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Throughout our brand management class with Philippe Guguen at Kedge Business School, we have executed a brand audit on Durex. Find out our recommendation and our prism !

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  • Milestones- 1970: First condom brand to advertise in many countriesUREX include 3 essential qualities for Durability reliability and excellence
  • 1990: First condom brand to adopt a Global"seal of quality" as standard 1997: Durex is the first condom company to conduct and publish a global surveySourceshttp://www.durex.com/fr-fr/pages/default.aspx
  • Durex Brand Audit

    1. 1. Brand Audit DUREX Anaëlle BAYET Anouk COLLETTE Anne-Laure DUMAS Louis GUEGUEN Alexandre MEVIL BLANCHE Stéphane SAINT DENIS
    2. 2. Company Presentation “Durex promotes the responsible enjoyment of customer’s sex lives” Core activity: Condoms Proliferation of pleasure with : Lubricants and vibrators Focus: education and sexual health Company: 5000 employees in 17 factories over the world Number of condoms: 4 billions per year, worlwide (26% durex) 30% of market share Turnover 946M € (2011) Leader in 40 countries and 2 in USA (1st is Trojan)
    3. 3. Timeline 1915 1929 Creation of London Rubber Company (LRC) 1950 1960 2010 LRC registers DUREX has a brand Durex releases its first lubricated Condom The world’s first anatomically shaped condom is released by Durex Durex isbought By Reckitt Benckiser
    4. 4. Marketing Mix - Product
    5. 5. Marketing Mix - Price Different range of price Condoms: from 3,60€ to 11,95€ Lubricants: from 6,15€ to 7,60€ Sex toys: from 7,50€ to 74,90€
    6. 6. Marketing Mix - Place Places :Worldwide strategy Pharmacies Supermarkets:Carrefour (Fr/GB), Colruyt, Delhaize (NL) Online:dedicated website, online stores Sex shop Condoms dispensers With a slight difference, the products areavailablethe same types of distributors.
    7. 7. Positioning & Segmentation Protection & pleasure / humour New Technologies incorporated : High investment in R&D DUrability – REliability – eXcellence : Durex, a name very catchy Before / After: evolution of the logo and of the positioning Large public : Every product answers to different Demands Young people : low price condoms Young adults : Better feelings, more comfort For curious people : New experiences (feeling or design) heat up their sex life
    8. 8. Marketing Mix - Promotion Not easy to differentiate a brand in that sector All similar products Need of original and captivating promotion. Evolution of the general Durex promotion strategy 80’’: very sober publicity, strong control and no humour 90 ’’: less regulation, emergence of sensuality 2000: sex/protection is universal and concerns everybody, democratisation of sex Today: fun and original. Durex can use humour thanks to its reputation of reliability. “Sex is for everybody but safety first !”
    9. 9. Videos 1st advertising http://www.culturepub.fr/videos/durex-preservatif-lapins?hd=1
    10. 10. General Strategy Create the buzz Use of the paradox between prevention and humour Adapted to the countries culture Customer proximity to put them at ease Democratization of sex: encourage dialogue, share ideas… 360 communication : follow up generations at different stages of their life
    11. 11. Advertising & TV spot Different thematic and message HUMOUR DUREX PERFORMA DUREX XXL Enjoy the other side
    14. 14. Street Marketing Always original and surprising
    15. 15. Events Loveville (2013) Concept: Competition between the 15 biggest cities of Italy The one that buy the most condoms and and sex toys during 2 months Communication: creation of a website, prints, radios, videos webs and Guerilla marketing Payback: around + 45% of sales – more than 850 000 visits on the event website.
    16. 16. Partnerships Music Festivals: Solidays, Eurockéennes de Belfort, Les Vieilles Charues… Solidays: Bungee jumping operation during the festival « s’envoyer en l’air’ Les Vieilles Charues: free distribution of condoms
    17. 17. Online Promotion Strong presence on the internet Strategy of customer proximity to put them at ease WEBSITE Institutional website: www.durex.com. 79 websites dedicated E- commerce via durexstore (available in selected country) DUREX NETWORKS In partnership with global and national non-governmental organisations (NGOs), politicians and policy makers, healthcare professionals, educators and United Nations agencies. 5 main components: global partnership, advocacy, social marketing, research and information.
    18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Account adapted to the location BANNER Purchase of banner on their partners website and on some radios (in France: Skyrock) SMARTPHONE APPLICATION Durexfundawer: connected underwear Baby durex: simulation of having a new born (more info on responsibility part)
    19. 19. Brand development Vertical integration (upstream) : production activity Factory in Manchester (UK) = mass production = distribution cost savings Brand extension Symbolic extension : underwear, apps baby, pillows “last longer” Functional extension: condoms (different range), lubricants, sex toys
    20. 20. Extension Range Range Complement Different flavours of condoms: Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Banana Range Extension Different types of condoms (15): pleasure, mix, contour, natural, jeans, orgasmic… Brand Extension Lubricants & Sex toys
    21. 21. Opel Corsa : coadvertising « For pleasure with security, durex recommends Opel Corsa » Co Branding Magazine Humo:Humo offered 2 durex condoms. They made a special first cover (painting animals on bodies). MTV : #someonelikeme created a movement to start a global conversation about sex. Share stories about sex.
    22. 22. Product placement Twitter : Durex asked theirs users what they planned after Eid? Because they knew that after the Ramadan, sexual acts are allowed again. Being married and having sex, it’s a sign of adoration. Movies & series: shameless (USA) Airline Company : After presenting the usual safety rules in the plane, a steward described how to use a condom.
    23. 23. Internationalization Present in 21 countries (See white country on map) Distribution over 150 countries Leader in 40 countries including France Sales distribution: 76% Europe, 19% Asia, 5% America Employees distribution: 65% Europe, 34% Asia, 1% America
    24. 24. Glocalization Obstacle to go abroad Contraception habits: pills, IUD, competitors (manix, Trojan, Hansaplast) Religion: sex before wedding prohibited Political Cultural & Standards: conservative image of the couple Price Product Distribution Condoms: worldwide distribution (ATL) Lubricants: variable distribution according to countries (OTL) Sex toys: NOT distributed in certain countries (BTL)
    25. 25. Glocalization Communication & operations ATL: humour, Dance4life BTL: more controlled (arabic countries), daring (occidental countries) Message Arabic countries: security Occidental countries: pleasure & fun
    26. 26. Responsability RESPONSABILITIES Several worldwide interventions Objectives of Durex: To INFORM& to make people SENSITIVE ABOUT RISKS Association with Heath minister, Family planning and Schools Examples of Actions: Condom distribution with informative prospectus. Group of discussion : Austria, Malaysia DANCE4LIFE SIDACTION PROGRAM H – HORA H YAARI DOSTI TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY
    27. 27. DANCE4LIFE « A WORLD WITHOUT AIDS IS A REALISTIC GOAL » Found in 2003 International youth movement Fight against HIV and AIDS with music, dance and media Objective: to inform and empower about risks to young people DUREX : one of the main Partner, support the event World AIDS Day event Ghana 2013 Dance4life event in Argentina 2013
    28. 28. SIDACTION « FIGHT AGAINST AIDS IN FRANCE AND IN THE WORLD » Sidaction: Collects funds (public and private donation 50% distributed for researches 50% for AIDS diseased : better access to medicine, treatments and psychological support DUREX - Partner of Sidaction. - Provides about a thousand of free condoms during events. - Bar code on Durex packaging: consumers choose the association to which Durex will offer a condoms during the Sidaction. Durex Sidaction Africa
    29. 29. PROGRAM H CHALLENGE EQUITY GENDER & AWARENESS TO HIV Launched in Rio de Janeiro in 2002 Brazilian men between 15 to 24 years old Created groups of discussion to make people talk about women, violence, (unwanted) pregnancies and STD infections, HIV in order to change their behaviors Creation of a special Condom “Hora H” DUREX: Provides condom and technical expertise
    30. 30. YAARI DOSTI « YOUNG MEN REDEFINE MASCULINITY » Means « bonding among men » Group of discussion for men : To talk about masculinity, sexuality and violence Gender equity : change men attitudes DUREX: Provide condoms and expertise
    31. 31. TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY Students took their clothes off and enter in a giant condom. Collect funds for Aids Task Force Israel Important communication around this event. DUREX: Organizer of the event. Increase awareness about importance of safe sex among young people
    32. 32. MOBILE APPLICATION Durex use an other argument that HIV and STD : a baby Convince guys about the importance of using condoms Simulation of having a new born via an app
    33. 33. Identity Elements GUARANTY BRAND Physical Logo: Blue Signature: Love Sex Packaging: colorful Relationship “Love sex” Encourages us to let loose by getting the best of our sex life Reflection They are men and women, in a “relationship”, in the midst of a busy life Personality Light hearted, fun, daring, responsible Culture English – Pleasurable and safe lifestyle Self Image Consumers like having sex in a safe and fun way