How Does Twitter Change the Communication


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How Does Twitter Change the Communication

  1. 1. How does Twitter change and expand the way of communication during these days, and what are the issues that have been raised by new technology such as Twitter? Anaer Anaer(u3022886) T2 Tutor: Phil Cullen
  2. 2. General Social Networking Overview • In the past few decades, new technologies are developing in a wide and unprecedented way. And they have changed the traditional way of people communicating. • People are using e-mail, Facebook, websites, and blogs to contact with each others. • However, along with more and more people are using network today, there are some concerns have been argued.
  3. 3. Goal of Research Project • In this research report, I am going to choose Twitter as my subject to analysis how does new communication medium change and expand the way of communication in the society; • I will also talk about what kinds of issues are being concerned by the developing of Twitter. • The two goals we mentioned above just from a general and wide aspect. In the paper report, the research will go further and detailed.
  4. 4. What is Twitter? • Twitter is a pretty new way of communication. • Twitter is developed by Jack Dorsey in 2006, and it is a web-based social networking tool to communicate with other users, and it provides users platform to deliver and receive shot messages.
  5. 5. What is Twitter? • “Also considered a micro- blogging site, Twitter users send ‘tweets’ of up to 140 characters. These tweets are displayed on an author’s Twitter home page and on the pages of people subscribed to his or her RSS feed.” (Matthew Glassman, 2009, P 2.)
  6. 6. A Visual Guide to Twitter • (full map at
  7. 7. A Visual Guide to Twitter • Based on the visual guide map above, we can see what can Twitter do as a communication tool. • For example, Twitter can be a channel of information come and go through. Twitter users can link to their favorite or useful websites or article that they can read the news which they are interested in instantly. Also, Twitter can get traffic to user’s sites or other’s, and then the messages on the sites will reach further and faster to other users. So it means using Twitter can pull and deliver traffic to other platforms (such as Facebook pages, YouTube etc.)
  8. 8. Blog vs. Twitter • As we know, Twitter is a new technology which is developing quickly just these 5 years. Therefore, when people using it, they all compare Twitter with other social networking technologies such as Facebook pages and blogs. • Here, I will use Blog as an example and see what are the different between Blog and Twitter. Twitter is kinds of a successive step from blog. In addition, blogging typically requires users post lengthy articles. However, Twitter has a challenge that can take the articles apart as several smaller pieces.
  9. 9. Blog vs. Twitter • In this sense, Twitter asks users to summary our ideas and actions in a short and snappy way. Therefore, as the outcome, the information can be posted faster; also Twitter drive users to the boundary of real communication as people can cooperate with each other in real time. Slow/ Lengthy Fast/ Compact Broadcast Blog Twitter
  10. 10. International and demographics Twitter users and following
  11. 11. Reference • • • twitter.aspx • • twitter-%E2%80%99s-growth-and-over-the-past-four-years/
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