Top 10 Reasons Your Resume Went In The Recycle Bin
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Top 10 Reasons Your Resume Went In The Recycle Bin






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Top 10 Reasons Your Resume Went In The Recycle Bin Top 10 Reasons Your Resume Went In The Recycle Bin Presentation Transcript

  • With so many applicants applying for so few jobs, an employer /recruiter spends only 30 to 60 seconds performing an initial resume assessment before making 1 of 2 choices: Keep or Toss . Here are 10 reasons why your resume might not be retained.
    • The resume incorporated non-standard fonts, shading, graphics and underlines causing a translation distortion when opened by the employer/recruiter and/or exceeded the acceptable maximum length of 3 pages.
      • Use standard, readily available fonts such as Arial and MS Trebuchet. Incorporating style enhancements such as Borders is acceptable.
    • Including references directly in your resume, sending them with your resume or simply adding the line “References Available Upon Request” can negatively impact the decision made by the employer/recruiter.  
      • Only provide references when asked and ensure they are in a separate document.
    • A resume is not a life story. Resumes written in full paragraphs make it difficult for the reader to quickly extract pertinent information.
      • Write your achievements in bullet points encompassing action verbs and key words to catch the reader’s attention.
    • Without incorporating numbers to quantify your accomplishments, you’ve lost the reader. 
      • For example, if you exceeded the mandated sales expectations, indicate by how much ($ or %), in what time frame and how you accomplished this.
    • A potential employer is not interested in your job function but what you did in that role that made you stand out and brought value to your company.
      • Translate your duties into clear and concise accomplishment statements based on STAR ( S ituation, T ask, A ction, R esult).
    • Starting your resume with an “Objective Statement” dates the resume and downplays your value.
      • Incorporate personal branding in place of an objective to escalate your value and entice interest by the employer/recruiter.
    • These 2 errors can immediately cause your resume to be tossed into the recycle bin yet are easily rectifiable.
      • Use the spell check and grammar features in your word processing software and proofread, proofread, proofread before submitting to a potential employer or recruitment firm.
    • A hotmail address or customised email address such as [email_address] emit a negative first impression.
      • Establish a professional email address such as one from your service provider or a gmail account.
      • Only reference your work email on your resume if you are self-employed.
    • Unless you are a model or an actor, eliminate a picture from your resume.
      • Utilize a social media site such as LinkedIn to display a professional, business appropriate portrait.
      • It is acceptable to incorporate a link to your LinkedIn profile in the contact area of your resume.
    • A resume is a professional document and the only chance you have to make a notable first impression. Writing in the personal pronouns “I”, “Me” or “My” are inappropriate as is sharing personal, non-business related interests such as bowling or basket weaving.
      • Community involvement and business-related interests can be included when they directly pertain to the position/potential employer.
    • With only one chance to entice the employer to contact you for an interview, it is imperative your resume be: accurately translated, clearly and perfectly written, easily read and focused on quantifiable accomplishments to avoid rapid transfer into the employer/recruiter’s recycle bin.
    • Martin Buckland , President of An American Resume, is a leading multi-certified career management professional with a global clientele. Martin utilizes his wealth of expertise to work interactively with senior level clients and those who aspire to be business leaders to initiate and develop career marketing strategies during their career transitions. Martin currently holds the following certifications: Certified Professional Branding Strategist, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Job Search Trainer and Co-Pilot Executive Coach.
    • Website:
    • Email: [email_address]
    • Phone: 646-201-9648 or toll free 866-424-1431