The most important cities in Portugal


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The most important cities in Portugal

  1. 1. The most important cities of Portugal Lisbon Porto Coimbra Faro Funchal
  2. 2. Lisbon Porto Coimbra Faro Funchal Lisbon Coimbra Porto The most important cities of Portugal
  3. 3. Lisbon Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal. The city, besides being the capital, is also capital of the district of Lisbon, the Lisbon region, the metropolitan area of Lisbon, and is still the main focus of statistical sub-region of Greater Lisbon. Ecclesiastically, is headquarters of the diocese and the Patriarchate of Lisbon.
  4. 4. Cities of Lisbon Mosteiro dos Jerónimos Torre de Belém Planetário Castelo de São Jorge
  5. 5. Porto The city of Porto is known as the Capital City of the North or the Invicta. It is the city that gave the name to Portugal - from very early (c. 200 BC) that are designated for Ports, coming later to become the capital of County Portucalense or Portucale (United which gave the name of Portugal). It is a city known worldwide for its wine.
  6. 6. Cities of Porto Muralha Fernandina Torre dos Clérigos Palácio de Cristal
  7. 7. Faro Faro is a Portuguese city with 41 307 inhabitants, capital of the District of Faro, the region, subregion, and the old province of Algarve which occupies an area of 4,960 square kilometers and where they live 426 386 inhabitants (2007). It is the seat of a municipality with 201.6 square kilometers in area and 58 739 inhabitants (2007), divided into 6 parishes.
  8. 8. Cities of Faro Sé de Faro Teatro Municipal Castelo de Faro
  9. 9. Coimbra Coimbra is a Portuguese city, capital of the district of Coimbra, the main city in central region of Portugal, located in the sub-region of Baixo Mondego, in 2007 with about 157,000 inhabitants in the villages of their municipality. Historic city of students, currently has nearly 30 thousand students, most of them out, adding it is still about 45 to 48 thousand entries from people who live in peripheral municipalities, resulting in a fluctuating population of approximately 220,000 people. It is the center of the Metropolitan Area of Coimbra.
  10. 10. Cities of Coimbra Sé de Coimbra Universidade de Coimbra Jardim botânico
  11. 11. Funchal Funchal is a city in the Portuguese island of Madeira, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and the ninth most populous city of Portugal. The city matches your county, and has 76.25 km ² in area and 103 962 inhabitants (2001), further subdivided into 10 parishes.
  12. 12. Cities of Funchal Câmara Municipal do Funchal Centro de Funchal Jardim Botânico do Funchal