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My Viral Marketing Pitch
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My Viral Marketing Pitch


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Published in: Business, Design

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  • 1. By Amy and Hannah
  • 2.
    • The concept of viral marketing is to create a marketing campaign that can grow rapidly without any extra advertising on  your part.
    • Examples of Viral Marketing:
    • Buzz marketing and Word of Mouth
    • Dark Knight- The Dark Knight viral campaign was one of the most widespread of its kind. It included everything from websites for Gotham Cab company to a real life campaign for Harvey Dent. The Dark Knight made loads of money at the Box Office showing how successful viral marketing campaigns can be.
    How does Viral Marketing work?
  • 3.
    • It can reach the whole school in a short period of time
    • In the same environment so we don’t have to travel far as we only want to reach the pupils in school
    • Easier access
    • Low costs
    Why is it right for Academy Radio?
  • 4.
    • Post-it notes with logo on (stick on backs, stick on walls)
    • Logo given to teachers asking them to ‘read it out’
    • Logo or slogan in text books so when they open it the sheet drops out
    • Put sheets in lockers in the common room
    • Advertisement on Frog
    • We will use Word of Mouth as our main Viral campaign in order for the Academy Radio to be known
    Viral ideas…
  • 5. Schedule Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Planning Logo design Post-it notes Start getting the slogan around Brainstorm Getting it around school Sheets in lockers with logo on Read out in lessons Think of times and places Shown in classes Logo dotted around the school Introduce what we are advertising Check if it’s possible to do Logo shown spontaneously in presentations Introduce the slogan LAUNCH RADIO!!
  • 6.
    • Post-it notes
    • Teachers (Miss Raison and Mrs Lewis)
    • Lunchtimes
    • Creative team
    • Paper and Computer
    • School: canteen, classrooms, playground, assembly hall and the cyber café
    Resources needed
  • 7.
    • Pure Academy Radio, Pure Power
    • There’s a bit of Academy Radio in all of us
    • The names Radio… Academy Radio
    Slogan Ideas
  • 8.
    • Call in week
    • Comedy section
    • Teachers top ten
    • Sports updates
    • Competitions
    What’s on Academy Radio…