Capability presentation of analytique research


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We cover a wide variety of industries in market research such as Healthcare, IT, FMCG, Telecom and lots more. Our experienced researchers are having great understanding of usability testing, sensory research, brand testing, ad testing, concept development, mystery shopping, community research, chat board, CATI, CAWI, and PAPI.

Only ‘you’are important for us, and we execute your thoughts in reality and support you with our best insights.

We offer flexible marketing research resources and a unique responsiveness (24/7) to your evolving challenges: that’s our motto. In today’s highly competitive market we understand the budgetary constraints and to ensure it Analytique Research serves you the most cost effective solution whatever your budget.

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Capability presentation of analytique research

  1. 1. L o g o Analytique Research
  2. 2. Thoughts Insights Quality Outcomes
  3. 3. Provides market research to help companies make smarter business decisions. Our technology experts partner with you to deliver actionable insights and quality primary and secondary data to reduce risks, increase customer satisfaction, and grow your business. Whether you are launching a new product into the marketplace or desiring fresh insights of your buyers, our research services will enable you to gain a clear understanding of customer and market dynamics. We depend on our intelligence, smart work, and efficient team work.
  4. 4. We are a Full-Service Marketing Research Firm We’re experts who approach research from the grass root level We help our clients find business/marketing answers and solutions for the success of their businesses and convert the query into solution through our experience. Global firms rely on Analytique to deliver market intelligence required to make strategic decisions that support business growth. We design, conduct, manage and coordinate market research projects We deliver insightful, actionable-results and recommendations • Domestic (India) and International Research • Healthcare and pharmaceutical research • Consumer and B2B Research Who we are, What we do... • Leading edge for research tools and techniques • Pioneers in Online Research & Quality Control • Specialized in Qualitative Research and Qualitative Research • Customer Experience Research • Scientific Research
  5. 5. s to take our client to the achievements
  7. 7.  Reframe business need as a research question  Need to know why the question is being asked  Weigh the importance of the question  Identify the audience Confirm that the right question is being asked  Determine whether the question can be answered Questions ??? Solution
  8. 8. Quality Solution Leverage technology and proprietary approaches to gain insight from customers and buyer influencers online media usage. Access thousands of industry experts and interviewees for project support. Deliver deep consumer insights from extensive experience in primary research, specifically related to brand, advertising, an d marketing mix. Provide ongoing insights from primary data and market forecasting (e.g: CRM systems, loyalty card databases, etc.) Observation Research Analytics Questions ??? We have engaged heavily in a broad and deep set of capabilities both in primary and secondary research and combine them as needed for each engagement for our precious clients.....
  9. 9. Price Cut prices Sales, Profits, New customers gained, Market shares, Perceived quality, Stock reduction Product Launch a new product Consumer acceptance, Brand image effect, Target customer profile, Price positioning Promotion Advertising Brand awareness, Brand image, Sales, Market shares, New customers gained, Customer retention, Product positioning, Place Launch e-commerce New customers gained, Sales, Profits, Brand image, Market shares Participants Improve customer contact management Customer satisfaction, Brand loyalty, Customer retention, Perceived quality Process Introduce a customer complaining procedure Customer satisfaction, Customer retention, Brand loyalty Physical evidence Change selling environment New customers gained, Perceived quality, Willingness to pay, Customer satisfaction
  10. 10. Analytique Research is designed to meet each client’s specific business objectives (for healthcare & pharmaceutical, full-services, and scientific research) and research goals. In conjunction with expert field work and primary data collection services, the client determines the topic, scope, and goals of the project Our primary data collection and fieldwork steps Define the project needs & plan Determine the research design Decisions on data types and timeline Determination of cost effective and most appropriate data collection methods Development of data collection forms Sample design Analysis & interpretation, and final reports
  11. 11. Primary data collection Method Secondary data collection Method Primary & Secondary data collection Method •Face to Face(in field F2F, CAPI and PAPI) •Online Interview(web survey, online survey, CAWI) •Telephonic Interview( CATI) Structured & Direct(Questionnaire & Interview) •In depth Interviews, Depth panel discussion •Focus group discussion, KOL •Telephonic depth interview Unstructured & Direct (Sentence Completion/ Picture Interpretation/ Word Association/ Focus groups) •Mystery shopping •Media research, Web survey, reports Structured & Indirect (Observations & Media) •Media research, Web survey, Research paper •Reports Unstructured & Indirect (Observations & Media)
  12. 12. • Customer Affinity/Loyalty/Profiling • Customer Satisfaction and TCE • Needs Assessment • Acquisition & Retention Studies • Branding & Positioning • Messaging • Internal Communications • Investor Relations • Qualitative research • Quantitative research Value added services1 Communicatio ns & PR Research 2 Customer- Centred Research 3 • Ad/Campaign Development & Tracking • Yield Loss Studies • Copy Testing • Co-Marketing Concept Testing • Name/Logo Testing Advertising/DM Research • Attitude & Usage Studies • Segmentation • Brand Equity/Naming • Market Sizing & Forecasting • Trial Market Tests • Usability Testing • Emerging market research Marketplace Research • Market Sizing Analysis • TURF & SWOT Analysis • Conjoint & Choice Models • Discriminate & Regression Analyses • Prime Prospect Analysis • Customer Loyalty & Value Analysis • Drivers of Customer Satisfaction Research Techniques & Analysis 4 5 6
  13. 13. Automotive Market Research Charity and Voluntary Market Research Education and Training Market Research Finance, Investment and Insurance Market Research FMCG including Food, Drink and Household Products Market Research In today hypercompetitive global automotive industry, manufacturers are looking for their brand position. We deliver themselves in a multitude of pertinent data sources and sophisticated qualitative and quantitative analyses to identify relevant and timely trends. We have an enthusiastic team of specialist researchers with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector. The team is dedicated to conducting research on behalf of charities, social enterprises, voluntary and community groups. We are having our own experienced and capable researcher, who are specialized in to educational and training research We are the only growing market research company , having strong experience in finance, insurance market research, and vast knowledge of portfolio and risk management. Our clients are global manufacturer of households products and food beverages, our researcher are ready to show their excellence into this sector Government and Local Authority Market Research This research explore the information needs and the effectiveness of different methods of communication. The aim of the research is to enable the client to produce a guide demonstrating best practice in making information accessible to our clients. Healthcare and Medical Market Research Our global team has extensive experience across a broad range of healthcare markets, reaching multiple healthcare disciplines and industry sectors. Leisure and Tourism Market Research We are having our strong regulatory and risk management capabilities, and our research team are specialized too. Media and Public Relations Market Research Transforming our capabilities into social media and advertising research, which are so needful and compulsory for brand positioning now a days. Property and Housing Market Research Our analyst help clients to gain insightful market research, analytics, and strategic thinking to stay ahead of market trends and maximize risk-adjusted returns Public Services and Utilities Market Research Our capabilities are intended to give you an insight of our experience and the ways working together to get you further ahead. Our primary goal is to understand the needs and add value to it from our knowledge and expertise. Retail and Wholesale Market Research In the face of rising competitors in retail market, we deliver to our client the best understanding of the market and suggest ways to overcome them Aviation & Logistics Unique ability to provide highly detailed insights and information on markets, competition, and client growth opportunities through surveys, interviews, and secondary data. Hospitality We guide our client regarding the latest trends, new products to consider, and an informative reporting site that’s easy to use.
  14. 14. • GPs • Dialectologists • Endocrinologis ts • Gynecologists • Oncologists • Orthopedists • Pulmonologist s • Psychiatrists • Surgeons • Nurses • Pharmacists •Patients themselves •Care Givers •OTC Consumers •National health System Consultants •Heads of Hospital Department s •Heads of Facilities/ Lecturers •Corporate head •Business investor •Consultant •HR, recruiter s •IT, general staff • Youth • Student • Corporate ladies • General consumer • Households • Mystery shoppers • B2B • FMCG • Automotive FOR MORE DETAIL ABOUT ONLINE PANEL VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND DOWNLOAD OUR OWN PANEL BOOK
  15. 15. •Complete transparency with our clients from Day 1. •Over sampling is a common practice in majority of our projects. •Expert insights from 100% in house (full-time) experienced field executive teams. •Strict selection & allocation system of field interviewers based on their past dedicated area of experiences. •To approach every project with a fresh perspective and creative, lateral thinking • To take great care with details and proper research protocols for trustworthy results • To provide senior staff involvement on every project • To deliver high quality, high value and highly actionable marketing insights • To be your trusted consultant – aware of the issues that generate the need for the research
  16. 16. Contact Number: 91 011-46709986 Email Id: Website: We are always ready to serve you quality insight without wasting your quality time........
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