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Friday ici submission (2)

  2. 2. CONTENTS TITLE PAGECompany : Taylor‟s Parade SDN.BHD ABOUT HISTORY AWARDSTaylor‟s Lakeside Campus Location Layout Plan ( Level 2 )Proposal 1 Introduction Objectives Project Area Advantages of the Space Disadvantages of the Space Overcome the Disadvantages Targeted Users Benefits and Activities That Can Be Done Materials Used Costing of the Project Picture and Equipment Used Site observationProposal 2 Introduction Project Area Objectives Advantages Disadvantages Overcome the Disadvantages Activities That Can be Done In The Chat room Targeted Users of the Chat room Benefits of the Chat room Materials Used Cost of the Project Site Observation
  3. 3. Proposal 3 Introduction Some Pictures of the Available Space Objectives Advantages Disadvantages Benefits Materials Used Cost of the Project Targeted Used Pictures of the Materials/ Equipment UsedConclusion
  4. 4. AboutThroughout the years, with the help of Malaysia‟s unified vision 2020, anever-growing economy and talented labour, we have created over 20,000homes and various prime commercial developments for the stake holders ofMalaysia. Through this figure of constitution, Taylor‟s Parade CompanySdn.Bhd has been recognized as one of the largest property developers inMalaysia, and the leading developer, in terms of landscaping, hospitality,commercial, residential and retail.Our vision is to create modern buildings and structures that have thecapabilities to shape the future of mankind. Our staffs are of core unity,sharing our belief on the importance of responsibility, the respect for others ,the use of creativity and an eagerness for acquiring wisdom.
  5. 5. HISTORYTaylor‟s Parade Company Sdn. Bhd. was founded Chung Hui Ping, Ho YiWei and Wong Li Hui Amy in 2000. They studiedin Taylor‟s UniversityLakeside Campus and graduated in 1999. Right after they graduated, theyestablished the company together and named it Taylor‟s Parade.Our reputation for adhering to these values which is teamwork, integrity andcommitment and striving to improve our teamwork, strengthen ourcommitments and depend our integrity has receive recognition as a leader inthe industry. The company now has been received many awards and hascontributed a lot to this country.We made the landscape design for Taylor‟s University, KLCC ( Kuala LumpurCity Centre ) and many more. We also designed the building of Angkasa Raya,Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya City Centre(PICC). We‟ve been cooperated withforeign architects around the world in many projects.For the last three years, Taylor‟s Parade SDN.BHD. has been named one ofdiversity business .coms Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural BusinessOpportunities. The list, known as the Div50, includes organizations selectedthrough an online survey of more than 1.2 million woman and minority-ownedbusinesses across many market sectors. The chosen companies andorganizations distinguish themselves by establishing and maintaining the mostmutually beneficial relationships with diversity suppliers and subcontractors.
  6. 6. AwardsAwardsreceived by Taylor‟s Parade Company Sdn.Bhd. Name the nations safest construction company in AGCs Over Four Million Hours category Named Top Construction Company, Midwest Real Estate News Number One Contractor, Building Design + Construction, 2010 Named one of the top 50 organizations dedicated to developing multicultural business opportunities, Diversity Named one of the “Top 50 Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities” by Top 100 Employer, Black Collegian Magazine Top Intern Employer, Jade Hills, Property Developer Category for Excellent Landscape Planning and Development, Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2010, Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) SMART, Special Award for National Contribution, Malaysia Property Award 2010, International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), Malaysian Chapter BCI ASIATOP TEN 2008 Awards
  7. 7. Location of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus
  8. 8. Proposal 1Ho Yi Wei 0311156
  9. 9. IntroductionI have chosen vacant land in the Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus which islocated at Block B, Level 2. The landthat we are chosen are 30m2 x 30m2respectively . My group members and I had decided to do the three floorsbuilding in this vacant land. Thus, I propose to do the ground floor which isa healthy food court included beverages stalls.Objectives Utilize the empty space available at Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus. Make the space to look better and more attractive. Provide healthy food and beverages to students. Provide a place for students to eat, drink and rest. To entertain students and they couldn‟t get boring. Get the attention of students.
  10. 10. Project Area
  11. 11. Advantages Students can get foods and drinks easily and not need walk too far when finished class. It gets students eating healthy foods and drinks. Promote positive peer pressure and healthy snacking habit. There are male and female toilets nearby as well. This location provides a place for students to study and have discussion while eating and drinking. This place will provide extra income for the school. It near to the library and easy to students to take a break. There is a empty space and it is windy.Disadvantages It is without green area. It is quite far to the Syopz Mall. There is not really good view to the lake.
  12. 12. Overcome the disadvantages Since there are no much green area so I planned to plant some plants inside the building to greenies the area. Although it is quite far to the Syopz Mall, this building is enough to entertain the students and others users. It‟s didn‟t have a good view to the lake but it still can have a view to outside.Targeted users Students of the Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus. Lecturer of the Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus. Staff of the Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus. Visitors of the Taylor‟s Lakeside Campus. Public.
  13. 13. Benefits and activities that can be done1. Herbal Tea Stall Herbal tea brings many benefits to people. It provides antioxidants to the body and supporting health to us.2. Juice Stall Drinking juice helps us to absorb all the nutrients from the fruits or vegetables. It helps us to prevent healthy.3. “ABC” Stall It is resulting and quench when it is hot weather.4. Fruits Stall Fruits are rich in vitamins and it helps us to prevent from sick maintain our healthy.5. Sandwiches Stall Students can take a sandwich before their class to prevent starving.6. Plant Area Students can enjoy the nature view to the plants.7. Self-study or Study Group Students can find a comfortable place to do group discussion or self- study during eating or drinking.
  14. 14. Materials used Washing basin Stairs Lifts Plastic chair Plastic table Automatic glass door Glass panel for window Cassette Type Air Conditioning Cement Bricks wall Paint Plants
  15. 15. Costing of the project 2 Washing Basin : RM 600 2 Lifts : RM 20000 100 plastic chairs : RM 15000 60 plastic tables : RM 12000 2 automatic glass door : RM 20000 4 glass panel windows : RM12000 Cassette Type Air Conditioning : RM 10000 Cement and Bricks for the wall : RM5000 Paint : RM 3000 Plants : RM 200Total cost of the project : RM 97800
  16. 16. Site observation
  17. 17. Proposal 2Chung Hui Ping 0310592
  18. 18. IntroductionOur group have chosen to build a building at second floor which is located at theend of the Grand Hall. The building we designed will have 3 floors. For myproposal, I chose to build a chat room at the first floor. The main objective to buildthe chat room is to utilize the empty and available space in Taylor‟s University.This area will mainly act as a relaxation area. Users may also study and have theirgroup discussion in the chat room. The chat room will be fully furnished with rattanfurniture. The chosen rattan furniture will create the harmony effect which issuitable for the users. The indoor area will provide air-conditioning cooling systemwhereas the outdoor will be designed open air specially for those who likes theoutdoor environment. This will be an additional place for the students who doesnot like quite places to spend their time. Furthermore, the chat room will be locatedat the first floor which it has an easy access to the beverages at ground floor of thesame building for the users. Students can haveeasy access to the entertainmentplace which is at the second floor of the same building. Therefore, students willeventually be attracted to this chat room and spend their free time here.
  19. 19. Project area
  20. 20. Objectives1)To utilize the available space in Taylor‟s University -There are lots of extraspace in Taylor‟s University. Building an extra building at the available spacecan prevent wastage of space.2) To provide an indoor and outdoor chit chatting place - The library has limitedseats and some of the students may dislike the environment in the library. Bybuildingthe chat room, students, lecturers and staffs can relax as well associalize in the chat room.3) To provide an extra and safe waiting area - It is a safe and suitable place for thestudents to wait for their next class or transport. It is also comfortable since thechat room has air conditioning system.4) Allow users to spend their time wisely - There are reading materials likemagazines and newspapers for the users to read.5) To provide an additional choice for the students – Taylor‟s students can study orhave their group discussion at this chat room besides the library.
  21. 21. Advantages- It is located at a strategic place where most of the students will pass by.- The location of the building is near the toilet.- Thearea has shade and it is windy.- Located near the library and the Grand Hall.-Located near the stair case that allows access to bus zone and admission office.-Near the food shops and vending machine.Disadvantages- It is expensive to build and maintain.- It might be a little noisyas the road, car park and lorries parking area is justbehind the building.-The back view is not so pleasant.-It is near to the high tension wire.Overcome the disadvantages-Use cheaper materials to build the building to reduce cost.-Use sound proof materials to build the chat room so noises from outside will notbeheard.-Use curtains to cover the back view.
  22. 22. Activities that can be done in the chat room1) Socializing areaThe chat room act as an extra place for the lecturers and staffs to relax andsocialize instead of being in the staff room all the time. Since it is a socializingarea, it gives the chance for the students, staffs and lecturer to release stressand tension. With the presence of the chat room, users can socialize and relaxthemselves, or they can just simply relax themselves by resting in the chatroom.2) Safe waiting areaIt is safer for the students to have the chat room as their waiting area ratherthan waiting under the hot sun. Everyone will feel more convenient and safersincethere is a comfortable place for them to wait for their transport.Furthermore,people may also stay in the chat room while waiting for their nextclass.
  23. 23. 3) A place to study, read, and have group discussions or presentationpractice There will be an extra place for students to practice their presentation or to havea gathering for their group discussion. Students do not have to book or lookfurtherfor places where they could practice their presentation as they cansimply just find a spot and start their practicing in the chat room. It is anadditional study placebesides the library for the students. Chat room providesmagazine and dailynewspapers for the students to update themselves to thecurrent issues . Since it is a more relax place than the library students are ableto enjoy studying and to dotheir work effectively.Targeted users of the chat roomMy targeted users for this proposal are the students, staffs and lecturers inTaylor‟s University Lakeside Campus. The area is also open for visitors as thiscould attract them to study in Taylors University. The aim for my proposal is toprovide an enjoyable place for the students, lecturers and staffs where they do nothave to spend money on if they need a place to sit and relax, study or even chat.This development is worth as it will bring joy to the students so that university is nolonger a stressful place. It will bring the name of our university to fame as we havemore than others.
  24. 24. Benefits of the chat room1) Five reading table sets will be provided beside the racks‟ zone as users canread the newspaper ormagazines provided. As for the outdoor area, they willalso be provided with 4 reading tables. Users mainly students can also use thisarea to study or do their reading.2) Two discussion rooms will be provided for students to have group discussionand work on theirpresentation. The wall of the discussion room will be made oftransparent window and there will be curtains provided to prevent the irradiationof the sunlight.3) Since it is designed to be a relaxation place, so there will be few types of rattansofa sets provided. Users can pick a place that they think is comfortable to chitchat or relax on. The different types of rattan sofa sets will produce a different„feel‟ for the users.4) By inserting aquariums and a decoration set, the chat room will look more lively.It can also be the unique and the attraction of the chat room.5) The racks will be provided at the left side of the chat room which is attached tothe wall. The racks are designed to save space as the space in the chat room islimited. With these racks, the newspapers and the magazines will look neat andeasy for students to grab and return them totheir original location.
  25. 25. 6 )The elevator and stairs is installed in the chat room for the users to have easyexcess to all floors. It brings convenient to people as people can easy accessto any floor of the building.7) The chat room will be designed to be a harmony place. The design of thefurniture of chat room and the environment in the chat room will definitely bethe main attraction for people to come over.
  26. 26. Materials usedBricksBeamsGlass panels for windows and wall of discussion rooms
  27. 27. Automatic glass doorsRattan reading table sets
  28. 28. Rattan sofa sets
  29. 29. Checkers designed carpet
  30. 30. Stone Wall CladdingMoorish lighting and Moroccan lanterns
  31. 31. Cassette type air conditioningWrought iron railingWood based fish aquarium
  32. 32. Wooden shelving of newspapers and magazinesShip model set as decorationEscalator system and staircase
  33. 33. Cost of the projectBuilding costBricks -Rm 5,000Wall Paint -Rm 3,000Beams -Rm 3,500Cement - Rm 4,000Stone Wall Cladding - Rm 20,000Automatic glass doors -Rm 10,000Wrought iron railing - Rm 9,000Glass panels for windows and wall of discussion rooms -Rm 20,000Escalator system - Rm 20,000Furniture CostRattan reading table sets -Rm 10,000Rattan sofa sets - Rm 20,000Checkers designed carpet- Rm 9,000Moorish lighting and Moroccan lanterns - Rm23,000
  34. 34. Cassette type air conditioning - Rm 10,000Wooden shelving of newspapers and magazines - Rm 4,500Decoration setWood based fish aquarium - Rm 8,900Ship model set - Rm 3,000Total costing :Rm 182,900
  35. 35. Site observation It is near the library It is located at a strategic place where most of the students will pass by
  36. 36. It is dangerous as the high tension wire is just behindThere is construction site beside the building when it is done
  37. 37. It is near the parking zoneIt is near the road and it will be noisy around that area because of the sound of car engine
  38. 38. The area traps the rain water after the rain, no proper drainage for the trapped water
  39. 39. Proposal 3Wong Li Hui Amy 0312406
  40. 40. IntroductionThe main purpose of this project is to provide a space for students torelease their stress and fill up their spare time. This place is being chosenso that it does not go to waste but being utilized. Besides, tables and chairsare being provided so that audiences can sit down comfortably and cheerthe people who play bowling .Virtually, this place will provide an entertainmentfor the members of Taylor‟s University Lakeside Campus and producehealthier university members.
  41. 41. Some pictures of the available space
  42. 42. Objectives To make a place for students to enjoy themselves with a beneficial activity To provide the students with such facility to improve their bowling skills To produce healthier students To provide entertainment for students To provide a space for students to exercise To provide the students a place to disstressAdvantages The location provides entertainment for students This place will bring extra income for the college The locationis very close to the badminton court The location provides a place for students to release stress. Near the shop “Each a Cup” There are washrooms nearby as well.Disadvantages There is no green area There I s no food courtnearby No beautiful scenery over there.
  43. 43. BenefitsEvery students can go bowling especially they have their break time during theirwhole day classes. Therefore, they won‟t feel very boring but have the chance toentertain themselves and have a relax in the bowling alley.Materials used Synthetic bowling lanes Bowling‟s Z-Bumper Gutters Acrylic-impregnated Wood Flooring Cement and bricks for walls, column, beams Leather chairs Plastic chairs Metal chairs Wooden and metal tables Plastic tables Sound proof glass doors Paint Staircase Bowling racks Woodenshoes racks Bowling computer screens Bowling machines Bowling pins Bowling balls
  44. 44. Cost of the project Paint : RM10000 Bowling rack:RM5000 2 wooden shoes racks:RM2200 Staircase:RM2500 Cement and bricks to form the whole structure: RM 100000 24 plastic chairs:RM3600 10 set metal chairs:RM3750 2 leather chairs:RM3600 6 plastic tables:RM1800 5 metal tables:RM3500 Wooden table for counter:RM2400 Flooring:RM90000 Sound proof glass door:RM6000
  45. 45. 5 bowling computer screens:RM28000 5 bowling machines:RM37500 60 bowling pins:5000 50 bowling balls:RM7200 Total = RM312050Targeted user Visitors Staffs Students Lecturers
  46. 46. Pictures of the materials / equipment used
  47. 47. ConclusionProposal 1 proposed a healthy food court. This proposal benefits both theUniversity and the students. The healthy food court consists of 5 stalls whichare herbal tea stall, juices stall, “ABC” stall, fruits stall and sandwiches stall.Students and others users can enjoy healthy foods and drinks at there.Students can have theirs group discussion or self-study while eating anddrinking. This healthy food court brings a lot of convenience and togenerate profit for the University and students.Proposal 2 proposed a chat room. This space will provide students a place to relaxthemselves after tiring sessions of lectures and also to conduct group discussion.There will be different types of furniture and it will give a harmonious yet excitingplace for the students to calm themselves and enjoy their day. Students can haveeasy access to the entertainment place which is at the second floor of the samebuilding. This chat room will also increase the capacity that the University will beable to hold without getting the environment crowded.It is obvious that, studentswill eventually be attracted to this chat room and spend their free timehere.Therefore, the chat room is worth building as it will improve the quality of theuniversity.Proposal 3.Theconclusionof this building will provide a good place for students todistress.Besides, this building will give a new addition to the university, wherestudents can exercise and have fun to live a healthy lifestyle.