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Event Tracking in Google Analytics - SMX Israel 2012


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Presentation from SMX Israel 2012 about Event Tracking and why you need to be using it. :)

Presentation from SMX Israel 2012 about Event Tracking and why you need to be using it. :)

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  • If you not using advanced segments, you’re probably not doing very good analysis. Similarly, if you’re not using event tracking and custom variables, you’re not collecting the type of data you need to make good decisions.
  • You’ll definitely need a developer. Also consider checking out from the good folks at Analytics Pros
  • Make sure to keep naming conventions and spelling consistent
  • Where are people clicking? How are they browsing?
  • Clicktale or Crazyegg can be excellent tools for in page analytics. But event tracking can be equally, if not more, powerful.
  • Ever wonder how many people are using cross sells and upsells? Is it a good use of precious web real estate?
  • Custom Variables = “who is using my site.” Events = “what are they doing.”
  • Make your site more effective. Use event tracking
  • Transcript

    • 1. About Analytics NinjaFounded 2010Web Analytics = <3Twitter  @analyticsninjaOnline Marketing Philosophy –Web Analytics is the keystoneof any successful online marketing
    • 2. About Analytics NinjaLoves working with fun businesses
    • 3. The Litmus Test↓ Analysis ↓Advanced Segments↓ Implementation ↓ Event Tracking & Custom Variables
    • 4. Goal of this presentationEvangelize why it is important to track more thanjust pageviews.Yes, I’m going tosuggest youTRACK EVERYTHING(well, almost).
    • 5. Really, it’s not that hard. Anatomy of Event Tracking in Google Analytics • Category • Action • Label • Value • Non-Interaction
    • 6. Important Tip of the Day: Consistency Category, Action, & Label can be anything you want • Keep Category the most broad • Action describing what happens in the Category • Label describes Actions
    • 7. Use Case #1 - Navigation
    • 8. onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, Refine, Finish, Bronze]); "
    • 9. What would theAction Item be?Test different ordering ofnavigational refines to see ifconversion rates are improved.
    • 10. Use Case #2 – Category Pages
    • 11. Use Case #2 – Category Pages
    • 12. Use Case #2 – Category Pages What next? Test different product presentation of “Best Sellers” Populate ‘Label’ with SKU and measure impact of testingdifferent products as best sellers
    • 13. Use Case #3 – Cross Sells
    • 14. Use Case #3 – Cross Sells
    • 15. Interactions which don’t load a new page
    • 16. Interactions which don’t load a new page
    • 17. opening…
    • 18. fully open
    • 19. Product Pages
    • 20. Events + Custom Variables = Awesome
    • 21. • Navigation What should I track?• Cross Sells• Up Sells• Product Presentation• Mouseovers• Video Views• Form Fills / Abandons• Modal Overlays• Downloads• Outbound clicks