE, Oracle Applications, Etc.)  Data Migration/DBMS  Re-Platform  (SQL Server To Oracle, Etc.) Initiatives  Master Data Management  Metadata Management  Data Governance & Data Quality  Reporting Specifications  HIPAA Code Conversion (Healthcare)  ICD Code Conversion (Healthcare)  Swift/ISO Conversion (Financial)  Regulatory Compliance (SOX, Solvency II … etc)  Operations Consolidation  Business Process Management  Services Oriented Architecture (SOA integration)  Data Federation Integration Project Business projects USE CASES: Data Movement From Point A to B Mapping Manager BUSINESS PROJECTS
  • 19. 19 Mapping Manager Solution Integrated suite of 3 core modules with Add-on Modules Resource Manager System Manager Mapping Manager AnalytiX Mapping Manager™ Solution Add-On FRAMEWORK Customizable: Extends Mapping Manager capabilities Framework Add-On Software Application Plug-in Architecture Custom ETL Integration Library Codeset Manager BI Discovery Module SAP Metadata Module Codeset & Reference Data Manager Release Manager Zuzena – Testing Framework
  • 20. 20 System Manager •Define, manage and share system information and connectivity specifications •Define manage and share system documentation with multiple users (Data Dictionaries, User Guides etc). •Automatically Load, Refresh, Leverage and share metadata (technical and business) via loading directly from Erwin files or automatically loading from DBMS system catalogs. •Seamlessly manage metadata and profiling of source and target systems. •Accelerate access to source systems connectivity specifications, documentation and metadata. •Eliminate duplicate efforts from silo project teams and loss of knowledge capital due to attrition. Resource Manager Key Capabilities by Module •Add users to the system •Create Integration Project •Allocate users to projects and define roles. •Allocate Source & Target Systems to projects •Allocate project resources and define roles •Easily Load, Manage and Audit Project and SDM •Easily load and share any project level documentation at the project level (e.g. SDM, Compliance Documentations, Project Plans, Release Schedules Mapping Manager •Dynamically create mapping specs using Metadata Browser’s Drag & Drop capabilities •Import existing Excel mapping specifications via import template/CSV files •Support one to many mapping relationships and ability to define derived columns; movement of heterogeneous data sets from /to disparate systems •Ability to attach files such as advanced detail design specifications at the mapping level. •Ability to attach and share files at the project, system, and mapping specification level. •Ability to define encryption requirements for SOX, HIPPA, & PHI sensitive data •Facilitates definition & governance of mapping standards Mapping Manager Modules Integrated suite of modules
  • 21. 21 ETL/ELT INTEGRATION Mapping Manager Solution THIRD PARTY TOOLS Requirements Testing Metadata Etc Flat Files Mainframe Database META DATA REPOSITORY DATA MAPPING REPOSITORY Support for any source SOURCE DATA AnalytiX MAPPING MANAGER™ INTEGRATION WITH LEADING ETL TOOLS REPORTING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE STATS BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION LOGIC AUTO GENERATE ETL JOBS REVERSE ENGINEER ETL JOBS EXPORT  “Out of the Box” Default Code-Generation design patterns  Customizable: Code-Gen template library can be customized to customer best practices ( contact )
  • 22. 22 Inventory of Systems & Data Sets --------------------------------------------------------  Scan & Consolidate Metadata  Manage Data Dictionaries and Glossaries  Manage Data Access Right & Restrictions Modeling Tools Systems File Data Mainframe Data Mapping Repository Metadata Repository AnalytiX Mapping Manager ™Scan metadata Define Mapping Transformation Rules DataSets File Data DBMS Systems Analytical Models Auto – Gen ETL Jobs Open & Integrated Reporting Reverse Engineer ETL (ETL Conversion) Build and version data mappings ---------------------------------------------------------  Create Data Mappings Using Drag n Drop  Version mapping through change process  Analyze Data Lineage & Impact Analysis Auto-Generate ETL Jobs ---------------------------------------------------------  Generate ETL Jobs for Leading ETL Tools  Reverse Engineer ETL Jobs  ETL Conversion Tool Capabilities Data Lineage Analysis Any Source Any TargetData Governance Framework Mapping Manager™ (AMM) Governance Lineage & Traceability Auditability BIG DATA
  • 23. 23 Information Sources Unstructured Data Structured Data Corporate Data Business Intelligence Consumers Queries Analytics Downstream Systems Reporting AnalytiX Integrated into HP Analytical Models Multi- Dimensional Data Information Models Data Governance Framework Mapping Manager™ (AMM) Governance Lineage & Traceability Auditability
  • 24. 24 SCREEN ORIENTATION Mapping Manager Module Project & Mapping Browser Source to Target Mapping Specification Metadata Browser (Data Dictionaries) Previously Versioned Mappings Mapping Details (customizable) Build Mappings using “Drag n Drop” Auto-Generate ETL Jobs
  • 25. 25 Open Repository for Analytics Dashboard Example: Dashboard Analytics from Mapping Manager Repository Solution Offering: Software as a Services (SaaS) for mapping and metadata analytics & reporting
  • 26. 26 Project Sponsor Project Manager Mapping Analyst Tester ETL Developer META DATA REPOSITORY DATA MAPPING REPOSITORY 1. Drag n Drop Build and Version Data mappings 2. Collaborate & View Data Lineage 3. Track Mapping Assignment & Status 4. Manage Enterprise Data Dictionaries 5. Auto Generate ETL /ELT Data Movement Jobs 1. Scan Metadata ( source systems & target systems) 2. Enrich Data Dictionaries Integration Library (Custom XML Templates) Custom XML Templates for Pattern Based Mappings 1. Data Migration Job 2. Type 1 Dimension 3. Type 2 Dimension 4. Type 3 Dimension 5. Fact Table Load 6. Multiple Target Tables Etc… BUILT – IN REPORTING : Mapping Intelligence and Metadata Reports MINE THE REPOSITORY FOR CUSTOM REPORTS CANNED REPORTS (sample) 1. Project Report 2. System Analysis Report 3. # Mapping Specification Report 4. Mapping Validation 5. Data Dictionary Reports 6. Impact Analysis Report (Table | Column | FormattedData Mapping Specification ApplicationsUnstructured Files DatabaseMessagesFlatFilesXMLMainframe | Power Center | Data Stage | SSIS Packages CUSTOMIZABLE ETL INTEGRATION LIBRARY (ADD-ON) Mapping Manager Solution OTHER ETL TOOLS
  • 27. 27 Codeset & Reference Manager (Add-On)  Manage Enterprise Codeset Values and Standards (Data Governance)  Create Codeset Standardization and Cleansing Mappings (Code Crosswalks between legacy system values and enterprise standards)  Govern codes and reference data  Create codes and reference data mappings from operational systems to enterprise standard values
  • 28. 28 Lineage Analyzer End to End Lineage analysis across all mappings, systems and projects
  • 29. 29 Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer ..n Application Layer (customername.war) Database Layer (customername.dbms) AMM AMM AMM AMM Server Sizing Depends on number of users, mappings and metadata scanned. The minimum recommended server size is as follows: • RAM: 16 GBMS | CPU: 1Dual Core Processor | Web Browser: IE version 7 or greater (v 8 + requires compatibility setting) VM Server 1 VM Server 2 VM Server 3 VM Server ..n License Key License Key License Key License Key CLOUD VM Server (Isolated partitioned VM Servers in the Cloud) Each customer will have a dedicated virtual server for each environment. Increased data security and a completely isolated environment which is easily scalable.
  • 30. 30 Data Mapping Repository Metadata Repository AnalytiX Mapping Manager ™ Mapping Analyst / Tech Business Analyst) ETL Developers Quality Assurance Testers Project Leader/Manager / coordinator Data Governance Subject Matter Experts DataSets Systems File Data Mainframe DataSets File Data DBMS Systems Analytical Models Any Target BIG DATA Any Source Master Plan Subject Matter Experts
  • 31. 31 CORPORATE BUSINESS GLOSSARY DEFINITION: CUSTOMER Data Dictionaries (Metadata in AMM) System 1 System 2 System 3 New Module: Business Glossary (Target: 2013) Interacts and relates corporate business terms with system data dictionaries for lineage and deeper data analysis New Module Mapping Manager Module (current release) Data Dictionary Reports
  • 32. 32 Free Weekly Webinars 1. Product & Capabilities Demonstration 2. QuickStart Training Next Steps & Getting Started 1. Download Free Software & Get Started with POC 2. Access our hosted and Cloud Solutions 3. Installation POC Support Services (We will assist) 32 Team Enablement & Next Steps Resources available to you…
  • 33. 33 AnalytiX Data Services LLC 14175 Sullyfield Circle Suite # 400 Chantilly, VA 20151 USA Web: | Corp Tel: 1+(800)-656-9860 | Email: Corporate HQ 14175 Sullyfield Circle, Suite # 400 Chantilly, VA 20151 USA Tel: (800) 656-9860 Email: Sales Sales For sales please call (800) 656-9860 OR (800) 603-4790 or Email sales at: Product Support For technical support please call (800) 656-9860 OR (800) 617-9620 or Email support at