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Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
Old Romanian Games
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  • 1. Old Romanian Games
  • 2. The Gardener
    • The game is played as follows: the children make a circle and sing the following song: "I have planted flowers in my garden,/ Roses and majoran and violets./ And I prepared them one by one/ and I went to sell them/Right now, right now." While the children are singing, one of them (the Gardener) goes round the circle, outside it, and when the song is ready she stands behind one of the children who will now be the gardener. The song is sung again until all the children can once be the Gardener.
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  • 4. Continue the Proverb
    • The children that participate in this game form a circle and throw the ball to each other. The child who throws the ball has to begin a proverb and the one who catches the ball has to finish it. For example if the first child says "A friend in need " the other one has to answer  "is a friend indeed". When the participants are older, the game can be played with proverbs on a certain theme, like: truth, lie, beauty and others. Rules: they have to decide a period of time necessary for a child to say the proverb from the moment when he got the ball and the continuing of the game with the new throw. It's forbidden to repeat the same proverb during the same game. The one who doesn't catch the ball, doesn't give the right answer or is in delay with it will be excluded from the game for ten throwings of the ball. If he makes another mistake is excluded from the game till the end of it. It's a game without points.
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  • 6. The Game of the Synonyms
    • The game can be played by 2 - 4 players no younger than 11 years old. Each of them picks up three letters from a sack. Then, during 3 - 4 minutes he will try to write a word starting with each of the three letters and bellow them he will write all they synonyms he knows. A point is given for the first synonym of each words, two points for the second synonym, three for the third synonym and so on the game can continue and the winner is the one having the most points. The same game can be played with homonyms instead of synonyms.
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  • 8. Imitating sounds
    • The game is addressed to all the children of eight years old. It follows the habit of recognizing some of the natural phenomena, animals, different machines, after the sound made by them. The children stand in a circle, and the chief of the game stands in the middle of the circle. He has a ball in his hand and he will explain the rules of the game to the participants: when the ball will be thrown to them; they will have to say a name of an animal or to show a natural phenomena or an object which makes a specific sound. They have to catch the ball and the one who has it, has to imitate the specific sound twice. Every child who will catch the ball, after he answers, will have to throw the ball to any other participant of the game, showing what he has to imitate the one who is addressing. The chief of the game will try to enlarge the area of imitation, showing names which request much more imagination. It follows that each answer to be given in five seconds and the throwing of the ball must be quickly executed, so that the game should have a quick and rhythm. The one who will delay the movement, who won't catch the ball or won't answer right, will be punished. They will not have the right to play for ten minutes. If they repeat the mistake they will be excluded from the game till the end of it. There are no points given.