SMX Israel 2013 - Analytics Presentation - Segmentation & Goals


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  • I like to use the keystone metaphor when it comes to analytics. It holds it all together.If you have a website, the ability to measure it, analyze the data, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT is mission critical.If you’re spending $$$ to bring people to your site, or on design and development, analytics must be a part of the mix.
  • Having worked with businesses in a lot of different industry verticals, I can confidently say that analytics is important to everyone and needs to be tailored to each business.
  • Don’t just compare Site Search vs. No Site Search  compare apples to apples.
  • These reports under the ecommerce section are just for a single campaign. Don’t use them.
  • SMX Israel 2013 - Analytics Presentation - Segmentation & Goals

    1. 1. About Analytics NinjaFounded 2010Web Analytics = <3Twitter  @analyticsninjaOnline Marketing Philosophy –Web Analytics is the keystoneof any successful online marketing
    2. 2. About Analytics NinjaLoves working with fun businesses
    3. 3. Goals• Goals are things youwant someone to do onyour website.• Usually a sale, leadgeneration formsubmission, newsletter signup, or the like.Helps answer question posed during planningstage, “how do I measure impact on my business?” @analyticsninja
    4. 4. GoalsThe simplest type of goal is a pageview.This means that a visitor viewed a particularpage, most commonly the “thank you” page ofsome sort of lead generation form or onlinecheckout.This is known as a macro-conversion @analyticsninja
    5. 5. How to set up a funnel • 1st, Learn some Basic RegEx (really) • Choose URL Destination • Goal URL is the url that each step in the funnel is leading up to. • Don’t include the Goal URL in your funnel steps • Include a goal value in most cases. @analyticsninja
    6. 6. Funnel Visualization ReportExit is from furthest place reached in the funnel @analyticsninja
    7. 7. Better than Funnel Visualization Report @analyticsninja
    8. 8. Also Better Than GA Funnel Visualization @analyticsninja
    9. 9. Micro Conversions / Other Goals• Steps along the conversion path such as view of category page, product page, add to cart.• Engagement Metrics such as Page Depth or Time on Site• Touch points such as newsletter signups, free site registrations, live chats, whitepaper downloads, contact us page. @analyticsninja
    10. 10. How to set up Page Depth & Time on Site Goals @analyticsninja
    11. 11. How to choose Page Depth & Time on Site Goals
    12. 12. Goal & Funnel Segmentation @analyticsninja
    13. 13. Goal & Funnel Segmentation - BROWSER @analyticsninja
    14. 14. Goal & Funnel Segmentation – Screen Resolution @analyticsninja
    15. 15. Goals & Funnels• Category Pages• Product Pages• Page Depth greater than X• Time on Site greater than X• Each checkout step (for ecommerce)• Other touch points (contact us forms, newsletter signups, live chat, downloads). @analyticsninja
    16. 16. Segments:• Segment by each of bullet points on previous slide• Browser (identify browser compatibility issues)• Screen Resolution (not all of your prospects have that beautiful 27” screen you have). @analyticsninja
    17. 17. Additional “Must Have” Segments• Bounced visits • Social Media• Site Search • No Site Search & 4+ pages• Branded Keywords • Non Branded Keywords• Mobile devices • Non-Mobile• New Visitors • Returning Visitors / High Count of visit Example: Screen Resolution issues may matter a lot less to your returning visitors than to your new visitors @analyticsninja
    18. 18. Challenge - Pan Session Analysis @analyticsninja
    19. 19. Challenge - Pan Session Analysis @analyticsninja
    20. 20. Pan Session Analysis @analyticsninja
    21. 21. Pan Session Analysis @analyticsninja
    22. 22. Use Multi Channel Funnels @analyticsninja
    23. 23. Use Multi Channel Funnels @analyticsninja
    24. 24. Put them together @analyticsninja
    25. 25. One of my favorite Conversion Segments @analyticsninja
    26. 26. One of my favorite Conversion Segments @analyticsninja
    27. 27. A Note about Direct Traffic• Direct Traffic in Multi Channel Funnels is treated differently than in standard reports.• In standard reports, the last campaign touch will remain the source of traffic for 6 months (by default)• In Multi Channel Funnels, any “direct visit” will be counted as direct. @analyticsninja
    28. 28. Summary• Set up goals to report on business objectives and key user behaviors on your site.• Segment, Segment, Segment!!• Use Multi-Channel Funnels for a more accurate view of user behavior on your site.• Be a ninja
    29. 29. Contact InfoYehoshua Corenninja@analytics-ninja.comTwitter: @ analyticsninja