2010       I N T E R N A T I O N A L       C O N F E R E N C E                                   tack awards              ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E     R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0 ...
I   N T   E     R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S    V   E   G   A   S   2   0...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A    L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0  ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L    C   O   N F   E   R    E   N C   E   >>> l A      S     V   E   G   A   S    ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S        V       E   G   A   S  ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O    N F      E    R   E   N C       E   >>> l A   S     V   E   G   A   S...
I   N T    E   R   N A T     I   O   N A   L    C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A      S     V   E   G   A   S  ...
I   N T    E   R    N A T       I   O   N A     L       C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S     V   E   G   A ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T    I   O   N A   L    C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A     S     V   E   G   A   S   2 ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T    I   O   N A   L   C       O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E       >>> l A     S   V   E   G   A   S...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A    S    V   E   G   A   S   2   0 ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I    O   N A    L     C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C    E   >>> l A       S     V    E   G   A   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A     L       C   O    N F     E    R   E   N C   E   >>> l A      S     V   E   G   A...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L    C   O   N F   E    R   E   N C   E   >>> l A    S     V   E   G   A   S   2  ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
I   N T   E   R   N A T   I   O   N A   L   C   O   N F   E   R   E   N C   E   >>> l A   S   V   E   G   A   S   2   0   ...
2010 Tack Post Conference Magazine
2010 Tack Post Conference Magazine
2010 Tack Post Conference Magazine
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2010 Tack Post Conference Magazine


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2010 Tack Post Conference Magazine

  1. 1. 2010 I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E tack awards competence masterclasses contents attackinG team - Global solUtions 2 takinG proactive action 4 moments oF inspiration 6 tHe best oF tack spirit 10 tack attack awards 12 indUstrY insiGHt sessions 16 cool ideas 17 tack Global marketplace 18 core competence masterclasses 20 power brieFinGs 24 learninG insiGHts & action planninG 25 post-conFerence activities 26
  2. 2. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Working together as a true ATTACKING TEAM to provide GLOBAL SOLUTIONS to clients locally and We have been designing and preparing this Conference with a vast commitment, huge dedication and enormous excitement with to leverage on a number of significant new devel- opments of know-how as well as newly acquired knowledge and newly developed competence to internationally! a single aim in mind: to provide all participants drive the progress of your local TACK operations with important tangible value to bring back to your and teams to a higher level of success. In a global business environment that is changing in a countries. An extended team of colleagues from And we were thrilled to hear all participants different countries have been working hard for a saying that this was the BEST CONFERENCE faster pace than ever experienced before in our times, it long time in order to ensure that you would be able EVER! is of paramount importance for TACK to further strengthen our unique competitive advantages and to deliver our brand This year we have managed to bring together a number of internal TACK Experts as promise. It is extremely important to work together as a well as a number of External Experts. It is a unique combination that allowed us to true ATTACKING TEAM to provide GLOBAL SOLUTIONS to learn from the very best coming from within the TACK Family and from the market. clients locally and internationally! As a result, we had an amazing collection of: 5 Keynote Addresses, 3 Awards MasterClasses, 3 Industry Insight Sessions, 1 Area Session, 7 Core Competence MasterClasses, 18 Power Briefings, and 3 Post-Congress Learning Events, What an incredible wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that was! And of course, since we were in Las Vegas we had an entertainment programme through out the Congress that was nothing less than fabulous!02
  3. 3. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Andwe w e r e thrilled tohear allpar t i c i I’m grateful to our guest keynote speakers and to our many pants TACK and TMI friends from around the world that made an awesome contribution to the huge success of this Event. saying I’m also grateful to the members of the TACK USA and TACK Mexico Teams, and to Bogdan and Calli, for work- thatthis ing very hard and for a very long time to prepare this unique Event. A big "thank you" goes to Simon our bril- wasthe liant emcee. I have an exceptionally special thank you for our hosts, Janelle and Vicky! B E S T It was a truly inspiring, memorable, once-in-a-lifetimeIn 2010 for the first time we have decided to organise both the TACK and TMI Events (i.e. TMI is the sister company of TACK) on the same days and in the same coun-try/city/venue. We did not merge the TACK and TMI Events but we had them run in C O N experience! I’m really thankful for the fortune and the privilege of sharing this stunning learning experience and, also, havingparallel. This allowed us to achieve the TACK-specific objectives and the TMI-specificobjectives concerning development and growth, while creating an opportunity for our F E R E great fun with all of you in Las Vegas!TACK and TMI colleagues to establish a closer personal relationship with each other, tolearn more about the other brand and, finally to be in a better position to more actively N C E I feel deeply honoured and extremely proud to be a member of the TACK Family!!!explore and utilise opportunities for cooperation and synergies both in the local marketsand the international market, where applicable. EVER! Kostas 03
  4. 4. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Taking proactive and effective action, because the crisis may not last long enough... As Warren Evans, one of our keynote speakers, put it: the greatest danger in this current recession is that it may not last long enough. That is, long enough for some organisations to wake up, realise the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity they have and take advantage of it. While most businesses focus on surviving the next few months, a few select ones are also thinking about what they need to do differently to leap forward when this is over.04
  5. 5. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 H istorically, each Conference has been special in its own way, and this year was aIn TACK we have been working towards this direction, and with this shining example. We strongly strategic objective in mind, since the very beginning of the global crisis. believe that after a period of toughWe have been taking action, to expand our pool of clients, to enrich our know- markets and stretching effortshow and offering, to strengthen our business development competence and to remain at the forefront, it wascapacity, to sharpen our value proposition, to develop world class marketing more important than ever to getmaterials, to build up our competence in designing and delivering integrated together, share and learn fromsolutions and to further align our collective efforts on a global scale. each other. Undoubtedly, this Event not only boosted the spiritThe focus of this year�s Conference was to significantly accelerate the pace of and motivation of our teams,our progress. It was all about preparing to make the most of the opportunities but also gave a healthy dose ofthat the recovering markets offer us worldwide to strengthen our position both business development ideas,locally and globally. We focused our attention on how we can best leverage topped off with a dash of importantour offering in our key areas of focus to address existing and emerging market competence development. Now,demand. This meant a combined focus on thought leadership, latest trends, IP back in your home countries, it isutilisation, competence development, and business development throughout your call to use what you learnt,the Conference. share it, and make the most of it! 05
  6. 6. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Moments of This year we wanted to offer extreme value to all participants by having some of the most sought-after keynote speakers to share their expertise and wisdom with us. Throughout the Conference we invited an impressive selection of celebrity keynote speakers to share their stories and insights, Inspiration stimulate our thinking, and spur us to take action. It has been a �treasure� of insights that allowed us to better assess the current market conditions, better understand the clients and better analyse current and expected future trends. W. W. Mitchell, International Keynote Speaker, Evans, Master Strategist - "Where in the Author and Triumphant Victor - "Being World is the World Going? - Strategy, Unstoppable." Trends and the Business of Learning." In his opening keynote address, Mitchell challenged us to stage Warren Evans is a man with a decades-long track record of a jailbreak. A break from the mental �jail� we tend to create for being ahead of the curve in predicting the future. He looks at ourselves through self-imposed limitations as we face setbacks the major trends, how these are interacting with each other, and and adversity - in business, and in life. Mitchell, undefeated by a the strategies successful organisations are using to recognise blazing motorcycle accident and a paralyzing plane crash four opportunities, and then create competitive advantage from these years later, learned to take responsibility for the countless changes insights. His message for us? For many the biggest danger in this in his life. Whether coping with devastating burns over his body current recession is that it won�t last long enough. There are two we invited an or being sentenced to life in a wheelchair. He was determined to kinds of organisations today. There are those hunkered down, maintain control, cope with the changes, and prosper. His life clearly focusing purely on the next few months thinking "how do we get illustrates that no matter what happens to you, most limitations through all this thing, how will we survive?" And then there are are indeed self-imposed. Step by step, Mitchell moved forward those that spend 10-20% of their time thinking "what do we need impressive with his life. He became an internationally acclaimed mayor -who to do differently when this ends?" Because we all know it will end, saved a mountain-, a successful businessman who put thousands we have been through this kind of thing before. We know that in of people to work, a congressional nominee from Colorado, and a every marketplace 12-18 months after this ends the pecking order respected environmentalist and conservationist who repeatedly will have changed. Those who were last may well become first. If testified before Congress. In his keynote he calmly encouraged us to accept challenges, embrace change and take action, and left us with a message that unexpected changes can become exciting new selection we�re not taking this opportunity to rethink why we�re doing what we�re doing, how we�re doing it, where we want to go with this, and what we need to do to get there - we�re missing a tremendous starting points. "Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I opportunity, because half of the universe is hunkered down and could do. Now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I�ve W. Mitche l l focused purely on the next few months! W.Evans lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left."06
  7. 7. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 of celebrity keynote speake r sM. Willis, Global Head of L&D, Tyco Electronics - "What Large Companies Expect from their Global Training Partners."With a history of 50+ years of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$10.3 billion globalprovider of engineered electronic components like cables and connectors for thousands ofconsumer and industrial products. If it wasn�t for Tyco Electronics, your laptop computerswouldn�t start, cars would stop in the middle of the road, and airplanes would fall off the sky.The company operates in 52 countries employing over 85.000 employees. L&D Leader MikeWillis addressed us on what global companies expect from global vendors, like TACK and TMI.His key messages? Someone who claims to be global should in fact be global. That is, havepeople placed in relevant locations throughout the world, with the right level of expertise, ableto adapt contents to local culture, and deliver in local language, consistently. Flying trainersin does not allow for that. It is this unique combination of consistency and adaptiveness thatis a winner, and TACK and TMI no doubt have that capability. Tyco Electronics needs anextended team on their side, a truly valued partner. They say "If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go with others." Tyco Electronics plans on going far. What�s neededis consistency, reliability, and repeatability of high added value learning programmes andservices. Truly understanding and listening to what the customer has to say. Some vendors to share theirjust don�t seem to listen. During the sales process they sing a song "oh, I can do that", andthen fail to deliver upon their promise. TACK and TMI actually practice what they preach.Alignment with values like integrity and accountability are essential. Mike closed with a storiescomment, that in a way TMI and TACK is a lot like Tyco Electronics: "Large, doing importantand great work, yet a lot of people don�t know who we are. Perhaps they should." 07
  8. 8. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 J.W. Hayzlett T.Hsieh J. T. W. Hayzlett, former CMO of Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com - Eastman Kodak - "Lessons from "Delivering Happiness - a Path to Kodak�s Near-Death Experience to Profits, Purpose and Passion." It�s Thriving Redefinition Today." The hip, iconoclastic CEO of Zappos.com - currently Change agent, thought leader, and sometimes the most in-demand keynote speaker in the US - cowboy, Jeff Hayzlett is a social media and addressed us on "Delivering Happiness - a Path to marketing expert and Kodak�s former Chief Marketing Officer. With Hayzlett at the helm of Profits, Purpose and Passion." In 1999, at the age of 24, Tony Hsieh sold LinkExchange, the Kodak�s marketing and business development initiatives, the company experienced record company he co-founded, to Microsoft for $265 million. He then joined Zappos, as an adviser growth, unveiled revolutionary new products and has established a global brand as a leader and investor, and eventually became CEO, where he helped Zappos grow from almost no in cutting-edge research and product development. Jeff started out by asking: "How many of sales to over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales annually, while simultaneously making you bought a roll of film last year? Welcome to our world." Kodak went from USD 15 billion Fortune magazine�s annual list of "Best Companies to Work For." Zappos was acquired to 200 million in sales in just 5 years. Their business evaporated. Their revenues are once by Amazon in November 2009 in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing. In his again over USD 10 billion. In 1976 Kodak invented the digital camera, just put it to one side, as keynote Tony showed us how a very different kind of corporate culture is a powerful model for business in film was good, so it wasn�t necessary to change. 40 years later they had to become achieving success - and how by concentrating on the happiness of those around you, you can a digital company pretty fast. Today 40% of all commercially printed material is touched by dramatically increase your own. His key message? Concentrating on something you�re truly Kodak technology. They weren�t in that business 5 years ago and today they are number 1 passionate about, and building a business around that with a culture where talented people can in market share worldwide. The Kodak online gallery boasts 75 million paying members and be themselves, where they can connect with each other, do work that�s meaningful to them hosts 5 billion high-resolution photos. And that�s because Kodak has probably the only product and with a purpose, where they can be part of something larger than themselves will likely that people would run back to a burning building to save. 70% of their business used to be in bring about financial success, too. The success story of Zappos.com is testament to how the traditional business frame, today that�s all digital. They also swung from a B2C to a B2B non-conventional ways of really putting people first and releasing the potential of your people business model. 13 products drive 80% of revenues, each of them number 1, 2, or 3. If they makes business sense. Their organisational model is no doubt one of today�s pioneering cannot make it to the top 3, then they move out fast. And half of these products did not exist examples of emerging new organisational models of our century. 5 years ago. His message? When businesses get back to the core of who they are, and who they want to be, and get serious about making that happen - that�s when businesses excel. How about us? Is our business alive and kicking, or is it just lying on the floor? What is our core, what is our brand all about and what does it take for us to excel?08
  9. 9. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 J.Barlow J. Barlow, CEO TACK & TMI USA - "Branding Service, Branding Sales." Janelle addressed us on the topic of how sales and servicego hand-in-hand to enhance the customer brand experience, generatingrevenue and profits. She demonstrated how closely customer satisfactionand market valuation correlate. A fundamental truth is that looking atservice only, when trying to improve customer satisfaction, is not enough.In fact, often the very first customer experience is a sales experience!There are opportunities to improve customer experience from a rational(price, functionality), or an emotional (brand) perspective, but the lattertends to influence customer loyalty substantially more. Only one can be thecheapest, all the others must use their brand! A shift is needed in the salesapproach from selling to a customer, to creating a customer. In the brandcontext sales is about the brand promise, whereas service is about thebrand experience - the two must be closely aligned. As Peter Drucker onceput it: "The purpose of any business is to create customers." This clearlysuggests a lot of business opportunities for us out there! 09
  10. 10. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 The best of.. the TACK ATTACK Spirit!10
  11. 11. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 11
  12. 12. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 The TACK ATTACK Awards were TACK Partner Country of the Year introduced last year to celebrate Acknowledging outstanding overall performance and the TACK Brand in action through progression of the TACK Brand. recognising our most outstanding TACK China - Awardee success stories, team and person- TACK Denmark - Awardee al accomplishments - both internal In 2009 we had to operate in the most challenging business environment and external. that we have faced in years. Despite this fact, TACK China and TACK Denmark continued the delivery of successful client projects, acquired important new clients, designed Our Judges (in alphabetic order) and delivered integrated solutions, employed new approaches and methodologies and further upgraded the competence level of their teams. And even more, they managed to keep their respective volume of business to Pawel Chabros the very high level of 2008! A truly remarkable achievement! awards Irina Gubar Emerging Young Talent of the Year Recognising and acknowledging outstanding Kostas Hatzigeorgiou performance and professional excellence of under 35 Gustavo Piera emerging young talent in the Network. Linnet Tayo Rotimi Furtado accepting Shobhit Srivastava on behalf of Shobhit TACK India - Awardee Srivastava Shobhit, 29 years old and 3 years with TACK India, is a business developer and a constant high achiever. He single-handedly sold and personally delivered an impressive volume of business in 2009 alone! He generated 15 new accounts including major international brand names like Godfrey Phillips, Nestle, Maruti Suzuki, Metlife, Pepsi, and Auchan. Shobhit achieved all this in the year that followed right after the biggest slowdown the Indian economy had faced since 2001! What�s more, Shobhit did not start out as a star business developer, but he worked long and hard at it to make it happen - and he triumphed! Shobhit�s turnaround story from year 1 to year 2 has been source of inspiration for the rest of the TACK team in India. Congratulations Shobhit! The Finalists and Awardees of 2010 are shining examples of what the TACK ATTACK spirit is all about, living and breathing the TACK Brand day in and day out012 12
  13. 13. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0Business Support Person of the Year Business Developer of the YearAcknowledging inexhaustible commitment and stellar Recognising unwavering determination and exemplaryperformance in supporting the business. accomplishments in business development.Tine Hansen Noemi Litvak Bob Branson Tom JohansenTACK Denmark - Finalist TACK Mexico - Awardee TACK USA - Finalist TACK Denmark - AwardeeTine, 7 years with TACK, works as Project Mimi, 4 years with TACK, is a great Bob has been working with TACK USA Tom, 4 years with TACK, is leading Team International in Dennmark,Co-ordinator supporting the Danish Account trainer and also a great support in the for 2 years and has been instrumental Sweden, Norway and Germany. In this position he is supporting his teamand Project Managers, ensuring projects run in getting the business off the ground. development of consultants and trainers in establishing relationships with international companies. Furthermore,as smooth as possible. She is the one-point In this short period of time, during theof contact for clients with major projects, in Mexico and Argentina. She has been in worst economic crisis that the U.S. he is running joint account management on important clients as ICand she has been setting the standards for charge of ensuring delivery quality of all has faced since the early 1920s, Bob Companys and Marc OPolo. Tom has a unique ability to get ideas toproject coordination at such a level, that consultants and materials, which is a huge has persisted with a positive attitude tools, that can be used to approach new potential clients in challengingshe has developed into being a part of the and achieved major accomplishments job! Without Mimi it would not have been markets. He managed to position himself with a unique trainer style. Beingargumentation for choosing TACK! Many for TACK USA. Business was so badstories could be told, but there are two things possible to ensure Accenture delivery in in the US in 2009 that it was all about a friendly and positive guy, he pushes participants and clients to their limits,that underline clients deepest respect for Tine. Latin America at such a high standard. fighting for survival. Bob never flagged making them break boundaries. He is often asked for advice or guidanceFirst, there are never any additional questions She is also an expert in recruitment and in his energy throughout that period. by his clients, as well as from his colleagues. His major accomplishmentsasked to the account manager. It is all fixed. Talking with hundreds of people, he preparation of good trainers. She can get identified strong independent business include: setting up of an international retail offering; comeback of TACKSecond, clients always know Tine�s name.This is proof of respect, achieved by her diamonds from stones... diamonds that developers, and created relationships in the German, Norwegian and Swedish markets; and establishing Teamcompetence and integrity. She transformed also remain so! Mimi is always looking that have given TACK presence in the International. Danish-based account managers and consultants know thatTACK project coordination into being an US sales training market. In addition, he for ways to improve things. She is called Tom has an answer to all their challenges, when it comes to deliveringimportant part of the company�s value has been the dominant developer of theproposition, and enabled it to run huge and "Sensei" by the team, because she is a Tyco Electronics account. This account international concepts. A pioneer on international assignments, he has setcomplex training and development solutions. guide and coach to team members. She is of such strong global potential, and a benchmark on how to run projects and involving the different trainersTine, no doubt, is a big inspiration to her goes out of her way in helping trainers of such a huge size, that it literally could and TACK Network Partners. Knowing this, Danish colleagues are nowcolleagues in the TACK Denmark Team! drive business for TACK USA for many develop and deliver excellent programmes. actively approaching the big Danish-based international players. Tom years to come. In addition to bringing in TACK Mexico and Argentina teams owe a a very valuable client, he also created a not only works with members of his team, but uses every opportunity to lot to Mimi and the great care and support structure and platform for strong global work together with other colleagues. He is involving them and challenging she provides for them. Congratulations projects, that will influence how TACK them, trying to pass as much of his knowledge to them as possible. around the globe does business! Mimi! Congratulations Tom! 13
  14. 14. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Consultant of the Year TACK Acknowledging best practice Person and individual excellence of seasoned professionals. of the Year Award Awarded to acknowledge outstanding contribution to building and strengthening the TACK International Network. Annegrethe Rosa Selene Sanchez Simon Broom Marie Kongsted TACK Denmark - Awardee TACK Denmark - Finalist TACK Mexico - Finalist TACK UK - Awardee Louise Gulliver TACK UK - Awardee Annegrethe, 3 years with TACK, focuses on Selene, 10 years with TACK, is a Simon, 5 years with TACK, is an experienced sales and sales and account management. She recently fantastic trainer and consultant. She Marie and Louise both share a passion for the amazing opportunities management trainer who has been in the training industry for played a leading role in the high profile excels in all the TACK programmes, the Internet offers. Marie has been instrumental in building TACK "Andersen & Martini" project. In her position developing customised solutions for 15 years. Over the years he has designed and delivered many Denmark�s presence on the Web, and has achieved some outstanding as account manager Annegrethe achieved clients. Selene always goes beyond the client projects for TACK, recently including two overwhelmingly to establish contact with the client and drive usual programmes and approaches. results. Today, a substantial amount of business is generated for successful international projects - Howden and Tyco Electronics. the sales process. At a certain stage TACK She always creates great improvements TACK Denmark through the Internet, thanks to savvy search engine Denmark almost lost the bid, but by involving to TACK programmes and solutions, as Simon has been at the forefront of both and has been the lead optimisation, neat website design, and clever online marketing spend. new consultants and giving the solution a well as customisation to the bone for trainer. No open course or in-company course led by Simon has Louise has been leading initiatives to take TACK UK�s presence on the different angle, she and her team made a great clients. Clients fall in love with Selene ever failed to achieve 90% average for both Trainer and Value comeback, and closed a deal even bigger! She and her highly energetic, confrontative, web to the next level, so that it effectively channels in relevant enquiries, (usually it is well over 90%). He delivers great value to delegates is highly respected and trusted by her clients. professional and fun style. Selene and turn these into actual business. Marie and Louise took the initiative Establishing and developing a strong personal always promotes TACK�s value and has and clients. The only exception to this was a recent sales event and joined forces to help the TACK International Network reinvent and professional relationship, bringing in the positioned TACK as a results company for a medical company where the authoriser asked him to "stir TACK brand values, is natural to Annegrethe. with the work she�s done for clients in it�s online presence, so that all Partners benefit from the knowledge, them up." He did so and delegates marked him down, but the She has an ability to design implementation- Mexico. She is a black belt in Six Sigma experience and expertise they have accumulated over the years. Thanks authoriser was delighted! Simon was key to selling and piloting oriented solutions, and make her clients realise as well, so she is an expert in helping to their commitment and dedication we will soon launch our all-new the importance of every element integrated in companies improve processes and the Tyco Electronics project, and the pilot sessions he delivered TACK International website, designed to make sure whoever�s looking the delivery. Nothing is left to circumstances developed a programme called FPS in the USA were phenomenal! Simon was responsible for the in Annegrethe�s projects. Her solutions are (Fast! Punctual! Sharp!) in order to for our services finds us, gets the right impression, and gets in touch. successful redesign of TACK�s Profitable Negotiating course, all implementation-oriented, and so she sets help participants understand processes This, coupled with search engine optimised local websites in all partner a benchmark on how modern training and improvement. Selene is the "light of the and he is contributing to the redevelopment of Managing countries fully mirroring the global template, will go a long way in building development solutions should be. Combined party", helping and supporting team Channel Partners. Both Howden and Tyco Electronics needed the TACK brand, strengthening the TACK business, and bringing the with Annegrethe�s outstanding capacity in members whenever necessary. She his innovation and creativity to succeed. Simon is a consultant not only maintaining a good relationship but loves to share and help others grow, and TACK Network closer together. With this very special Award we wish to who is very flexible and also fearless, which means he can developing it, she is a role model in the TACK motivate people to stretch themselves acknowledge the personal leadership and outstanding contributions of Denmark Team! and excel. rise to any reasonable challenge that clients throw at him! Marie and Louise to the TACK International Network. Thank you! Congratulations Simon!14
  15. 15. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0Initiative of the YearAcknowledging inspired client projects and initiativesintegrating a range of TACK tools, concepts and know-howinto a transformational process delivering tangible results andsuccess for the client.Flying Eagle Sales Campaign Howden Academy - Developing Implementing a New Sales ModelUnilever, TACK China - Finalist Management Excellence Sanofi-Aventis, TACK Portugal - AwardeeFlying Eagle was a major training project developed Howden, TACK UK - Finalist Sanofi Aventis is a global top 5 pharmaceutical companyjointly with a leading global outsourcer and the Unilever Howden Academy is a truly world-class development solution with 80 production units and 100,000 employees worldwide.sales team. The objective was to help Unilever elicit that exemplifies all that is great about TACK. Howden designs,the best practice from its top performers, and pass this With emerging new structures providing health services, engineers and supplies air and gas handling equipment withon to the entire sales team. Outsourcer conducted the 3,800 employees, and divisions in 17 countries. The initiative increasing competition from "health stores", blockbusterneeds assessment, identified key competencies, anddecided the main training topics. Following this a joint aimed to develop already excellent engineers to become drugs losing patent, and the government forcing price cuts, excellent managers and leaders of the future. It was designed to our client needed to reinvent the way they approach theproject team was formed to design and deliver relevant support the client in achieving their business goals, specificallytraining to the target group. TACK China created a whole market. Following a deep research and study of the market their double digit annual revenue target. The project involvednew programme based on the specific needs of the the design, delivery and outsourced programme management and the industry, TACK Portugal designed and delivered aclient, trained over 650 salespeople, and prepared 6 of a blended modular management development programme series of programmes to refresh and refine the selling andinternal Unilever trainers to roll out programmes on an for a target audience of 386 engineers in 9 countries. Specificeven larger scale. The project�s success significantly leadership skills of sales managers and pharmacy sales elements included: psychometric profiling, 4 managementincreased TACK�s reputation within Unilever, as well as teams around PRO-PAYBACK� Selling. They also prepared modules, multi-language delivery, pre- and post- competencyThe outsourcer, and resulted in major business opprtunity assessment, outsourced training administration, creating a team of internal sales trainers to use role-playing andfor other TACK teams over the Globe. Unilever specifically a client-specific online learning portal, post-course learner case study methodology in their work. Furthermore, TACKpraised the results of this project during their board support tools. It is an extraordinary development solution whichmeeting as one of the best projects in Unilever globally. teamed up with selected university professors, health has strengthened our management offering, capability and will enhance our position globally. experts, CEO�s of two other large organisations, and healthcare representatives to help Sanofi-Aventis create a new sales model to adapt to the changing circumstances. As a result, TACK Portugal has become a trusted partner of Sanofi-Aventis, and they�ve become known as experts in the pharmaceutical industry in Portugal. 15
  16. 16. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Industry Insight Sessions Thought leadership, latest trends, inspiring fresh Retail by Tom Johansen, Pharma by Isabel Se- TACK Denmark queira, TACK Portugal thinking and attractive business development opportunities in targeted industries. P T articipants of the Retail he Pharma Industry Industry Insight Session Insight Session gave examined closely the participants a fresh Banking by Eric Pillinger, different types of retail and comprehensive TACK UK business models, and their implications insight on current market T from a training & development perspective. It appears that trends and opportunities. It appears that there are 3 his session looked at a retail is going big worldwide, small operations are getting big, different markets in pharma: "Pharmerging" - 1 sales somewhat troubled, yet highly big ones are getting huge, national ones go international, and person and 1 decision maker; "Mature markets" - where important sector for us - international ones go global. This all poses a great demand on access to physicians is more difficult, there are many banking. Following the recent solutions that enable the successful implementation of retail rules to abide to and complex sales processes to follow global crisis there has been a period strategies, and a big part of the solution clients are looking with multiple stakeholders; and "Advanced markets" - of relative calm and a re-appraisal by for is just what we have on offer! Looking at the different retail the ones characterised by a restructuring healthcare financial institutions of their plans and models we distinguished between monobrand and multibrand; systems, with new stakeholders, less importance of priorities. Managing and marketing self-, part-, and full-service; owned, concession and franchise prescribers, and increasing complexity of distribution. all financial businesses will remain stores; local, national and international operations - and all the Depending on the maturity of markets there are differing challenging - not because there is a shortage of demand (quite the opposite various combinations of these. We then explored the wide array sales approaches, dimensions of sales teams, incentives is true), but because it is a truly global market which moves fast and has of business objectives a client might have on their agenda, models, and training models. It is also important to the potential for both corporate and personal fortunes to be made or lost at including: maximising sales or profits, optimising sales, distinguish between prescription and OTC drugs, generic high speed. Key challenges for the industry include: How to rebuild public conversion rate and basket size, boosting customer loyalty, and branded products, as well as between different image and customer goodwill which has suffered so badly recently? How to improving visual merchandising and space management. target groups of the sales process, such as Physiscians, increase our market share when selling regulated products where legislation Once we developed a good understanding of the challenges Pharmacies and Hospitals. Participants learnt about 4 restricts our promotional activities? How to attract, motivate and retain top we went on how to sell into retail operations. The key? Go out new programmes of the TACK Pharma Tower offering: quality people? Finance is perceived as a hard-nosed industry where profits and experience for yourself how they are, do a research and PRO-PAYBACK Selling� for Pharmacy Representatives, matter and people don�t. However, top performing companies realise that once you know who the best targets may be, meet them and PRO-PAYBACK Selling� for Physician Representatives, this is not the case, presenting us with some great opportunities to get ask the relevant questions. These will likely be about business PRO-PAYBACK Selling� for Hospital Representatives, involved. Relationship management and interpersonal skills can be a key objectives, supporting processes, behaviours and competence and Territory Management for Sales Managers. Overall, differentiator today - being made to feel important will win and retain clients. profiles, the roles of sales assistants and retail managers. based on market trends and forecasts, there are Leadership is needed at all levels - one that provides direction, role models of When you see the panic building in their eye, reassure them potentially huge opportunities for TACK in pharma. And integrity, and shows consideration for people. Marketing and selling in a that we have what it takes to make it work for them! Now, go we have what it takes to take advantage of them! highly competitive industry must strive for brand recognition, and ensure out and sell big!!! the customer experience matches the brand promise from selling through to customer service. So, the opportunities for us out there are plentiful - it is time to get going!16
  17. 17. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 Introducing the all-new TACK Corporate Brochure and theLeadershipDevelopment "Buyers� Views of Salespeople 2010" Surveyby Simon Tedstone,Expert from AustraliaT The completely rewritten and redesigned new TACK International For over a decade TACK�s his session looked at Corporate Brochure has arrived! It�s new design and contents Buyers� Views of Salespeople today�s market for leadership development provide an impressive and easy-to-read overview of what we do, Survey has analysed trends and introduced the new True Leaders and why this should matter to prospective clients - in a fresh and in purchasing behaviour as offering to participants. We started out contemporary style. The document features a range of client logos, well as buyers� views andby looking at parallels between the environment as well as client success stories. Electronic files are available for expectations of salespeople.and leadership, and concluded that leadership download from the TACK IntraNet in 3 forms: small PDF file, optimal for e-mailing and on- The ongoing study helps sales professionals andentails a mix of strategic and tactical decisionmaking and effective implementation. There are screen viewing; large PDF file, optimal for printing; editable InDesign files for translation and their managers focus on the key skills that needdozens of leadership theories ranging from Taylor, editing work by professional graphic designers. Make sure you take a look! reinforcement and development. We proudly presentedTannenbaum, and McGregor, through Blanchard�s the findings of the 2010 Survey.situational leadership, to Goleman�s EmotionalIntelligence model. Our True Leaders model isbased on Professor Harry Schroder�s work. Hisresearch sought to identify a set of behaviours that Cool Tools for the TACK Toolkitdifferentiated performance in complex and dynamicenvironments - very much like today�s businessenvironment. His longitudinal research studymeasured team, unit or organisational performancerather than that of the subject individual, usingbehavioural observation method. As a result, aholistic leadership competency model was created.We briefly familiarised ourselves with the rich PRO-PAYBACK� - The Selling Game Idea Navigatortoolkit, featuring a broad range of assessment tools We�ve introduced the latest cool addition to our TACK toolkit: PRO- Idea Navigator is a creative group problem solving tool in the form of aand development interventions, and closed the PAYBACK� - The Selling Game. This board game allows participants to board game. It combines analytical thinking with creative thinking whensession with considering opportunities for business practice and test out their knowledge, through 40 different true/false and solving problems, or tackling new opportunities. It provides a systematicdevelopment. The True Leaders offering will be a 40 open-ended questions, as well as 10 more complex sales scenarios. 4-stage problem solving process, at each stage using card prompts withbranded offering on its own. Following this session The tool can be used before for a creative assessment, during a learning random questions and exercises, which are a mix of logical-analytical,interested Partners and consultants had a chance event, or after as an assessment or refresher of learning. Mass production and creative ones the stimulate mental shifts. Inspirational quotes, andto learn more about True Leaders at a full day post- has not started yet, but will follow soon. The game will be shortly available random stimulus cards also add to the excitement. Idea Navigator fromConference induction session. for use. Check it out! New Zealand-based MindSpring, is a tool we now have the rights to use within the TACK Network. The game is readily available. T a k e a l o o k a n d b e a m a z e d ! 17
  18. 18. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 TACK GLOBAL MARKETPLACE MORE THAN EVER, AT THIS YEAR�S CONFERENCE WE HAVE BEEN BUILDING ON CONTRIBUTIONS, IDEAS AND INITIATIVES FROM ALL OVER THE TACK WORLD. We have done this, because it has been proven that we have tremendous value spread throughout the network in the form of novel ideas, initiatives, and local developments. These are like pure golden nuggets. The only difference is that, when shared, these nuggets of experience and wisdom can only gain in weight, multiply in value, and generate even more golden nuggets. If we are to become undisputed leaders, it�s a no-brainer that we should tap into our reservoir of collective intellect and bring our global brainpower into play. To make the process easy, at Conference we have created and brought to life the TACK Global Marketplace. It was an expo-style event that focused on TACK Partners sharing with each other all the wonderful things we�ve created locally. It was a lively exchange of the best and finest local gems - solutions, programmes, marketing materials, exercises, tools, business development approaches, and many other things we are proud to share. IT WAS AMAZING TO SEE THIS COLOURFUL ARRAY OF MATERIALS, TOOLS AND SUCCESS STORIES FROM AROUND THE TMI WORLD! For those who did not have a chance to share the experience we have uploaded all relevant materials to the TACK IntraNet for you to download. We do hope that next year we will have all TACK Countries on display! Thank you to all who shared; this was a true demonstration of the TACK ATTACK spirit in action!18
  19. 19. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 19
  20. 20. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 TACK Core Competence MasterClasses ONE OF THE KEY AIMS OF THIS YEAR�S CONFERENCE WAS TO FURTHER DEVELOP THE COMPETENCY OF THE NETWORK TO BE ABLE TO PERFORM AT A CONSISTENTLY HIGH LEVEL IN ALL TACK COUNTRIES ACROSS THE GLOBE. IT IS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO THE TACK BRAND AND THE ENTIRE TACK FAMILY FOR ALL OF US TO BE ON-BRAND AND TO DELIVER OUR BRAND PROMISE! Seven Core Competence MasterClasses were run in the form of 1-day intensive workshops.The session themes were Winning ways by Gillian James, TMI UK chosen to fully support our sales and consultancy process This MasterClass looked at the approaches and techniques that make all the difference when it comes to from developing business and accounts, sharpening our approaching new client prospects, preparing a proposal and then delivering a winning pitch presentation. consulting competencies and enriching the approaches, Gillian masterfully conveyed some key messages and insights, including conducting effective research before process, and methodologies that we use. This year we had you approach, using simple and effective ways such as checking out the investors section on client websites, the fortune and privilege to learn from the very best of us or signing up to open staff discussion forums on the net. To be different, you must do your homework first, in the TACK Family, but also from the TMI Family. It was arrive prepared, ask insightful questions, and then clearly articulate the benefits and value that you offer. Substance, however, must go in shape to get through, so the visual design and delivery style is key to get a unique opportunity to leverage on the unique experience attention and get your message through. What is different, in a positive sense, gets attention. Break away and expertise of distinguished TACK and TMI professionals. from the usual and get creative - in a way that suits your style, your message, and your audience. Be bold Many thanks go out to all of them! and stand out from the crowd!20
  21. 21. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 TACK Integrated Solutions by Peter Merved, TACK Denmark At this MasterClass the TACK Denmark Team revealed the results of the impressive work they�ve done on what we call the TACK Best Value Solutions. They dedicated substantial time and effort to distilling the best of what we have, and putting them in an inte-Return on Investment in L&D Solutions grated process and consistent framework of tools and methodologies used at the different stages of a client intervention: "Before",by Lindsey Byrne, TACK UK "During", and "After". The whole process is anchored around our core concept of You-We-I, an approach that is as relevant and powerful today as it has ever been. As a result, what we can provide clients is a comprehensive development process deliveringThis session focused on challenges and solutions around measuring the change, and creating business value.real impact and benefit of learning and development solutions. We explored The different stages include the following:Kirkpatrick�s famous model with 4 levels of training evaluation: Reaction, �Before - How we approach the Sales Process, how we conduct a Pre-Analysis, how we go about Preparing the Solution, andLearning, Behaviour and Results. We identified methods of measurement, how we generate excitement through Internal Marketing.benefits and drawbacks, and options to overcome difficulties of measure- �During - What we do about Preparing the Organisation, and TACK�s various waysment at each level. We then practiced linking learning initiatives to strategic of Delivering the Solution.objectives and business issues, and applied financial techniques to different �After - What we do about Anchoring the Solution so learning sticks and becomestypes of learning initiative (skills, behavioural, leadership, personal develop- daily habits, and how we conduct Post-Analysis and evaluation to capture what hasment initiatives) through a series of exercises. We explored 4 methods of been achieved.putting a financial value on projects: Benefit/Cost Ratio, Payback Period, Learning about all the details of the tools and methodologies we have at our fin-Return on Investment, and Net Present Value. Finally, we prepared to coach gertips, participants of this session could walk away with the conviction, that thisHR & Training Managers to identify and value the benefits in their proposed approach is just as innovative today as our You-We-I model has been at the time oflearning initiatives to help them to compile a ROI evaluation. Overall, the founding TACK. A lot of competitors talk about integrated solutions, but we have thesession proved to be thought provoking, great value and fun - participants means to actually deliver one. The pieces of the puzzle are in place. The process wegot a significant ROI on the time and energy they invested! have at hand genuinely delivers to clients the value they expect and deserve from us. 21
  22. 22. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 TA CK Co r e C o m p et e n c e M a s t e r C l a s s e s World-Class Consulting Virtual Instructor-Led Training by David Nicoll, TMI UK by Elaine Frostman, TACK UK This MasterClass aimed to help us all better understand how consulting best fits into the This MasterClass introduced participants to the world of vILT, that is virtual Instructor Led TACK context. It also provided a great opportunity to practice scoping, designing, planning Training. This is a subject a lot talked about these days, yet very few of us have actual first- and implementing the investigation phase of a TACK project, and sharpen skills by using hand experience of attending, even less delivering one. So here we had the opportunity to key investigation tools. We talked about positioning TACK consulting on the market, explore what synchronous (real time) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) virtual training looks mapped out consulting competencies and explored the 9 roles of consulting, according like, how they work and what the pro�s and con�s are. Synchronous learning is delivered to the degree of focus on business results versus people growth. We identified consulting where needed, and in real time, offering the opportunity of live interaction between partici- activities in relation to stages of our "Before-During-After", with a particular focus on the pants. It does pose its own challenges though, such as dealing with time zone differences. Before phase. We then modeled consulting activities in competing teams from research Asynchronous learning on the other hand can be delivered anywhere and anytime - offering through survey design to solutions training, and closed the session sharing our thoughts just in time learning, but with no live interaction. We explored common technology platforms, on how to position and sell TACK consulting activities in the market. It was an intense and facilitator requirements, engagement techniques, the role of the technical producer, as well very rewarding learning experience, leaving all thirsty for more! as learning design principles. This fascinating and thought provoking session finished with a live demonstration of vILT in action.22
  23. 23. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0Key Account Development World-Class Deliveryby Simon Broom, TACK UK by Simon Horan, TMI UKIn this MasterClass Simon challenged us to look at the This MasterClass was all about what it takes to ensure that the work we do truly moves from off-the-shelf to bespoke, fromway we manage our most important clients, so that programmes to solutions, so that the way it is perceived shifts from days to investment. We explored this from 3 perspec-building the relationship and building the value for the tives: skill-sets, knowledge and people. The Matrix model summed up in a simple yet profound way what a great trainerbusiness is not left to chance. We first took a long and looks like. This model is used to effectively assess and develop trainer competence. "An admired trainer" must be:hard look at our client portfolio to identify the current �Agent provocateur - who provokes and guides discovery, and never gives up;situation, and spot areas with the greatest potential �Inspiring and Engaging - focusing on the outcome, helping to surface and explore blockers and enablers of performance;to take things to the next level. We explored just how �Great Trainer - virtuoso in content, breathing life with stories, anecdotes, research, and offering focus, clarity, frameworkmuch impact such large accounts have on bottom and guidance for learning;line profits, as well as the risks inherent in relying on �Someone with Gravitas - offering fresh insights, talking reality, feeling like one of us, and acting as an exemplary rolea small number of large accounts only. We looked at model.how a diversified but balanced portfolio with a strong We then explored how this can be ensured when working with external contract trainers, learning about the proven 3-phasepipeline combined with large accounts can make all process: (1) Identify and bring on board, (2) Develop in a boot camp, (3) Coach and deliver.This truly world-class sessionthe difference in ensuring balanced performance. We left participants with a truckload of inspiration and ideas, and a great trainer assessment tool to take away and implementthen explored strategies, tactics and options to build back home. Fantastic session!the business with key accounts. One thing becameclear. If we only apply proven sales and key accountdevelopment principles we can go a long, long way! 23
  24. 24. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0 POWER BRIEFINGS The topics of the Power Briefings included: During the lunch breaks of days 1, 3 and 4 of Conference we ran � Pitching Global Projects: A Successful Case Study and Why it Worked 18 different Power Briefings. They were a great demonstration of the wealth of knowledge across the TACK World and our � Training Evaluation Summary: Philips vs Kirkpatrick commitment and passion to share with each other � Making Learning Stick: What�s Directed Practice All About? Colleagues of ours and also invited experts � What Gen Y Wants in Work and How Gen X Managers Can Engage Them acted as leaders of these Power Briefings. � Executing Strategy: Uncovering the Strategic Rhythms of Organisations They came from a wide variety of countries: � Using Net Promoter Score to Build Your Business � Service Level Agreements: A Methodology and Software That Works � Experiential Learning From the Origins of Ropes Courses to 2010 australia denmark Greece � Inside the Big Apple: What Makes Apple, well... Apple! � Blogging: What You Need in Place to Make it Happen and What you Can Expect � BarackSpeak: Lessons Learned from Obama�s Rhetorical Style � Revolution in the Sin Business: A Case Study on a Tobacco Company india mexico russia � Living the Airtel Brand: A Case Study on Consultative Approach � Everything You�ve Ever Wanted to Ask About Working With the Gaming Industry � Turn Your Passion Into a Green Business spain Uk Usa � Tyco Electronics� Sales Model24
  25. 25. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E >>> l A S V E G A S 2 0 1 0KEY LEARNING INSIGHTS AND ACTION PLANNINGThroughout the Conference and at the closing plenary session we devotedtime to work in groups to distill the key learning insights from the KeynoteSpeeches, the Sessions and the MasterClasses. Moreover, we focused onidentifying what are the most important implications of these insights for theTACK brand, the TACK offering, the TACK value proposition, the TACK approachand the TACK network around the world. Additionally, each TACK countrydeveloped an action plan for their local markets with immediate application. 25