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Determiners – other cases
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Determiners – other cases






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    Determiners – other cases Determiners – other cases Presentation Transcript

    • Determiners – other cases
      • In general, proper nouns do not use articles. However, there are certain situations which will call for the use of “the” in front of the name.
      “ The" with Proper Nouns
    • “ The" with Proper Nouns
      • Plural names
        • The United States
        • The Smiths
        • The L.A. Lakers
      • Newspapers
        • The Washington Post
        • The National Enquirer
        • The New York Times
      • Names followed by “of” phrase
        • The Republic of Brazil
        • The Isle of Wright
        • The South of France
      • Names using a common noun
        • The United Kingdom
        • The Body Shop
        • The Science Museum
      • Names with adjectives
        • The White House
        • The Open University
        • The Red Room
      • Bodies of water, except lakes
        • The North Sea
        • The Indian Ocean
        • The Amazon River
        • The Panama Canal, but
        • Lake Ontario
      • Regions
        • The Northeast
        • The Middle East
        • The Wetlands
      • Mountain Ranges, but not mountains
        • The Andes
        • The Himalayas
        • The Rockies, but
        • Mount Everest
        • Sugar Loaf Mountain
      • Public institutions/groups
        • The Catholic church
        • The Protestants
        • The French
      • Theaters/hotels/galleries
        • The Mazda Gallery
        • The Globe Theater
        • The Cineplex
    • No articles with singular count nouns
        • In general, all singular count nouns need to have an article, definite or indefinite. There are special situations, though, where we do not use any article.
    • No article
      • Names of languages
        • They speak French.
      • Names of sports
        • He plays basketball.
      • Names of academic subjects
        • Jason hates math.
    • No articles with singular count nouns
      • Idiomatic expressions with be and go
        • He ’ s in school/jail/church .
        • She went to work by train.
      • With meals/diseases/seasons
        • He has pneumonia .
        • They ate dinner out.
        • We’ll travel in summer .
    • A or An
      • Use “a” with one and once , because they begin with the sound of “w” as in wall
        • a one-time thing
        • a one-woman man
      Remember, the use of “a” or “an” depends not on spelling but on sound. “A” is used for consonant sounds, “an” for vowel sounds.
      • With abbreviations and acronyms, the use of the article will depend on the pronunciation of the letter:
        • An FBI agent (eff)
        • An MRS exam (emm)
        • An OAS program (oh), but
        • A PTA meeting (pee)
        • A laser beam