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  • 1. Planning
  • 2. A Soap Opera Defined:
    1. A continuous,infinite running programme. There are no seasons or series.
    2. Consists of a large cast. However focuses on a selected few narratives per episode.
    3. Represents region and dialect.
    4. Deal with real life/topical issues but generally suitable for family viewing.
    5. Focuses on everyday working class people and their day to day lives, (which gives them there popularity).
  • 3. Soap opera conventions
    • Eastenders region can be recognised just within the name as it is the ‘East End of London’.
    • 4. The characters convey this through there Cockney dialect.
    • 5. It embraces this stereotype to reflect the people who really live there on screen and therefore creates realism.
    • 6. Emmerdale is set within Yorkshire countryside which is immediately established in the opening credits.
    Ariel view of location on opening credits.
    A village community in the countryside is created through setting and Mise-en- scene of scenes, such as the ‘Woolpack’ pub.
    Representing a
    • Coronation Street is set within a very working class Northern background. This is represented through the cobbled streets and terraced houses the soap is set in.
    • 7. The British jazz theme tune reflects a working class history seen in the opening credits.
    • 8. Characters use Manchester accents to further convey this.
  • Soap opera conventions
    Within a single scene of a soap there will be 3-4 cameras to capture different angles and shots of the scene.
    Camera one zoomed: show close up of characters emotion.
    Camera one: establishes the scene and character .
    Camera two: Reverse angle edit , solves the enigma.
    Camera four: shows the whole scene.
    Camera three: close up shows character emotion.
  • 9. I am comparing conventions with the soap Hollyoaks which is a very different type of soap when it comes to characters and audience, however conventions generally stay the same.
    Camera one: Introduces the scene with a shot of both characters, one in focus and one out.
    Camera three: Two shot between the characters.
    Camera two: reverse angle edit as there is a conversation.
    Camera one: now other half of reverse angle edit.
  • 10. Q1
    Lighting + Mise en scene
    Lighting in soaps is often grim and gritty to create a sense of realism. For example these four different clips of Eastenders is filmed in a blue filter to create this idea conveying real life.
    The characters wear cheap looking costume and are set within a run down looking house, relating to a large audience who may feel this represents real life.
  • 11. Q1
    This is another example of gritty lighting to create mood and drama. Although Hollyoaks is much more of a teenage audience and a glamorous soap it still sticks to the typical conventions when it comes to lighting.
    Again the mise-en-scene represents a typical family home with minimal hair and make up to create a mood and realism.
  • 12. Comic strip shot types evaluation
    Establishing shot sets the scene and context.
    Pans to reveal more of the scene.
    Big close up of face to reveal emotion.
    Two shot allows conversation between two characters.
  • 13. Preliminary task: planning
  • 14. Preliminary soap trailer evaluation
    -Establishing shot is a point of view in medium close up. Creates an enigma as to who the man is and emotion creates a good sense of realism.
    -Lighting could be darker and grimmer to convey mood. Would have worked well if shot at night time.
    -Medium close up reveals point of view shot.
    -Again lighting could be darker and a big close up to show emotion i.e. shock would give it a more dramatic sense.
    -Title sequence is a simple pan on the street sign of the name of our soap.
    - A sequence created digitally would look more professional as it would embody soap conventions more.
    -This a low angle long shot. The mise en scene reveals a college setting creating realism.
    -To take this further extras in the background could have been used.
    -At this point (0:24) there is a jerky transition which could be re-filmed in order to keep the continuity of the scene.
    -However we did attempt to use a number of different shot types to create interest and variety.
    -Finally this reverse angle edit gives variety to the conversation.
    -As this is a trailer the scenes were too long and could have been cut further to not give too much away.
  • 15. Magazine front cover conventions
    -Masthead is clearly related to purpose.
    -Red background and red text helps its to stand out.
    -Bold, chunky text.
    -Price displayed in a button or star.
    -Displayed as an offer, bright neon colours.
    -Main feature occupies a large amount of space.
    -Bright yellow and red predominantly used to grab attention.
    -Exclamation used.
    -Subheading underneath elaborates on story.
    -Minor stories boxes to help separate them.
    -Mainly white outlines used.
    -Main photograph is usually staged and is in character. -Representing what’s happening in the story.
    -Usually two characters.
    -Bright lights and retouching used.
    -Labels of which soap being referred to are used.
    -Language is simple, therefore appeals to audience.
  • 16. Preliminary soap opera front cover
    -Masthead name relates to context.
    -Contrasting red and white against blue colour scheme makes it stand out.
    -Bold text used.
    Soap conventions used
    -Price is key feature in a star.
    Improvements that could be made
    -Masthead 3D effect looks unprofessional.
    -A less obvious one would be more effective.
    -Bright, neon colours to help features stand out.
    -White background makes characters blend in.
    -Bolder colour with a shadow would work better.
    -Main photograph shows actors in character to create drama.
    -Bright picture and background stands out.
    -Bold heading with exclamation used.
    -Main heading could be bolder with use of background.
    -Outline of text doesn’t stick to conventions.
    Caption expands on story and creates enigma.
    -Side stories in boxes used.
    -Soap name as a label.
    -More features on the cover would make better use of space.
    -Would give it more of a finished look.
  • 17. Billboard Poster codes and conventions
    The bold ‘desperate’ in the bright red gives across just that idea of desperation. The caption underneath creates interest and the tone of the programme.
    This clearly represents women and therefore attracts a female audience. An age range of teenagers up to older women as would have a wide appeal.
    It gives the impression that this would be a TV drama or soap due to the fairly realistic and seriousness of the characters. Also the caption under the title connotes that it will be about secrets of these women something that is common in these genres.
    The clearly different expressions of the women conveys a different narrative for each women and creates an enigma as to what their story is.
    Mise en Scene
    -The costume of the stars are all pinks, yet each dressed individually to their character. This gets across the feminine housewife role in various degrees.
    -The purple/blue sky matches this concept and compliments the feminine idea.
    -Houses can be seen in the background which create the overall suburban feel.
    -Lighting is bright which contrasts with ‘dark secret’ idea.
    The stars styling and costume along with the title immediately stereotypes the women and gives the idea the programme will be about typical housewives. However by it being an all female cast on the poster, it goes against the idea that housewives are just objects.
  • 18. Mise en scene
    -Costume of a school uniform gets across the context of the programme, and is key in establishing the stars as they stand out from the rest in a slightly different costume.
    -Gender and age of the stars also connote ‘immature comedy’.
    The poster set up is taking a traditional idea of class photograph and then parodying it, to get across the idea that this is a comedy.
    The context of this billboard means it would be teenagers- young adults who would predominantly watch this.
    Each actor is representing a different character by the way they are presenting themselves . For example ‘Will’ is the only student wearing a blazer, this combined with his nose in the air suggests he is posh.
  • 19. Final product planning: Storyboard
  • 20. Final product planning: Camera
  • 21. Final product planning: Location
    Lift- 1st murder suspects motif scene
    Café- 2nd murder suspects motif scene
    Alleyway- Where murder scene will take place
    Residential road- 3rd murder suspects motif scene
    College corridor- 4th murder suspects motif scene
  • 22. Final product planning: Costume
  • 23. Final product planning: Song choice