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Target Audience Research
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Target Audience Research


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  • 1. Target Audience Research In this survey I will be analysing the results of my music magazine survey. I made this survey to find out about my target audience. These being people between the ages of 18-24. By analysing the results, I can use these to decide on features I will use in the production of my music magazine.
  • 2. What Music Magazine(s) are you most likely to buy? This pie chart shows the most popular magazines read in my target audience. As you can see the most popular magazine read by my target audience is NME, followed by Kerrang.
  • 3. What style of Music are you into? From this we can see that the favourite types of music of my target audience is rock and pop/rock. Followed by indie and metal. From this we can see that the target audience enjoys a wide variety of music styles.
  • 4. How much do you spend on music magazines per month? From here we can see that the majority of my target audience does not spend a lot on magazines each month. This could be due to just purchasing one magazine per month. Some however (19%) do spend between 5-10 pounds on them.
  • 5. Do you attend any gigs or festivals? Here we can see that more people attend both gigs and festivals or just gigs more than not. None of them chose the just festivals choice. My target audience are more likely to attend live events than not attend.
  • 6. How much do you spend a month on going to live music events? These results show that readers don’t spend a large amount on attending live events. However, there are a few people who do like to spend more on them. People who spend £0-10 may just attend one event a month.
  • 7. How much do you spend on music CD’s or downloads per month? The majority of people here don’t spend anything or much on music CD’s or downloads. This shows a trend happening in the target audience. They don’t like to spend too much money on there music magazines, events and music. This is something I need to think about when deciding how much my magazine will be. There are some people who do however spend more on music. People spending nothing may have other ways of obtaining music as we will find out in the next question.
  • 8. How do you buy your music? From these results we can find out why the target audience don’t spend anything on there music cd’s or downloads. This is due to illegal downloading being the major way to obtain music. CD’s however are still popular. Other answers included getting music from friends and listening on youtube.
  • 9. Where's your favourite place to shop for clothes? Here are the major shops people preferred to shop in. Topshop/ Topman was the favourite choice alongside Primark and H&M. Other choices included New Look, Gap, ASOS and Miss Selfridge. These are mostly high street affordable brands. The question was an open question so there were a large amount of reply's.
  • 10. Who are your favourite bands? These bands were the readers favourites stated when asked an open question of who there favourite bands where. This reflects question 2 (What style of music are you into) well. Most bands given were of the music styles listed with the majority being rock, pop/rock or indie. Again, this shows there wide variety of music tastes.
  • 11. Do you play an instrument? As shown in these results most of the target audience do not play an instrument. There are a few however who do play some of the instruments stated. An instrument stated in the other section was flute.
  • 12. What I’ve learnt from my survey
    • By conducting my survey i have found out things about my target audience that are important when designing and producing my music magazine.
    • Firstly, It has shown that the most popular type of music magazine is NME. This is possibly due to the wide range of music styles in it. This is shown when asking my target audience what styles of music they are into. A wide range of results were chosen. This has helped me decided on what type of music magazine I will produce.
    • Another main thing I have learnt from my survey is in deciding the cost of my magazine. As shown in the survey, the target audience don’t like to spend too much on music magazines, live events and purchasing music. The majority of people use illegal downloading to obtain there music.
    • The favourite type of music of my target audience is rock and pop/rock. This is shown in the responses of favourite bands.
    • Another thing I have learnt is that my target audience like to shop on the high street. This would be helpful if I wanted to include adverts.
    • Finally, I have learnt that my target audience like to attend live music events. This would be important for articles such as gig reviews. These can be advertised as cover lines on the front of the magazine.